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Who is most likely to eliminate Nalbandian at Toronto?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 10, 2010


16 Responses to “Who is most likely to eliminate Nalbandian at Toronto?”

  1. Jenny said

    It depends on how fatigued David is. He has the game and tactical skills to beat any of those listed in the poll. I believe he meets Robredo next.

  2. banti said

    Nalbi/Nadal clash in the semi’s is my pick. I think he just needs to beat Sod to be seeded for the Open now, which is incredible. 4th straight match win against a top 15er, ridiculous:)

  3. sperry said

    I saw most of the match today. Nalbandian looked pretty tired. Not sure how much gas is in the tank.

  4. librio said

    Not sure either, particularly in view of del Potro’s experience last year.

    After winning the 2009 title in Washington, del Potro went straight to the RC in Montreal. Things went fairly well for him: he won his QF in 2 sets against Nadal and his SF in 3 sets against Roddick, and played Murray in the final.

    Murray won the 1st set in a TB and del Potro the 2nd, also in a TB: exciting tennis from both of them. Del Potro’s tank then ran out of gas in the 3rd set, suddently and totally, and nearly all of the 3rd set was a one-way drive with Murray at the wheel.

    Del Potro withdrew from Cinninati 2009 the next day in order to refill his gas tank before the USO. He then won the USO title.

    It will be interesting to see how a scheduled Washington-RC-Cincinnati-USO road trip turns out for Nalbandian this year.

  5. Sol said

    I don’t know who’s most likely to eliminate him, but I really wish it’ll be a Fed v. Nalby final, like in the good old days. Add Gonzo and bring back Marat and it’ll be tennis as I love it.

    But, like Jenny, I think Nalby is tired after his run in Washington so I don’t see him going deep in Toronto.

    • Dee said

      I don’t know Sol. Have you seen Ferrer, Nalby match? Nalby know how to place his shot so well so he really doesn’t have to depend on much on his mobility.

      • Sol said

        Yeah, you’re right, Dee. He has the ability to fire shots from everywhere on court, with great precision. And he returns extremely well which allows him to take control of the point right from the start and not enter into endless rallies.

        But I was thinking more of a mental fatigue which could make a player lose the desire to win. What do you think?

      • Jenny said

        I was seeing fatigue myself, Nalby seemed to be moving fine, mental fatigue could also be a factor as Sol suggests. It wasn’t an easy match for him yesterday, I didn’t expect it to be so, but then neither of them were playing at the top of their game, it could have gone either way, they were trading service breaks all over the place and Ferru looked tired and rusty himself. I think the heat and humidity played it’s part too, they looked like a pair of wrung out dish cloths. Nalby was taken the distance yesterday and given his efforts last week, it could be tricky for him from now on in Canada, it has nothing to do with his ability of course.

    • Jenny said

      As you can imagine, I was gutted about Gonzo, love his tennis too. Sheer brute power but with finesse, variety and passion, he brings colour and charisma to the court, imo. Now I’m getting depressed!

      • D.S.G. said

        I’ve been out of the loop—is Gonzalez not playing? Oh, I hope he is.

        IMO anyone who played tennis in D.C. won’t be able to WALK for a few weeks. It is so hot and humid and horrible.

      • Jenny said

        I’m afraid Fena had to withdraw, D.S.G. He now has inflammation in his calf muscle. I’ve been watching the matches and the weather looks brutal. Djoko is stuttering through with the usual breathing problems, but he is about to prevail over Benneteau.

      • D.S.G. said

        Many thanks for the info, Jen—-I am gutted to hear this news, though.

        Yesterday it was 100 degrees (fahrenheit, thank goodness) and my bird bath needs refilling every day from evaporation. We need rain so badly.

        Poor Djokovic. It must be terrible for him with asthma. I just can’t imagine how he does it!

      • Jenny said

        Has it been officially stated anywhere that Djoko actually has asthma??

      • D.S.G. said

        Oh, I don’t know…I just sort of thought I had read it. Maybe it’s a rumor…

      • Jenny said

        Djoko clearly has a problem in certain conditions, heat/humidity, dust from clay, over-exertion, but nobody [comms] seem to know exactly what’s causing this shortness of breath/hyperventilating. He had the physio and another official on court twice today [once I saw on TV and according the comms once in the TV commercial break] but he had no treatment that I could see or a full med time out. I too have read the asthma theory but not from any reliable source, so until I see it written officially that he has sports asthma or related condition, I’m not going along with that theory.

      • D.S.G. said

        Very wise….but whatever it is that’s bothering him I feel so bad for him.

        On another note: I decided it would be easier to scrub out the little bird fountain (they are attracted to the sound of water) and refill it early this a.m. I already had a few little customers twittering about! And I saw a precious small brown rabbit eating (flowers, perhaps?). It was so wonderful. Kato, has ben digging holes in the back. I hope he’s not looking for that brown bunny.

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