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Djokovic “Can I hug you, pllllllleeeeeeesssssse. And Jelena would like your underwear” Federer: “Not if you like your heart inside your body”.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 15, 2010

TORONTO, ON- AUGUST 14: Roger Federer


33 Responses to “Djokovic “Can I hug you, pllllllleeeeeeesssssse. And Jelena would like your underwear” Federer: “Not if you like your heart inside your body”.”

  1. overcaffeinated said

    Looks like that scene from Indiana Jones… I am sure RF is starting his chant here.

    Also, I bet Nole is asking Roger to partner him in doubles for the next tourament they’re in together.

  2. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Ha ha ha ha

  3. O said

    Nole: We kind of get closer after a fight like this, irhgt? Fed: Not really.

  4. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    ha ha TP

  5. banti said

    Top 10 post ever right here.

  6. jennifur said


  7. Manal said

    Nole:OK how about ur pink top then?

  8. Growltiger said

    I’ll inject some seriousness here.

    I’m a Nole fan – I love his backhand and forehand – beautiful strokes. His movement is superb. But he does not have the killer instinct and that’s why he doesn’t defeat the top players. He still feels like the little boy who doesn’t belong in the bigs.
    I think it’s called “The Imposter Syndrome”. Look it up on Google. Until HE 1) Believes he can win (he needs a sports psychologist), 2) Gets a new coach. He make like Vaijda a lot and feel loyal, but VAijda has taken him as far as he can go. What about the coach for Serbia’s Davis Cup? Nole seems to rise to the occasion for him. Is his name Pilic? I’m tired of seeing him lose to lessor players than he.

    • jennifur said

      nole was very very close 2 win in semis….

      donated last game on errors/nerves… 2 bad.

      but fed hung in there also so was good match.

    • Bjornino said

      Nice post, Growltiger. I agree with you. He has a great game, and he’s matured very much as a person over the last 2 years. He’s also an incredibly talented person in so many ways. He speaks English, Serbian, German, Italian (maybe even more languages)..and I think he could become a great entertainer/actor/performer on the stage after his tennis career, if he chooses that path. I also believe his problem with winning matches is mental, and I think he needs some new input. But, judging by the Todd Martin-experiment, that’s not an easy issue for Djokovic. I think he’s almost as attached to Vaijda as Nadal is to Aunt Toni. The future will tell. And btw, a piece of advice for you if u’re new here: Don’t you DARE to claim that Djokovic is better than Federer/should have beaten Federer or anything like that – you’ll end up being subject to a severe tar-and-feathers attack by an angry Fed-mob if u do that 😉

  9. jett09 said

    I noticed they both look skinny. Nole I’m sure has lost a lot of weight.

    • Jenny said

      I think Nole did have the killer instinct when he first started out, he truly believed he could become #1. It’s his ability to cope with Tour pressure and other stuff which has stunted his progress, imo. His tennis is fine, few weaknesses that I can see. I think he could benefit from a little extra weight. Niki Pilic, a former pro from Croatia. He runs a tennis academy in Munich and is a DC adviser to the Serbian team.

      • jennifur said

        makes sense … gainin a little weight…

        agree tennis is gr8. tho serve still shaky sometimes ….

        needs confidence bk …. better trainer or coach….

  10. librio said

    TP, some of us may also have much fun with your headline on the “heart touching” photo of the two other semifinalists (Nadal and Murray) meeting at the net at the conclusion of their SF match in Toronto Saturday.

    You did include both of these “heart touching” photos at the net at the conclusion of the Toronto SFs in the photo set you posted yesterday:

    1st SF – Nadal vs Murray – heart touching gesture by Nadal in the 11th photo of the photo set.
    2nd SF – Djokovic vs Federer – heart touching gesture by Federer in the 8th photo of the photo set (= photo above).

    Some differences between these two photos, amongst others:

    On the 8th photo (showing no. 2 Djokovic and no. 3 Federer during their SF match in Toronto, but with the opposite ranks in today’s ATP ranking), the player doing the heart touching gesture, Federer, has just won his match.

    We have a Djokovic smiling, apparently talking and joking, and looking Federer straight in the eye and this, despite the fact Djokovic had lost a match he really fought for and, by the same token, knew at the time he’d be losing his no. 2 rank to Federer today.

    On the 11th photo (showing no. 1 Nadal and no. 4 Murray during their SF match in Toronto, and with the same ranks in today’s ATP ranking), the player doing the heart touching gesture, Nadal, has just lost his match.

    We have a Murray unsmiling, apparently silent and tense, and not looking at Nadal and this, despite the fact Murray had won the match without a real fight and, by the same token, knew at the time that not only he’d be keeping his no. 4 rank away from Söderling today, but also had a shot at successfully defending his RC 2009 title Sunday.

    You did clear things up for us about the Federer-Djokovic “heart touching” photo after their SF match in Toronto Saturday evening.

    It would be nice if you could also clear things up for us about the Nadal-Murray “heart touching” photo after their SF match in Toronto Saturday afternoon.

    Thanks in advance, TP, should you get around to doing it eventually, whenever it turns out to be.

    • jennifur said

      hmmm … maybe scots r just uptight?? its cold there u know.

      rafa always gracious in defeat tho!!! furrrr surrrre. rafa = big heart.

      • Jenny said

        LOL Jennifur! The Scots do have the reputation of being ‘dour’. Andy has a home in leafy Surrey, south of London, and it’s been pretty warm in this neck of the woods lately.

        Agreed about Rafa.

      • Bjornino said

        I probably shouldn’t say this, but that is so very true. The only time I can recall that Nadal has “blamed” a loss upon anything whatsoever was when Sod beat him at FO 2009. And he did back that up with actually pulling out of Queens & Wimbledon, so I’d say that he cannot be faulted for those comments.

  11. Bella said

    Interesting, Jenny: I have to say that my immediate reaction on seeing Murray’s response to Rafa after beating him on Saturday was that Rafa was way too generous and gracious towards him after knocking him out at Wimbledon! You may recall that after that match,rather than dwell on his great success, Rafa was asked rather too quickly if he thought Andy would ever win Wimbledon! Typical of British journos it must be said. IMO Rafa is by far the most gracious of the top 4, with Djoker in second place. Roger next, and then Murray, although to be fair he has only good things to say about Rafa pm the whole.

    • Jenny said

      Typical of British journos it must be said.
      Isn’t it just, Bella! To be honest, I don’t remember that question, I tend to turn a deaf ear when the British journos and some comms go on a Murray love fest. It’s not his fault of course, and I know it’s only natural patriotism and he has been impressive, but I just find it irritating, more so when the winning opponent isn’t always given the credit I think they deserve.

  12. Carolee said

    Rafa looked AWFUL during that SF….

  13. Ricke said

    Nole has grown on me. Glad mama has learned to “be quiet” as Roger suggested during a match. He has not yet reached his full potential in his tennis game which is scary, considering how well he plays now. The breathing problems concern me. Is this nerves, asthma, poor conditioning…..a bluff tactic as some have said? Personally I don’t think he is faking it, yet I feel he needs to address this problem more seriously. Get a second opinion from another doctor, a new coach, trainer….something.

    • Jenny said

      Ricke, When I first saw Nole he was ranked around #14, very young. I really liked him, his cheery demeanour and his game, an exciting new talent and good for tennis. As a person I preferred him to Murray. He then went through his cocky period and together with the parents and their demeanour and provocative remarks, it did not look good to me, I found all that stuff unacceptable. As I recall, he did not have breathing problems or many med time outs in those early days. I will always give any player the benefit of the doubt when health is concerned, but he was seriously pushing it, other players were commenting on his med time outs, was this perhaps a ‘cry wolf’ situation? By this time he was losing sympathy and credibility by respected players, they didn’t actually call him out as such, but as near as damn it. Most fans and the media loved his impersonations, initially I did too, but it all stopped after the Nalby effort which had nothing to do with his tennis or tics, it was not funny and disrespectful, imo. It has been said players were not all happy with his impersonations either, so in their eyes, was this guy taking the ‘P’ in more ways than one? It seemed to me something physical seemed to manifest itself whenever Nole was put under pressure on the court, I witnessed it myself, my husband [once a competitive amateur sportsman himself] predicted his every move in one match, I was completely naive. Having said that, I do believe Nole has real physical problems going on, whatever their cause. Hopefully, they will resolve themselves in time with professional help and advice.

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