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Contenders: Toronto 2010.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 10, 2010

Player Aces Ist serve
Sets lost Tie breaks Bk pt conv % Time on court. Matches played
Nadal 7 65 1 2 27 6:03 3 OUT
Djokovic 11 74 0 0 44 4:44 3
Federer 21 63 1 3 43 5:21 3
Murray 25 53 1 0 40 6:17 4

5 Responses to “Contenders: Toronto 2010.”

  1. librio said

    Really love this table! It was great snapshot info as well as fun to follow the corresponding table on TP on an on-going basis during Wimbledon 2010.

    The RC-Toronto website is showing the stats for each match in the standard stats format – ATP website. Hence, no stats on UEs and winners per match. Wonder if the UE/winner numbers might be available some other way on an on-going basis for the RC-Toronto tournament.

  2. Bento said

    This break point conversion against Nadal turns to 0% or maybe 1/17, when sometimes Federer breaks back.

  3. Adrian said

    Yeah, me too I’d like to see Winners/UE. Let me see if tennistv has that… I’m not sure…

    • librio said

      Thanks a lot for looking into this, Adrian. It would be really useful to have the stats on UEs and winners per match for some of the RC-Toronto matches. I’ve not seen those numbers anywhere on the web so far in this tournament.

  4. Fascinating as Federer, for once, is not mucking up so many break point chances, clearly leading the others. Possibly too early to read too much into it though!

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