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Thoughts on Federer’s win over Chela.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 11, 2010

There’s no question about rust but was that the end all of it? Don’t think so. Some of his routine shots both from the forehand and the backhand with feet firmly planted and squared to the ball were missing the lines by more than six feet over and over freaking again.

Federer won the match on his amazing defense. The shots Federer sent over the net were like sitting ducks for Chela who did the best with them guaranteeing him a point against most anybody else. But Federer turned on the heat to compensate for his ‘cool’ offense forcing Chela to come up with those ‘out of his skin’ shots again and again.

Sure Federer’s serve did it’s part too to hold down the fort but it was more about not losing a point on superb and flat shots from Chela that bridged that ever-widening gap riding on 36 unforced errors. It was clearly an ugly win casting doubts on many aspects of his game.

There’s no way he is going too far with this game, forget about winning – anywhere. To me, it looked his confidence was too shaky suggesting that the run and loss at Wimbledon specially the early rounds are not done taking their toll.


6 Responses to “Thoughts on Federer’s win over Chela.”

  1. Sarah said

    I don’t see him winning this tournament; but he has one more warm-up before the US Open. Maybe he will get better as he shakes off the rust.

  2. evie said

    Yup, his confidence is shaky. But he’ll work through it. I hope.

  3. wuiches said

    I wonder what’s gonna be Anaconda’s contribution to FederEX game??

  4. Sol said

    Maybe I should watch the entire match instead of just the highlights. And I understand he shanked some forehands and failed to close the set (what else is new). But judging from the highlights of the match, I thought he played agressive tennis, so I don’t get the “Federer won the match on his amazing defense”. I was going all “wow” and “ooh” while watching the vid on youtube.
    Isn’t it’s the fact that, as usual, we come to expect so much of Fed that we only remember the bad stuff while all the good stuff he does is considered “normal”?

  5. Bonnie said

    Roger always has trouble his first match of a tournament. He was just testing the waters, trying out new things that he’s been working on. The second set was much better than the first. I don’t count him out until it’s over. I have confidence in him, and I think he has confidence in himself as well. He knows he needs to change up his game, and that he still has a few more wins in him, and I’m looking forward to that too. You don’t get as far as he has in his career without having an enormous amount of confidence and self worth. He’ll be fine.

    (Hope this isn’t just wishful thinking on my part, but only time will tell if he’s really up to the challenge this tournament!)

  6. Bento said

    It was an OK Federer match, with unbelieavable poetry and some sick stuff. Perhaps not consistent.

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