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What’s the ONE most disconcerting factor in Federer’s current return to form?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 15, 2010

Despite two close wins back to back, Federer has plenty to smile about. For starters, both matches were against top ten players in contrast to the tomato cans he has been losing to, of late. The scoreline reflects a steady improvement making the movement far more sustainable and credible instead of that ‘flash in the pan’ kind of total transformation which points to just an aberration.

Close victories like these AFTER the funk feel sweeter than anything you can think of.

But there’s ONE stat that is consistently present to fully declare Federer’s return to the top of his game rather premature. Have a clue? No, you don’t!!!!!!

It’s the unforced error count. Duh!!!!!! He had what 46 against Djokovic and 12 and 36 in the ones before that. Not enough? Most are flowing through the forehand.

But maybe that’s the next stage on his road to recovery. Either way, given where he has been recently Federer cannot complain even if he fails to win this title. It has stopped the bleeding at the very least and begun the recovery at the very best.


8 Responses to “What’s the ONE most disconcerting factor in Federer’s current return to form?”

  1. librio said

    I agree on the UEs. But then, the top 4 players have been engaged in a UE contest in Toronto this week ever since the 2nd round matches. Hence, it was normal that Nadal and Djokovic were the ones to lose the SFs yesterday since, IMO, they were the worst of the top 4 in both UEs and inconsistency of play over the week, amongst other things. In that regard, it would be nice that Murray won the Toronto final today since he’s been the one of the top 4 giving the best performance all week in both UEs and consistency of play over the tournament. Also, Murray is the top 4 player who needs that victory in Toronto the most at this time in the season.

    • Bettyjane said

      Well said Librio. I always root for Roger but given the form all week between the two finalists, I haven’t been this sure of a Fed defeat since Rafa and he met at the French Open final.

  2. O said

    He has regained more confidence in his return game, but needs much work in his service game. Hope he’ll continue the recovery.

  3. overcaffeinated said

    I cast my thoughts back to a distant year called 2009. RF was hitting the ball off his forehand, like a lay man. He shanked shots that he once used to eat for breakfast, whilst asleep, with his arms and feet tied. His UE rate was rocketing to infinity and beyond. He also resorted to one of his pre-2003 habits of smashing a raquet in a match against Nole, after shanking a forehand-sitter into the net.

    Not much happened since that tournament and Roger’s forehand improved only slightly, which saw him do pretty well at a few tournaments called The French Open, Wimbledon, The US Open and The Australian Open 🙂

  4. Rick said

    This hardly seems like news.

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