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Roddick says he’s had mononucleosis. From Somebody Else. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 15, 2010


Roddick’s had mono:

Click here.


5 Responses to “Roddick says he’s had mononucleosis. From Somebody Else. Thanks.”

  1. librio said

    Thanks a lot for the info, Somebody Else. Roddick’s very poor result in Washington and his withdrawal in Toronto were very unfortunate. Let’s hope for a thorough recovery for Roddick in the near future.

  2. Sol said

    Thanks, SE.
    Andy is cursed. Hope he gets back into the top-10 soon.

  3. Jenny said

    Get well soon, Andy. Unfortunately, it happens, gruelling years on the pro Tour takes it’s toll one way or another.

    • librio said

      So very true, Jenny! The past couple of years have been very difficult years for so many ATP/WTA players healthwise at one point or another in time. The current health related situation is most challenging for quite of few of them at the present time. Let’s hope things work out to the best possible for each of them.

      Enjoy the mens’ 2010 Cincinnati tournament this week! Hope you guys will be chatting lots and lots re: the Cincinnati tournament as you did last week re: the Toronto tournament. Lots of fun to read.

      (Scheduled on a very demanding 3-week contract at work starting this morning. I hope there won’t be any huge bad surprise on this one so we can wrap things up before the last portion of the USO as planned. *fingers crossed*)

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