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Is this the guaranteed way to ensure most shots from your opponent land on your forehand?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 16, 2010

If it’s a given (historically) that most opponents attempt to engage your backhand to win points, sets and matches, shouldn’t your primary goal be to produce an antidote until conditions change? But if you own one of the most fearsome forehand the game has EVER seen, doesn’t it become the base of ANY planning on or off the court?

Could this be it?

When you receive that shot on your backhand, instead of returning it back to the ad court (or to your opponent’s backhand if he is a right-hander) direct it to the deuce court trying to keep it as close to the line you can with enough margin for comfort.

What it does is this: It reduces the real estate on your backhand side making it a far riskier shot for your opponent to execute consistently – despite the fact that your opponent has better control of the ball since he is using his forehand. Not enough? It will work even better with a left-hander as the ‘less real estate’ factor is added to the burden of executing that low percentage shot with a backhand.

Are you freaks still freaking awake? Isn’t it a no freaking brainer? Doesn’t seem like it when you have some Swiss clown continuing to send the ball back from where it came from instead of changing it up – even marginally to test the waters.

But with more errors now flowing from the forehand lately, the train may have already left the station on this.


2 Responses to “Is this the guaranteed way to ensure most shots from your opponent land on your forehand?”

  1. Dee said

    Oy Oy Calm down. Yeap I admit Federer’s balls were landing a bit short and as you say, placement was a bit off, and that gave Murray room to be aggressive.But I am sure as 16 grand slam champ he had a game plan in mind.and I was thinking what it could be.

  2. kitty said

    I was watching Fed-Delpo final yesterday and boy..Fed blew a golden chance and by the last set Delpo was still firing those rockets and Fed was visually jaded, most possibly because of the bullet trading of balls. Martina kept commenting on how Fed had completely lost the game plan of slice he was using in the first set and half, and I could see it yesterday it was a nice observation. Also Fed’s body language in 5th set when he was down was totally negative and could see a vast difference in how he handled that in toronto. Miss delpo in the mix, hope he gets fit soon

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