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Possible reason(s) for Federer’s ’20 Slam’ declaration.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 12, 2010

1. Recent results, retirement rumors, No. 29 and other obvious logs in the fire have finally made him insecure enough to launch his own counter attack to defuse the situation more to convince himself (or be in denial for a little longer) than to keep the media at bay. After all if you are secure in your abilities won’t it be better to get to No. 20 AFTER the media turns on its head to announce your demise?

This is just a refined version of Tyson’s “I will eat his kids” routine reflecting light on what you are trying to deflect far more than what you are trying to highlight. When such confidence-building wild claims start to fly around smack in the middle of the leanest times you have ever had in your career, is there any other way to look at it?

Instead, realizing the conditions, shouldn’t you temper your rants, while at the same time using the accusations as fodder for motivation? It’s ALWAYS sweeter to arrive at a destination unannounced rather than making the arrival a drag by disclosing your goals prematurely.

2. Then there’s that theory that if you announce your goals to the world, it kind of binds you to them with a much stronger brand of glue making the realization almost guaranteed as the pressure begins to mount both from the inside and the outside.

Unless Annacone has produced some potion overnight, the devastation Federer has produced – consistently – this season – on all surfaces – likelihood of Federer winning four Slams appears most unlikely, if not impossible.


19 Responses to “Possible reason(s) for Federer’s ’20 Slam’ declaration.”

  1. banti said

    TP would you put your money on Roger not reaching 20? I doubt it. He will reach 20, you can count on it

    • Sarah said

      What are the odds? Just kidding. I wouldn’t bet against him; but it won’t be easy.

      I bet Rafael & Serena will win four first!

  2. O said

    20 is realistic. He can even do more than that.

  3. wuiches said

    God forgives, time doesn’t!!!!

    But just for who he is, we should give him the benefit of doubt.

    However I do agree with TP’s words!!

    We’ll see boys and girls who was right at the end!!

  4. RafaFan said

    Ask Rafa if he wants to quit the atp tour with 16 GS, no?

  5. Ash said

    Federer should finally learn to just let his tennis do the talking.

    • wuiches said

      hahaha that was a good one!!!!!!!!!

    • RafaFan said

      You are right, as he did in the past! I’m “afraid” he will do it. 😉 IMO 20GS is a reasonable task for The Mighty Federer. lol

    • Sol said

      “Federer should finally learn to just let his tennis do the talking”

      Lol, that’s something you tell a player who’s never won a GS, not one who’s won 16. I think his tennis has done enough talking over the years so that his mouth is allowed to do some too.

      And when you’re Fed and you’re being asked 15 times a month when you’re thinking about retiring, telling journalists you’ve set an objective at 20 GS is a nice way to shut them up.

      • O said

        Well said, Sol. Fed is still good enough to win two or three slams a year, he just needs to play his game and keep healthy.

    • banti said

      Lol at this statement, maybe you should be the one watching your mouth.

      • Ash said

        Good advice Banti, posters here easily get ‘excited’ it would seem 😉 Maybe next time I’ll say something really controversial….

  6. Andy said

    Unless I am missing part of the interview, I don’t think he actually says “My goal is to win 20 Major Titles”. He just says that he thinks that number is “doable” for him. There is a big difference. Moreover, it may very well have been in response to a question like “What do you think is a realistic aim in terms of Grand Slam titles?”.

    I have concluded that this guy just can’t win. And I don’t mean at tennis.

    • librio said

      “I have concluded that this guy just can’t win. And I don’t mean at tennis.”

      I agree with you on this, Andy. I would add that the very same conclusion holds for Nadal.

      IMO, whatever either Federer or Nadal actually says in an interview, or whatever their actual behaviour on and off a tennis court, tennis media will twist it somehow to fit their own agenda. Hence, anything goes for the tennis media and the blogosphere: endless twisting around of what’s actually said or done by Federer or Nadal to fit whomever’s own agenda.

      Not sure, but it might be largely attributable to the ever-increasing power of the media over the past 20-30 years. For example, there are times when I truly get the feeling that major ATP/WTA tennis events have become much more a “TV reality show” than a professional tennis event. Wimbledon 2010 certainly hit a record in this regard, IMO. One had to concentrate hard on actual tennis matches and actual players’ interviews to understand what was really going on there tenniswise.

      • Jenny said

        Re: The media, I’m with you on this, Librio. I know I’m a cynic, but it all gets rather tiresome to me. Same questions, same photoshoots all wrapped in different packaging. I must say though, I’ve never seen Nalbandian be so media friendly, LOL actually I quite liked it when he was tetchy with some of these hacks!

  7. Claire said

  8. Andy said

    As I’m watching the Fed semi match now, the commentator said something like,

    “Fed said that he wants to play until he gets 20 Slam titles”

    So the original, whcih was something like “I think 20 Slam titles is doable”


    gone to

    “MY AIM is to win 20 Slam titles”

    and now to

    “I want to play UNTIL I win 20 Slam titles”.

    What is left for the creative artists?

    “Unless I win 20 Slam titles I don’t think I can be considered the GOAT”?


    “Without 20 Slam titles I’ll have to reconsider my value as a human being”

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