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Why top players have never paired up for doubles – seriously.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 10, 2010

First off, doubles enjoys second class citizen status about to move to fifth anytime – with deportation. With McEnroe setting a huge precedent as to how huge a deterrent doubles can be if not very very meticulously weaved into your singles fabric, most use it as just practice with very little regard to setting ANY kind of records or sustaining it for any other reason.

It’s so bad that even players who are more or less done with their singles fetish choose to pick a golf club instead of wasting their time and energy moving to doubles – a far more natural progression.

Pairing up with another of your kind totally goes against all of the above as it transforms the activity into the serious confines reserved for singles ONLY. Besides, the absolute need to subjugate yourself in that setting in even the most subtle manner goes against the ‘blown out of proportion’ egos these clowns are used to feed. All that for what? For some media clowns to get something to write about? Not freaking worth it.

The down side of individual sport is that it fosters an environment that’s massively and hugely selfish ‘look out for No. 1’ culture relegating all and any team shenanigans to insignificance if not total annoyance. Just the ‘pulling the teeth’ routine you have to go through to get clowns to play Davis Cup is ample evidence. For those who do, they consider it as a tremendous favor expecting a drawn out eulogy on their patriotism for months from the media.

Reality? World is just waiting for the Bryan sisters to retire to shut the whole freaking thing down once and for all – unless volleyball uniforms are adopted instantly for everybody on the court including the linesfatpeople.


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