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Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot. From Barbara. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 16, 2010



9 Responses to “Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot. From Barbara. Thanks.”

  1. wuiches said

    Is that a camera effect???

    I know that the guy is some sort of tennis magician but this is just an excess!!

  2. Mordecai said

    Good question. I read someone say everything’s fake, but I don’t see it. I think it’s real because Federer is a bad actor, but he looked genuine on this one, or am I easily fooled. Haha.

  3. M said

    Roger, Magician of Precision. 😛

  4. Chieko said

    Fake or no fake, I love it.

  5. banti said

    Camera trick for sure. Well done though.

  6. Sol said

    Either he’s unbelievably precise or he deserves an oscar for his acting performance. Either way, he’s so cool.

    Actually, I remember seeing a vid once from Kid’s Day (?) at the USO where he (and others like Serena and Sharapova) had to hit the ball and touch a target on the other side of the net and for every ball that touched the target they would get a point. And I think Fed managed to get less points than everybody else, which I thought was a bad sign back then already. lol.

  7. BANTI said

  8. Dee said

    Looks genuine to me.but Unbelievable! 😆

  9. jett09 said

    Awesome!! Genuis!! 😉

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