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Photos of Clifford @ Roger’s Cup, Toronto 2010 earning Wall Of Fame listing. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 11, 2010


Okay, TP…done.

Couldn’t help myself….just had to represent!

The first set was pretty tight, and the mood in the stadium was tense at times, due to a combination of things.
Fed’s unforced errors started creeping in early, so every time he hit a clear winner, there was an error (or two) to dampen the momentum. What got a little worrying, though, were the longer rallies where Chela was clearly dictating.
At one point Chela won ten straight points, including breaking Roger at love! The bleeding pretty much stopped when Roger challenged a call that would have made it 11 straight, and won the challenge. I think he still lost that game, but the mood was now different, and we could all settle down a bit. I was very glad that I hadn’t invested in a great seat to watch Fed have a bad day!

In the second set he was much more relaxed, and there were many times when we could just watch him play brilliantly and enjoy it. Wish I could take in more, but it’s not to be. I’ll have to settle for television like everyone else.


Wall Of Fame listing here.


13 Responses to “Photos of Clifford @ Roger’s Cup, Toronto 2010 earning Wall Of Fame listing. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Hi Clifford! Thanks!

  2. sperry said

    Thanks, Clifford. Might be silly to ask…any opinions on “Chela dictating points?” Glitch, or is it something us Fed fans need to worry about? I don’t watch a ton of tennis, but outside of DelPotro at the US open, I can’t recall having seen ANYONE push Roger around for more than a point or two.

  3. RafaFan said

    Thanks Clifford! It’s very special and nice to see pictures of posters in a stadium displaying a tp sign! 🙂 After Sperry you are #2, no?

  4. Sol said

    Thanks Clifford. Nice sign 🙂

    I was also wondering about the “Chela dictating points” part so I just checked the match highlights. Obviously it only shows the players’ best shots and not the UEs but it looked like Fed made some genius shots, the footwork looked great too. Or maybe it’s just that I’m happy to see him back

  5. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Well done Clifford! Any shots of the action?

  6. librio said

    Really cool these photos with the TP sign! Bravo, Clifford!

  7. clifford said

    Thanks, TP!

    I am truly honoured.

    For those of you who were asking about Chela “dictating”….perhaps I used too strong a word. But what amazed me about being there in person was how the kind of worrying we all seem to do about Fed’s game went up exponentially when experienced with thousands of other fans inside the stadium.
    It was really a question of the timing of Chela’s big points that made it seem tense. Fed would shank on one point, miss the line on another, and then there would be a long rally where Chela would have Roger running around madly before finishing the point with great confidence. We all applauded Chela’s efforts, of course, but at those times during the match (all in the first set, and at least two instances during Chela’s 10-point streak)the mood in the stadium was one of extreme caution, because we’ve all seen this sort of thing happen in the opening set of these Masters Series tournaments, and then Fed can’t get it together for a win.

    So yes, Chela never dictated play for an entire game, but when he did win a long rally (and he came through in the majority of those long rallies in the first set) it seemed as though Chela might actually pull it off.

    But, as we’re used to seeing, the win always seems to be on Fed’s racquet, and he really came through in the second set. I agree with TP’s general feeling about the match, but if we were to go by his performance in the second set to judge his future in this tournament, I have pretty high hopes for him.

    I will add some other photos from the match later tonight, with the qualification that I am one HORRIBLE photographer!

    By the way….what you can’t really see on the sign, in small writing at the bottom, is- “Rogers Cup 2010, Toronto….Geez!”
    And yes, the sign is a bit lame, but hey- I had no time to plan before getting in the car, and I couldn’t spend ALL my time during changeovers colouring!

  8. Serran said

    GREAT!! Thanks Clifford, I hope you had a fantastic time! 😀

  9. Bettyjane said

    The sign was cute Clifford, no worries. lol! Grateful for the input as I was at work during the first set . Seemed to be taking the ball earlier and was pretty aggressive when I tuned in. Hopefully Annacone can do the unthinkable and have him consider a racket change??

  10. Dee said

    Thanks Clifford!Liked the pics too

  11. M said

    Thank you so much, Clifford!

    (The “Geez” is a nice touch. LOL. 😀 )

  12. D.S.G. said

    THANKS Clifford—LOVE your sign—it’s almost like being there!!

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