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Root of Wawrinka’s weak mental state.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 12, 2010

No, it’s not what you cheap judgemental freaks are thinking.

It’s his freaking acne. Your physical appearance (or even perception) is a huge component in driving your mental Ferrari. Could it be that the reason he married a model was to compensate for it? Quite likely. After all money can cover many deficiencies.

It’s also the reason he NEVER celebrates even his wildest points during the match with the emotion they clearly deserves.


10 Responses to “Root of Wawrinka’s weak mental state.”

  1. wuiches said

    hahahahahaha you heartless freak!!!!

    come on!! Wamirka looks like Brad Pitt’s brother hahahaha

    It seems that we have several Hollywood stars in tennis, Murray is the son of Jamie Lee Curtis, and he himself looks like Sherman from American Pie and Roddick looks like Stifler!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Manal Ismail said

    but all those money he won can remedy those skin problem isnt it?

  3. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    “Your physical appearance (or even perception) is a huge component in driving your mental Ferrari”

    Most well said sir!

    • Jenny said

      I agree. Unfortunately, it is generally the case, unless one has an ego as big as a mountain and couldn’t care less what other people might think.

  4. Rick said

    As someone who had acne at Wawrinka’s age, I respectfully think you are all at least partially full of crap.
    While I will concede that self-image is in general very important, I also think it’s pretty independent of physical appearance.
    All these jokers run around with model types, except the Fed.
    You honestly think Roddick married a swimsuit model because he has issues with his physical appearance?
    Regarding non-celebration of points: Wawrinka is Swiss, ferchrissake, have you ever been there (back me up on this, Sol)?

    • Rick said

      Afterthought/further evidence in support of Swiss reserve: compare how Mirka reacts to points to how Murray’s moll and the swimsuit model do. I don’t think that’s because she has issues with her weight (even if she does).

    • Sol said

      Lol, Rick.
      Yes, Swiss people are very discreet.
      Although Stan has gotten in trouble in the past because some players, like Safin once (don’t remember where) complained because of his very noisy celebration of points. So either TP has never seen a single Wawrinka match or, to quote you, “I respectfully think you (TP) are all at least partially full of crap”.

      And hey, Rick, Roger has a coach!! How about that??

  5. Jenny said

    Rick, I guess the support camps are all different in their ways of supporting their men. The Nadal camp and Xisca are pretty low key, as is Ferru’s camp. Us Brits generally tend to be reserved, apart from the hard-core footie fans, and Judy Murray and Kim are very enthusiastic.

    • Bettyjane said

      Judy Murray is a large part of why I root against Andy (unless it suits my purposes for him to win). She’s positively frightening with that fist-pumping. (and without it)

      • Jenny said

        I know Delpo took exception to Judy a couple of years ago, the camera didn’t show her in the stands, but I think she was ever present. It was a string of other events that started that spat between Andy and Juan which ended in a slanging match between the two with the umpire having to intervene, I believe they have since resolved their differences.

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