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Live chat Cincy 2010.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 16, 2010


Can we have a live chat thread for Cincy? Thanks TP.


681 Responses to “Live chat Cincy 2010.”

  1. Jenny said

    Losses at Cincy so far.
    #11 Cilic
    #14 Almagro

  2. Ricke said

    Roddick won!!!!!!! Yeah, back from mono. Hope he can get deep into this tournament.

  3. banti said

    Ljubicic is going to be tough! Lets go Nalby! Not sure what his seeding situation will be for the Open and if the Cinci results even matter.

  4. Jenny said

    Vamos Nalby, I like Lubes too.

    Alex Dolgo plays attractive tennis, fun to watch, is talented, but last night he was rushing, big mistake baby boy, some of his shots were wild and undisciplined, he’s a young player in progress. David lost the first set, they hadn’t met before and Dolgo came out like an express train, I could barely keep up, he was whizzing about and didn’t allow David to find his rhythm. Second set was very different, David assumed his feline qualities and experience, played his game and waited patiently for his prey to tire himself out, make errors and he did. Well done Ferru.

  5. kitty said

    What in the world is wrong with Cilic?? he has disappointed me the most this year

    • Jenny said

      I know, it’s very strange, imo he should have done much better given his game, talent, and for his height is also a good mover too. I’m wondering if he’s been hearing too many voices other than Bob Brett?

    • librio said

      Same here, ladies! Must admit I expected better tennis results from Cilic in 2010. Don’t know what it is that’s not progressing normally in Cilic’s game/training for several months now, but his results have been consistently disappointing. That’s too bad!

  6. Jenny said

    Whatever is going wrong for James Blake these past months – he really has lost his spark. Istomin takes the first set easily and has broken Blake in the first game of the second.

    • Jenny said

      A second set bagel for James and all over in double quick time. As one of our comms said, ‘I want to remember Blake as a great player’, and not today’s performance which was truly dreadful. He just wasn’t there.

    • kitty said

      wow…during the finals commentators were saying blake is back in the mix and fed-blake should be a good encounter, what a slide for him he was in top10 then when i saw he was 45 now even down may be..plummet!

  7. Sol said

    And now Gasquet is in trouble too. Come on Richie. Damn.
    The Nalby match is at an impossible hour again. Hope some of you could watch and give a feedback tomorrow.

  8. Jenny said

    I’ve linked into the Nalby match – very little crowd. I guess the US fans are watching Isner on the main court,

  9. BonnyBee said

    This American watching Nalby, too. No commentary on stream, but great quality picture.

  10. There are what barely 300 people watching Nalbandian-Ljubicic match. Shouldn’t a more comfortable temperature induced by a roof attract a larger crowd repaying the investment many times over monetarily and any other way (like boosting the morale of players instead of this pathetic display of support)?

    • Jenny said

      Hi TP. Couldn’t agree more – pathetic. We have two former #3’s playing.

    • D.S.G. said

      A really good point, TP—I wonder if they’ve ever thought of it?

      • Jenny said

        It was a grim turn-out for that match. It’s the fans choice, I guess you can’t drag people in, the centre court was a little more respectable in terms of fan support for a home player, but even then there was plenty of empty seats.

  11. Jenny said

    Lovely volleys and from Nalby, just cruising into that net.

  12. Jenny said

    Those fans who chose not to watch live are really missing out, this is tennis chess from Nalbandian. I’m still awake and loving it.

    • Jenny said

      🙂 el rey David! 7-5 6-0. Such a shame for Luby to be knocked with a double fault on his serve.

      • librio said

        Bravo, Nalbandian!

        Indeed, a poor result and a bad way to end a match for Ljubicic. Hope his back is OK. He’s been having back problems on and off since his Indian Wells 2010 victory last March. But I guess it was worth it for Ljubicic. It was nice to watch him in IW with his 1st M 1000 trophy at 31 years of age!

    • M said

      Jenny, I had to take a conference call — sometimes I really dislike the WC 👿 — but I saw the end of the first set and beginning of the second. I certainly didn’t expect to come back and see a shutout at the end of the second. Too bad for Luby but David “with a bullet” for sure.

      • Jenny said

        Our comms referred to him as the Argentine bull the other day. That guy has some serious neck and shoulders on him.

      • Jenny said

        Sorry you missed some of the match, M. I was determined to watch it, but then it’s freetime for me here, so I had more choice.

      • M said

        He’s in amazing shape. I think those haters who’d been taunting about his conditioning prior to his break for healing have been pretty much effectively silenced. 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Last week Peter Fleming was asked by a second comm here about the weight comments that Nalby has been subjected to over the years, he replied ‘rubbish’ ‘he’s a big guy’ and he wasn’t talking fat. As a former champion pro himself, he really knows what he’s talking about. Okay, there have been times David has carried a few extra pounds, but not that much. He’s a naturally heavy set guy.

      • M said

        One needs some weight behind those sharply-angled backhands.
        I like them tall and broad-shouldered. Marat is 6’4′ 204 lbs.
        Sue me.

      • Jenny said

        Exactly! David is ‘only’ 5’11” – I bet he could pick up a car engine and throw it! You sound petite M, he’d have no trouble picking you up! 🙂

      • M said

        Hee hee. I think I’m medium-sized, Jenny. I’m 5’6″, and I was always told in dance company I was tall for a dancer, and just a couple of weeks ago we had a new Pilates teacher who was adjusting the reformers, and I was in my stocking feet and she asked me how tall I was and I told her, and she said, “Hmmm. You seem taller.” I wonder why she thought I’d tell her I was shorter than I am? 😛

        5’11” – 6’1 seems to be my favorite “magic height” for gentlemen, though.
        What a coincidence! 😀

        I once dated someone who was 6’4″; it hurt my neck.
        (I think I could make an exception for Marat, though. :twisted:)

      • Jenny said

        I am tall, probably the same build as the pic TP gave me of Queen B. I dated guys over 6′ in my single days.

      • M said

        They describe you tall ladies as “majestic”!

      • Jenny said

        LOL M! Actually 5’4″ is considered average for ladies, so you are taller than average. I know some folk can appear taller, especially those who are angular with long legs. I think the problem with many ladies who watch tennis, they may compare their own height with these very tall lady players and fashion models who are on the 6′ mark. To be honest, I don’t see too many women in the street who are that height. I too at 5’8″ which is above average, would appear short standing next to them!

  13. Jenny said

    Wow Ferru! 7-5 6-2 🙂 Great all-court game with variety from him today. LOL David served one ace the entire match, Sam’s face was a picture, stunned, he couldn’t believe it! 🙂

  14. Sol said

    Wow, the Nadal/Dent match is terrible. Dent can’t seem to buy a first serve, as the comms say “all Nadal had to do is see Dent self-destruct”.
    Nadal manages to win the first set with 4 winners!

    Hope Dent can lose the nerves in the second set and make it more challenging.

  15. Jenny said

    Verdasco not playing well, doubles galore, he lost the first set and his composure. He’s always had a tendancy to double fault, but not outwardly losing his composure in a stroppy way as he has done of late.

    • M said

      Not seeing Fer’s match, but sneaking peeks at Rafa’s and am somewhat chagrined to see 4-4 in the second (even notwithstanding Taylor Dent’s reputation for gallant effort).

      Maybe the Armada needs to go all in for a sports psychologist.

  16. BANTI said

    Wow MFish is on a run , Simon and now Verdasco? Has he beaten any of the big 4 recently/this year? Rafa about to close it out.

  17. BANTI said

    Fish and Gulbis closing it out in tiebreaks, very nice.

  18. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    It’s now David vs Goliath

  19. Sol said

    Anyone know what happened to Isner? Why did he retire?

  20. Jenny said

    John Isner has just retired with an ankle injury, sorry about that. He twisted it going after one of David’s angles. Isner was in the lead, but Nalby started stepping it up

    • Sol said


      MAndy is doing well against Chardy. You gotta be impressed by the fact that he’s still motivated after winning a title 3 days ago.

    • Jenny said

      Nalbs was having problems with Isner’s first serve, and was initially having problems with his own weaker serve, Isner got the first break 2-0. Always the wily tactician, Nalby knew he had to find a way or he would have lost the first set or even the match, he jumped on Isner’s second serve, forced him into error, put in the returns, angles, and made him run.

    • M said

      Ouch, Johnny. Please get well soon!

      • Jenny said

        He was in pain and could barely walk, he got strapped, tried to carry on, but it was all over really. Nalby was very kind and concerned at the net.

      • Jenny said

        Istomin suffered a very similar ankle injury to Isner, I saw the replay today, he was hopping on one foot too and unable to weight bear on the other. Nasty 😦 It leaves the two old battle rivals still in the mix and those two are capable of beating each other, they always brought out the best in each other.

  21. RafaFan said

    Is it the same Murray in the Chardy match who played Federer last Sunday?

  22. Chicago Fan said

    Hi All,

    I plan to be in Cincinnati this weekend. I hope my favorites are still in the tournament for the last two matches.

    Has anyone been to that tournament? Specifically, do you know if there is any public transportation from downtown to the Linder tennis center? (I am taking the bus from Chicago.)

    I couldn’t find anything online. I could always take a cab, but I would like to save a few pennies, if possible.


    • Ricke said

      The tennis center is actually in Mason Ohio, which is about 20 miles from downtown Cincy. If you can find a bus that goes to the Kings Island Amusement Park, take that, it is right across the street. You can see the fireworks from there every night. Have fun!!!! I loved it there!!!!

  23. Chicago Fan said

    In other news, only marginally related to tennis, I saw “Eat, Pray, Love” this weekend. Javier Bardem is in the last third of the movie. Has anyone ever noticed that Sr. Bardem and Sr. Verdasco have very similar features.

    !Viva los espanoles! It must be something in the water.

  24. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Federer is out there with Medicine Man who’s wearing this kickass purple t-shirt. And the crowds are filling up.

  25. Bettyjane said

    I had heard during the final in Toronto, that Annacone wasn’t going to Cincy with Fed, but I don’t know the exact reason.

  26. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    What supreme irony! Istomin is getting medical treatment!

  27. Somebody Else said

    Watching some of the Hewitt-Soderling match. Are there other tournaments that have as much ambient distraction as Cincinatti, with all the noises, music, and amplified announcements made during points/games???

  28. Bettyjane said

    Quick break against Murray this morning. Hope to hear from some of you who get to actually watch this match.

    • Jenny said

      Hi Bettyjane, They’re testing each other out. Gulbis seems to be taking more risks right now, can he keep it up? I’m off to watch from the sofa, it’s on Sky TV. I’ll have to stream watch for the Nalby/Djoko match.

  29. Sol said

    Richie not doing well and getting angry. Can’t say I’m enjoying this.
    Maybe the Ernie v. MAndy match is better.

    • Jenny said

      Oh dear. I’m watching Murray/Gulbis. Ernie has taken the first set and Murray looking like a wet weekend thus far or a tetchy middle aged man having a bad day at the office. On serve in the second. Great shotmaking from Gulbis,.

      • Sol said

        “Murray looking like a wet weekend thus far or a tetchy middle aged man having a bad day at the office”

        Lol, Jenny. Very colourful description. But I know what you mean. From the little I’ve seen, MAndy kinda went back to his old self where he’s playing very defensive tennis and Ernie is going for his shots. But like I said before, you have to admire MAndy for being this motivated after just winning a title a few days ago by beating Fed+Nadal. If I were him and the USO was around the corner, I’d just go on vacation or something.

      • Sol said

        He also seems to be struggling from the heat, he looks more pale than he usually does and his hair is getting more red by the minute.

      • Jenny said

        I understand what you say, Sol. However, I expect a player to give of their best and show it with some enthusiasm, especially the younger guys, whatever their recent past achievements. Roddick and Hewitt gave their best with real enthusiasm. I know the weather is like a cauldron, it was no different in Toronto, and I feel for the guys having to play in it, but a top fit young pro should be able to cope, and Murray hasn’t played that much tennis overall.

        Looks like second set to Murray, and confirmed.

  30. Jenny said

    Nalby’s having early probs with Djoko, early break. This is a good match.

  31. Temple said

    Hey TP, post this new Federer video so that we can vote on it being real or not.

  32. Sol said

    Damn, I missed the beginning. What happened, Jenny? Nalby not playing well?

  33. Sol said

    Super gesture from Nole there. And he’s playing some beautiful tennis today.
    Hopefully Nalby wakes up in the second.

    Lol at Nalby: “you don’t need to look at me, Lars”

    • Jenny said

      He’s no shrinking violet is David LOL

      • Sol said

        LOL, what does that mean? Never heard this expression before

      • Jenny said

        It’s a phrase used here – shy, passive, and not coming foward verbally is the best way to describe it. The violet flower is quite a delicate one isn’t it?

      • D.S.G. said

        Hey Sol–

        A shrinking violet is someone who is very shy. The expression comes from Victorian times, I believe, when the “Language of Flowers” was a big thing. Every flower has its own characteristics so if you gave flower to someone you were saying something more than just giving a gift.

        I am at the shop and am unable to find a live stream…

      • Jenny said

        Thanks, D.S.G – I didn’t know that, but I wasn’t far off the mark, no? Peonies are my favourites.

      • Sol said

        Thanks Jenny and DSG. Love the expression and the explanation. “Très british” 😉

        Magnolias are my fave.

        DSG, I posted the Fed/Nadal vid for you on wanna post. Check it out before they delete it again.

      • D.S.G. said

        Oh, oh, oh!! I’m going there now–hope it’s not too late. Thanks tons, Sol!!

      • Chieko said

        Shrinking violet Jenny san!! How interesting!! I am sorry he lost.

      • Jenny said

        Hi Cheiko san. 🙂

  34. Jenny said

    I’m in pain watching this, something’s not right.

  35. Jenny said

    It looks like ‘happy boy’ is about to win his match on the other court.

  36. Sol said

    Geez, Benneteau broke Nadal already

  37. Sol said

    Oh God, he blew 4 setpoints! FOUR!

  38. BANTI said

    Nalby just blew 3 set points and double faulted on match point. His mental game on big points needs to be worked on.. He plays so well till these points. Same with the Rafa match in Miami, this came up over there as well. When he gets chances like he did today against the big 4 he needs to take them!! Upset here.

    • BANTI said

      Very few people on tour can do what Nalby does consistently to the big 4, problem is he doesn’t take advantage of it:(

    • Jenny said

      Nalby’s always been mercurial Banti – a flawed genius is the best way to describe him, and he can and does beat himself, imo. I know he’s had many injuries during his career, and he is inclined to be the silent type on that score, but I don’t think it was always injuries that held him back, he liked engaging in other off court pursuits, who’s to say he’s wrong? I liken him to Safin who did at least win two slams.

      • BANTI said

        I need to have a sit down with him:) I’d fix him up:) He needs to loosen up on the big points, not that much to ask! 4-5 set points/match points are not supposed to be blown repetitively:(

      • Jenny said

        LOL Banti, you and me both! I’ve had years of this! Credit to Nole though.

  39. Sol said

    Fed is through to the 1/4. Kohlschreiber withdrew.

  40. Jenny said

    Nalby out on a double fault in the breaker, 9-7. Well played Novak, deserved win, no breathing problems despite the gruelling heat. David managed to make it competitive in the second, so well done to him. Get some rest and a massage, guys.

    Fed has a walkover, Kohls has pulled out with a shoulder injury.

    • jennifur said

      like davveeed nalbandian … sorry he went out 2 nole tdy …. but on bright side he can get rest 4 slam now ….

      jenny, sol = nice sporting comments …. thx. : )

  41. Sol said

    Benneteau is on fire. I don’t think he can keep playing at this level through an entire match but so far it’s a good match

    • RafaFan said

      I agree with you: Rafa wins in three! 🙂 I don’t think that Federer is watching Rafa’s match, no? He’s already baby-sitting the twins. lol.

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      Well, I don’t know what’s happening to Rafa, but he just got broken back.

      • Sol said

        I think he’s just being outplayed. Benneteau is really playing an excellent match so far. Again, I don’t think he can keep it up cause he’s running like a madman but kudos to him for not being intimidated

      • Jenny said

        Julien’s making a match of it.

      • Jenny said

        As has been said, can he keep it up against Rafa. Julien is playing excellent tennis, he’s proved he can be a dangerous shotmaker, but he is inconsistant.

      • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

        He’s certainly on fire! Wow!!!!!

  42. Sol said

    Total brainfart from Julien there but it really is a high-quality match

    • Jenny said

      Brainfart – that’s a new one! 🙂

      • Sol said

        Lol, can’t take credit for it. I’ve read it somewhere a while ago but can’t remember where.

    • RafaFan said

      We better don’t brainfuck the situation. Rafa wins in three. 😉 btw bf is also a programming language! lol.

      • Sol said

        A programming language?

        Yeah, Rafa in three, for sure.
        Julien gets broken in the next game.

        Unexpected tennis day: Nalby out in straights, Fed through to 1/4 without having played a single entire set in this tournament, Nadal struggles against Benneteau and Baggy takes the first set off Berdy. And the day is not over yet.

      • RafaFan said

        @Sol: Julien will lose the tiebreaker. I feel sorry Nalby lost. I hope Bagdaddy wins!

      • RafaFan said

        Good night everybody! Rafa wins in 3 and my brain needs some sleep.

      • Sol said

        Good night RafaFan. I’m off to bed too.

    • Chieko said

      Good morning Sol san. I am catching from here for I have a few minutes before I go out. What an interesting English word. I guess it does not mean good thing. Please enjoy the rest of the day. Chieko

      • Sol said

        Hi Chieko san!
        Yes, sorry, not a good word. Not a nice one either.

        I hope you get to enjoy some of the tennis today. Fed is not playing but there are still some good matches ahead. I’m off to bed after this one.

  43. Sol said

    Oy, Nadal asked for the trainer.

  44. Somebody Else said

    Rafa’s fan-club president, Verdasco, has made an appearance near courtside.

  45. Somebody Else said

    Benneteau really blew an excellent chance in the second set. Rafa’s smelling a lot of blood.

  46. Somebody Else said

    When’s the FerreDenko match? Coming up next?

  47. Jenny said

    Ferru has an upset tummy. He’s off to the bathroom.

    • Jenny said

      Has he eaten some dodgy fish?

    • Jenny said

      I remember that incident only too well, SE. It was two years ago. I should add, David apologised to everyone concerned after [which isn’t seen here in the vid] the lady umpire, radio and to his fans on his site, he felt terrible about the incident because he really is a lovely, sensitive guy who gives his all on and off the court, those in the ‘know’ know it. He was also very gracious to Nishikori at the net. It was a match he should have won and he knew it, he was the #5 seed at the time and favourite. He was having a rough time that year which affected his tennis which also carries it’s own pressures as we know, and he burst like a pressure cooker. He’s a very intense, passionate character when he’s on court, can be feisty and gets angry with himself, he will roar and scream in frustration, utter the verbals, smash the racquets, go off on one in a Shakespearean drama style if HE feels he isn’t giving of his best. Tt’s nonsense of course, because he will fight to the very last point, and as a tennis fan of many years I wish they were all like him. These things happen, it’s tennis and it’s life, not everyone is laid back and accepting, thank goodness not everyone’s the same or it would be very boring, imo. LOL even the umpire had to turn her face as she looked about to burst out laughing, I must confess to having a sneaky grin on my face too, I thought whoa, let it all out David!`

      • Somebody Else said

        I totally understand his frustration. Sometimes you have to let it all out verbally, and sometimes it isn’t pleasant to other ears. Doesn’t mean he means what he’s saying, it’s just the verbal equivalent of smashing a racquet. I sympathize with the guy, who later admitted being overly hostile.

      • jett09 said

        “I must confess to having a sneaky grin on my face too, I thought whoa, let it all out David!”`

        And let out he did Jenny! I didn’t think swearing could sound sexy 😉

        “even the umpire had to turn her face as she looked about to burst out laughing”

        😆 😆 😆

      • Jenny said

        Thanks, SE. Unfortunately, some fans are so quick to judge without understanding or knowing the full picture or background, he lost the match because of it. I sympathised too. Infact Nishikori was leg cramping, was in obvious discomfort, got some magic cream applied and then flew around like a rabbit. David did compose himself, took Kei to five, even the comms were seemingly rooting him on, but it was all too late, he was battling Kei and himself. Kei was taken out in straights the following round by Delpo.

  48. Kitty said the chair poor guy put in pressure by roddick

  49. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Rodick needs an umpire like the marine in Toronto who told Berdych to shut up and play.

  50. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Neither man deserves to lose this. Great courage by Soderling and doggedness by Roddick. Both want to win badly.

  51. librio said

    Bravo, Roddick! 6-4, 6-7(7), 7-6(5)

  52. librio said

    @ Somebody Else re: video in reply to post #47

    Definitely not pretty!

    Didn’t see the Davydenko vs. Ferrer match, only looked at the result on the Cincinnati website.

    Was very pleased with Davydenko’s victory, although very sorry for Ferrer.

    Some Spanish players have been having a hard time keeping themselves under control these past few months. Verdasco for example, who completely lost it at the Nice tournament during his final against Gasquet (Nice 2010 title won by Gasquet, with help from the public). Hope these guys get back to normal behavioural standards during a tennis match in the near future, given that they’re all very good tennis players.

    A nice result for Davydenko, this QF spot at Cincinnati 2010. It’s been quite a long time for him (left wrist fracture, then very poor results since his return on the Tour)! Davydenko’s last QF match took place at the Rotterdam 2010 tournament in early February, if I’m not mistaken.

    • Somebody Else said

      The french and spanish don’t like each other very much, do they?

      • Sol said

        Wow, the Ferru vid is funny cause he’s angry at himself (even the “las chicas no pueden hacer nada” part).
        But the way Verdasco loses it in Nice is unbelievably pathetic. What happened there? I mean, other than the fact that he was losing to Gasquet? Did he refuse to shake his hand at the net? Did Gasquet do something to provoke him?

      • Jenny said

        I like Fernando a lot, but I must admit I found his behaviour towards Gasquet and the French crowd grim to say the least. I watched it on TV with my mouth open! I thought, whenever is he going to stop! Fer really did lose it big time that day, I’ve never witnessed the like from him before. I can only put it down to pressure or maybe something going on in his personal life.

      • Jenny said

        Hi Sol, from what I can remember, the crowd didn’t do very much to provoke that tirade from him. Agreed they were partisan, but nothing over the top as I recall, he’s a seasoned pro and should know the score by now. Richard did nothing other than winning points. As you rightly say – unbelievably pathetic.

      • Sol said

        Thanks Jenny. So he didn’t shake his hand at the net?
        We all have mental breakdowns, it happens.
        I guess I’ve never been a fan of Verdasco, not his tennis (even when he’s capable of playing 2 good shots in a row) nor his personality. He looks more invested in looking pretty than in actually playing tennis. It’s his right, I’m just not interested. It’s the same with Ernie sometimes, when he looks like a spoiled brat who can’t be bothered to run after the ball. But at least his tennis is, imo, interesting.

      • Dee said

        In Verdasco’s words ,what Gasquet did explain here Sol,
        “I was close to losing and then I was so close to winning,” said Verdasco. “I was 4-1 up and a few break points to be 5-1 [in the third set], but then he started hitting winners everywhere. Every break point was a good serve or a crazy forehand, every time a winner.
        Here is a bit of history on the case-
        The Frenchman subsequently cracked under pressure as he served for the match and lost six games in a row to find himself trailing 3-0 in the decider.

        After wasting three break points in the sixth game, Verdasco tried to whip up the loud partisan crowd which prompted his father to try and calm him down.

        Gasquet repeatedly complained to the umpire Carlos Bernardes as Verdasco kept shouting between the points.
        “It is always easier to play when people are supporting you,” said Verdasco. “Of course, I think it helped him a lot. He was close to winning at 5-4 in the second set, but if he wasn’t playing in France, then it would have been difficult in the third set.

        “I am happy because I played a final, but I am unhappy that I came so close to winning and couldn’t do so.”

      • Jenny said

        Thank you Dee. It clarifies the situation, it all happened so quick. I can understand how he must have felt, but he shouldn’t have reacted in that way. He’s lost matches when he’s been close to winning before, but this was the only time I’ve seen him explode like this.

      • Sol said

        Thanks, Dee.
        Crowds support their own, it’s like that everywhere. He gets tons of support from the spanish crowd when he’s playing in Barcelona or Madrid or in those giant arenas during the DC. I don’t hear him complaining then, he shouldn’t complain now. All the players deal with the same stuff.

      • jett09 said

        Oh dear that was ugly 😕 Thanks for the vid S.E.

    • Jenny said

      Plain nasty and way over the top, Jett. It has put me off him, I must say. However, I remember at the DC final against Argentina in 2008, Rafa couldn’t play, David was there ready and willing, lost to Nalby but it was obvious he wasn’t his usual self, very sub par, he has a good H2H against Nalby. He was sidelined for the following single rubber, Verdasco replaced him, so it was down to Feli and Fer to try and pull off the near impossible, despite the Argentine team being in disarray. Those two were amazing, heroes that weekend, in doubs and singles, David stayed there and supported from the bench. During a Verdasco singles rubber, the partisan crowd did throw some insults at him, his Spanish pride was hurt, he wasn’t happy, but he rose above it admirably and won the match, and Spain the cup. I felt I needed to say that to Verdasco’s credit.

  53. Jenny said

    Btw, I’m very pleased for Roddick and Davydenko. The Davy/Ferru match was good too, very competitive from both guys, it could have gone either way, and yes Ferru did roar and double up in frustration, had a conversation with himself and smashed a racquet, he got a penalty point for the smash, it was the last game on Davy’s serve.

  54. Sarah said

    Fish is hanging in there against Murray. Wonder if he can get the upset?

  55. BANTI said

    Hi all big day today! Love Marty’s baseline game! Hope he pulls this off. Murray’s such a baby when he’s losing on the court!

  56. Ricke said

    Murray very upset. Thinks Fish is taking too much time to serve. He is wasting lots of energy with his tirades. Fish is really not taking that much time, especially compared to Nadal. It is really warm out there, tempers are up.

  57. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Ivy Drip for Murray coming up. I can almost see his eyes rolling behind his head.

  58. BANTI said

    commentator on fish: “that’s what good volleyers do , they make a commitment”

  59. BANTI said

    hasnt hit a first serve in tiebreak? maybematch point:?

  60. Sarah said

    UPSET! Murray can use the extra two days to get some rest.

    Congrats, Fish.

  61. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Fish edges Murray. Well deserved. Great fight by Murray. IN the end, Fish was more aggressive and tougher. Well done

  62. Chieko said

    Too bad that Murray san had not challenged that out call. Nonetheless, he should rest like others here have suggested. Congratulations to the American player from Chieko.

  63. Ricke said

    Wow, can’t believe Fish lately. I gave up on the guy long ago. (Olympic disaster) Good for him. My daughter won a signed racket by him years ago….Hmmm…maybe it’s time to check out Ebay?

  64. Jenny said

    Well played Mardy Fish, congrats.

  65. Chieko said

    I am wishing Roddick san the best luck. 😀

    • Sarah said

      Me too! It will mean an American in the final. Doesn’t mean a win; but at least one would be in the final.

    • Ricke said

      Thank-you Chieko! I think Roddick san is gone to need some luck today. He played a long hard match against Soderling last night and might be a little gassed! Gassed=tired in case you don’t know.

      • Ricke said

        Sorry going not gone…..Duh

      • Chieko said

        I agree. But I do feel for Roddick san for he really needs good result here for US Open confidence. I always like him ..( sorry to Djoko san’s fans. I no longer not like him anymore but I like ROddick a bit more thank you for understanding)

  66. Chieko said

    Well done first game Roddick san.

  67. Chieko said

    Roddick san is doing well with a lead. I think the hot weather is not good for Djokovic san.

  68. Ricke said

    Toes and fingers crossed!

  69. RafaFan said

    Djokovic starts slowly… I’m sure that he will improve his game in the second or third set for sure!

  70. Chieko said

    Only one break to separate the two good players. Go Roddick san go!!! You are leading 4-3 now. Please ….

  71. Chieko said

    Djo san is trying!! Ooops 15-30 now.

  72. Chieko said

    Good shot Rod san 40 love. One more to go!!

  73. Chieko said

    SO nice to see him win the first set!! Sorry I have to make food for my cousins. Will be back later. Please comment a lot for I would like to see what is going on. Bye Ricke san, Rafafan san, Sarah san and Jenny san and TP sama. So nice to read all of your comments. Dewa Mata ( see you)

  74. Ricke said

    Roddick ahead 4-2 second set, but Nole almost broke him.

  75. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Djokovix is so darn funny it’s not even serious.

  76. RafaFan said

    Match point ANDY RODDICK!

  77. RafaFan said

    FISH and RODDICK two friends make it to the SF!

  78. BANTI said

    Go U.S.A!:)

  79. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    It is amusing to see Koyla run around like his pants are on fire. Especially when he plays federer

  80. Sarah said

    One of the commentators just picked Andy Murray to win the US Open. Interesting, to say the least.

  81. Chieko said

    Great for you Federer san!! Opening set done. It is worth not sleeping for you!! Yeah Yeah Yeah!! Oops 😳 sorry to Daveydenko san’s friends. I cannot help it!! Yipppeeeeeeeee!!

  82. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    She is so beautiful!!! Respect to Koyla, even as he runs around like a rag doll.

  83. BANTI said

    I wanta know who thinks Rafa has a chance with Roger playing like this? Sorry had to bring it up:)

  84. Chieko said

    Love game!! Wow Federer san!! I am very alert now. Not sleepy at all!! 😀

  85. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    All of roger’s fans – who come in all shapes and sizes – are no match for davydenko’s one fan: his beautiful wife!

  86. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    It should be made compulsory by TV networks to show Mrs Davydenko during changeovers and breaks

  87. RafaFan said

    Davy is BACK!

  88. Chieko said

    Oops Federer san relaxed too soon!! Broke back succeeded by opponent!! Oh dear oh dear, nervous time. Oh well may be not…please please do not relax too much anymore.

  89. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Koyla’s broken back! That’s what beauty does to a man’s resolve. That’s the power it adds to his forehand. And that’s the face of Mrs Davydenko that can launch a thousand rackets …balls too!

  90. Somebody Else said

    I must admit I’m surprised by the scoreline in this Fedenko match so far.

  91. Chieko said

    Oh oh 3 games all. I don’t know why I am so nervous now.

  92. Chieko said

    I am breathing again !! :Mr.Green:

  93. Chieko said


  94. bluechyll said

    Hi all!

    I’m just in time to see Roger win!! 🙂

    I just heard Serena puuled out of the USO because of her foot injury :\

  95. Chieko said

    Yippppeeeeee!! ( loud silent scream happy happy happy me!!) Have to do chores now!! Bye till later.

  96. bluechyll said

    I was just thinking… I wonder how much the restaurant where Serena cut her foot is up for now, with her missing the open and all.

    • Jenny said

      Serena must have done some real damage to her foot for it to take this long and to miss the Open. Was it cut to the bone or something?

  97. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    If Baghdatis had any sense of gamesmanship, he’d have painted his lips in the color of the court before his match with Nadal.

  98. Kitty said

    Roger definitely added a spring in his foot and arm for his return game is not so passive now and so yielding better results. I know he is trying hard for BP conversions, hope he figures out the correct strategy to play on crucial points.
    Lets hope Nadal gets through Baghy and then we will witness a pinky warfare tomorrow 😀 I don’t rememeber even women’s tennis have pinks playing each other.

  99. Somebody Else said

    I’ve noticed that in many cases when Rafa tucks in his upper lip he misses the first serve, but when he’s got his Rambo-grunt, Stallone-y, open melty-mouth look he hits a good one.

  100. RafaFan said

    Hurry up Rafa!!! 🙂 sigh!

  101. Chieko said

    Wow Nadal san’s opponent is doing very well. Vamos Nadal san.

    • Jenny said

      Cheiko san, Marcos has the game to trouble Rafa. He was in a slump for various reasons, but is coming back. I still think Rafa will win though. Baggy is #20 was as high as #8 but has never beaten Rafa in the six times they’ve met.

      • Chieko said

        Thank you Jenny san. I do not know Baggie san too well but Nadal san looks very focus and yes he is likely to take the second set and then his fitness is so good. So I agree wtih you Jenny san. So Rafafan san please breath normally now. 😀

  102. Chieko said

    Oh dear Nadal san over hit that one. Please stay calm!! All important 7th game. Break point!!

  103. Chieko said

    Well done Nadal san. Here is an important hold!! 😀

  104. Chieko said

    My goodness what a drop shot!!

  105. Chieko said

    Oh my four games all now. Rafafan san please do not worry, he may still win yet. Baggie san is very lucky this set so far with luck of the net .

  106. Chieko said

    Oh wow all even now!! Rafafan san, you can smile now!! 😀

  107. Is this looking more and more like a set pattern now?

    That most players are managing to win the first set against Nadal as they are a lot fresher and sharper but as match wears down Nadal’s endurance and strength overtakes the shot making from across the net while the opponent begins to wilt with cramps or other ‘not done your homework’ logs.

    Translation: Go for a quick first set and a straight set win. And that’s just in a three set format. Imagine beating Nadal in five set setting.

    • Jenny said

      Beating Rafa in 5, especially in hot humid weather, is a tough proposition for most players. I agree with your ‘Translation’ TP.

  108. Chieko said

    Oh dear my father wants me to do things. oh dear I have to leave again. I shall come back to check results. I sort of think our Jenny is correct in predictioin. I think there will be a dream semi final for us. Good to watch whoever wins . See you.

  109. Hope Nadal didn’t notice that smile on Baghdatis after that drop shot.

  110. Or maybe he should have to liven up things.

  111. Have you noticed the ‘military’ turn around Baghdatis goes into after he has missed the first serve? He turns like on a dime to return to the baseline for his second serve. What’s the freaking hurry? Geeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!! And how long before his left cheek just falls off from the constant freaking scrubbing?

  112. RafaFan said

    Rafa is playing now with more determination!

  113. Jenny said

    Rafa has raised his level 3-2.

  114. Bettyjane said

    Baghdatis has served from behind in each set.

  115. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    I expect Rafa to win this and make Baghdatis look like the slovenly teddy bear he is

  116. These freaking turkey necks have hit a new bottom in cheapness: Have you noticed the blue tarp they are using to hide the legs of the camera? Outfreakingrageous.

  117. Nadal is not winning a point with this form against Federer, if he gets a win here that is. But if he does if will just substantiate the massively huge lead he has on Federer – mentally. Will there be any other choice to choose from then?

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      Nadal will win this. Of that I have no doubt. I still think he will have the mental edge over federer. This is where Paul Annacone’s value will be measured. And federer’s new found mental strength.

  118. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Great serves under pressure from Baghdatis. I still think he should have painted his lips, the color of the court before the match. It’s the only way he would have won in straight sets.

  119. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Nadal double faulted! He’s been watching too many tapes of Federer! Hopefully he will have watched enough to break back.

  120. RafaFan said

    Baggy serving for the match?????? 😦

  121. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Un-freakin-believable! Baghdatis is playing top of the line common-sense tennis to reach match point! And I’m having to eat humble pie. And we’re yet again denied a Federer-Nadal contest!

    • Bettyjane said

      It’s a true pity about the Fed/Nadal matchup. Great job Baghdatis. Some impressive victories of late. And I was beginning to write him off just weeks ago.

    • Jenny said

      Humble pie for me too. I knew Bags had the game, but didn’t think he could pull it off. Well done to him. First win against Rafa.

      • Chieko said

        Hi Jenny san, I am back and shocked. I hope I can watch the third set some day. I do hope M san or someone will post it for us ( me) one day. Oh I do hope I can watch the semis. I do think I am very surprised that Nadal san lost.

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      Did he soil his lips with the court germs? Does anyone know?

    • Chieko said

      Oh my goodness, I just come back here after helping my father and what shocking news!! 😯 I missed it!!

      I guess Mr. Bag must have done very well to beat our Nadal san. I guess it is a shock to a lot of people.

    • Chieko said


    • M said

      “And we’re yet again denied a Federer-Nadal contest!”


      I know, Sir V. My only consolation is that I’m traveling today, and so won’t miss a FEDAL match.
      And Roger will have a chance to avenge his other spring loss.

      Go Roger!!

      • Jenny said

        I am sorry, M. I know how much you look forward to a Fedal match as I was sorry not getting to see a Fednal match. Have good travels, M.

      • M said

        Thank you so much, Jenny! They just seem to get rarer and rarer … if anything good comes of it, I think it will be that people will appreciate even more the time we could depend on having those regularly …


        Anyhow, I feel bad for A-Rod — from what I heard he’s still really struggling with the aftermath of that glandular fever — but I hear Mardy played very well and came from behind to uphold his very good record this year, so if no one falls over from exhaustion there will be a very exciting final. 🙂

        (Even if it’s not FEDAL … )

        Now I’m torn. Should I be a good American fan? I’m thrilled Mardy has done so well this year but … especially as from what I saw of his match with Marcos he played so elegantly and executed his game plan, I hope Roger wins.

  122. Dominic Anderson said

    Serena Williams out of US Open =(

  123. bunnee said





    no surprise for me, i didn’t expect rafa to advance… beginning last week, slipping away so early into the hard court season..

    • Chieko said


      • M said

        Chieko san, I like to think Rafa is saving a lot of fire for the US Open. If he’d done even better in Toronto and here than he did, that would have been many more matches, some of them possibly quite long.

      • Chieko said

        Hi M san I think you are right for he has learned from experience not to harm his knees again. So there is hope for a Fedal final right M san!!!

  124. O said

    Nice win for Bagy, hope he can go far at UO with his precise service game. Nadal can still do well at UO with adjustments and his physical capability in 5 set matches.

  125. Temple said

    Congrats Marcos!

  126. BANTI said

    omg woke up after a long night out, first thing I read is Congrats Marcos:( Why can’t Fed play Rafa on a hard court! This is ridiculous. Twice now in two weeks, denied by the number 1 player in the world.

    • BANTI said

      This freaking head to head should never be mentioned again by any freaking human being, third time this year this crap happens. Prediction: Rafa loses in the quarters in the Open, Fed wins the title once again. Two slams each. I’ll take the two hard court slams in Tennis over the dirt Rafa has any day:)

  127. Jenny said

    Re: The Fish/Murray match.
    Petchey, our comm said today, following a mail, that the umpire should have warned Fish about his time taken on serve and Murray for his bad language, infact the comms apologised to viewers match live [re language] on air. The last time Murray’s foul language was noted on court was last year by Lahyani, he was not officially warned as I recall. It beats me how he manages to get away with it while others do not, it seems to me there’s one rule for one and one for another.

  128. Hope said

    OMG I leave Andy 4 like 15 minute up 5-2 & I come back he’s down a set & a break .. R U kidding me o_O

  129. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Brooklyn Decker will be covered with bruises tomorrow. Stefanki too

  130. Hope said


    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      He was serving for the match at 5-2, second set. He lost that set ina tie-breaker. Now hes down 0-5.

      Mrs Roddick had better stay in Hawaii, if she’s not in the roddick residence now.

  131. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Roddick’s assistant is hiding his face in embarrasment. The guy next to Stefanki.

  132. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Fish does it in style. Well done. He was mentally stronger today.

    • Jenny said

      Well done from me too, Fish played some fine tennis to turn it around.

      • Chieko said

        Hi Jenny san and Sir san, I missed this important match, so sorry for our Roddick san, but congratulations to Fish san whom I do not know too much at all. So TP sama’s Fishy final is going to be reality!!! I can smell Sushi ne!! 😕

  133. Hope said

    OMG OMG this is a nightmare

  134. How many of those pink shirts were manufactured for Federer? Five? If any less I need proof they are washed. If five what happens to the one he didn’t have to wear? If more, why more?

    • Chieko said

      😕 Nothing escapes our TP sama’s eyes!!

      It is starting let us have fun!! 😆

      I promise I shall not faint no matter what happens!!

      Deep breath now!!

    • RafaFan said

      I do not understand the question. Can you help me Chieko san?

      • Chieko said

        Because I think Rafafan san that Federer san does not perspire too much or something like that!! I am only guessing. SO TP sama who may consider this a waste to make so many shirts for he does not need to change like other players. Also ( this is a wild guess, may be Federer san did not play as many matches due to retirement of other players).

        But RafaFan san, nobody, I mean nobody even Jenny san can really know TP sama’s mind. He is very different from anyone I know.

        Please enjoy !!

      • RafaFan said

        Thank you Chieko san! You are very clever to read TP’s mind!

      • Chieko said

        RafaFan san , yes I know!! But that starts to worry me a bit now!! 😀 🙄 😆
        After spending so many years here I am getting to have a freaky mind !!!!!!!

  135. Dee said

    Why was Fed smiling while warm up?

  136. bluechyll said

    Lovely drop shot from Roger!

  137. Chieko said

    Way to go Federer san!! 2-1 😀

  138. Dee said

    For the first time I saw sweat on Fed’s face.

  139. bluechyll said

    LOL at Roger’s personal fan! I hadn’t noticed it before 😆

  140. And why are seats empty? This is a freaking semifinal with Federer, narrowly missing Fedal setting.

  141. For his size and credentials, Baghdatis’s serve is deceptively great.

  142. bluechyll said

    The linesman’s face after Roger challenged his call was hilarious. He must feel so relieved to have called it right!

  143. bluechyll said

    Two aces in a row!! Excellent 🙂

  144. Is that umpire half asleep or stoned?

  145. Chieko said

    Federer san please do not waste the second serve attack!!

  146. Somebody Else said

    Bootsy Collins in attendance!!! Maybe some of that funk will rub off on one of these players..

  147. Dee said

    Whow! What a smash!

  148. Chieko said

    wOW EXELLENT RETURN Federer san!!

  149. Fed sent that volley back to Baghdatis.

  150. bluechyll said

    Whoa, that was a wild backhand from Roger!

  151. Chieko said


  152. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    This could head to a Tie-break. Both are serving well.

  153. Dee said

    Amazing back hands

  154. Baghdatis serving at 48%. Federer 62.

  155. Chieko said

    Backhand to backhand to force errors Yikes!!

  156. This was the third passing shot from Baghdatis with the same trajectory. Is someone learning anything here? Geezzzzz!!!!!

  157. Somebody Else said

    I wish Fed would please stop hitting poor approach shots! He keeps getting passed.

  158. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Does Bahghdatis remind anyone of fried thick potato pancakes?

  159. Chieko said

    Set point Blue pill please!!

  160. Chieko said

    Stumlbe to set victory!! 😀

  161. RafaFan said

    Very unexpected, first set Federer.

  162. Federer’s service games are getting easier while Bag’s are moving away. Double break next set?

  163. Dee said

    Fed’s using his sneaky drop shot really well

  164. Dee said

    Bring back memories from AO.

  165. Ricke said

    I hate foot fault calls!!! Bogus. Want Fed to win, but still hate the calls.

  166. Baghdatis’s first serve has to improve to make this interesting. He is still at 47.

  167. Chieko said

    Federer san is trying to be at the net. But has to practise harder at home now.

  168. Chieko said


  169. Chieko said

    Oh oh another backhand forced error!!

  170. Chieko said

    He heard TP sama’s advice and Bag san is serving better!!

  171. Federer is playing with fire for not capitalizing on Bag’s second serves more severely.

  172. Chieko said

    Ih no Federer san control your forehand please.

  173. Chieko said

    Beautiful swinging forehand!! That is more like it Federer san!!

  174. Dee said

    For a moment I thought ed was going to give me what I asked for by making Double faults.

  175. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    that guy – James Brown’s former bandsman – is like the king with his dancing queens and his big shiny crown!

  176. 1st serve points won: 91 to 53%.

  177. How can you not freaking return a second serve?

  178. Chieko said

    Beautiful forehand Federer san.

  179. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    baghdatis just lifted his T-shirt and showed us his goodyear / dunlop / michelin. It’s not just an illusion that he’s plump. He really is. I can see him an Djokovic walking the ramp as Laurel and Hardy. Djokovic especially who would make a fine Laurel.

  180. Chieko said

    Yes !! GOod serve Federer san. I was worried about that double fault. I am a woman with little faith. Hands still sweating. Bluechyll san, another blue pill ready for me just in case.. thanks in advance. 😀

  181. Ace count: Federer 6, Baghdatis 3.

  182. Somebody Else said

    please STOP chipping and charging!!

    • Chieko said

      I think he wants to practise for everyone is telling him to do so. But I do agree, I am nervous when he is doing it.

  183. Chieko said

    What a waste of second serve Federer san.

  184. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Sublime! Truly sublime serve and volley game from the maestro!

  185. Looks like Baghdatis has lice problem under that knot on his head.

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      ha ha. I would have liked to see Baghdatis scratch his knot ever time Nadal picked his tick(s). It would have been the yin and yang of the tennis world

    • jett09 said

      😆 😆

      I can only watch the livescore so I’m reading all your post. Go Roger!!!

      • Chieko said

        Hi Jett09 san. See you tomorrow.

      • jett09 said

        Hi Chieko, yeah see you tomorrow (if I can get up at 2:00am). Hope I can watch the match live online and not just the livescore. I couldnt’ today coz the site froze…annoying!

        Thanks for your commentary (and to everyone too), it was a help. You’re a fast typist Chieko!

        One more to go Roger! Good luck!

  186. Chieko said

    Fingers and toes crossed!! Oops what an drop shot from Baggie san.

  187. Chieko said

    15-49 !! Please please please !!

  188. Chieko said

    Whoa !!!!!! Done a break!!!

  189. Chieko said

    One down !!

  190. Chieko said

    2 down

  191. bunnee said

    cincy’s in the bag, but not for marcos… sorry, nice try.

  192. Ricke said

    That was too easy!

  193. Chieko said


  194. Chieko said

    Mata ashita mina san!! See you all tomorrow. Chieko is happy happy happy!!

  195. M said

    Well, that was a divinely executed game plan from Roger.
    Chieko san, thank you so much for your commentary!

  196. RafaFan said

    Was really quick this match. Looked so easy. Fed looked totally relaxed. Are the ‘old’ days coming back?

    • M said

      RafaFan, do you know “Spinal Tap Mark II”? This is “Roger Mark II”.
      He hopes you enjoy his new direction!

      • RafaFan said

        “Spinal Tap Mark II” ??? Is this a movie? I do not know it so probably I’ll get a copy. And yes I enjoy Fed’s “new” direction. Fed is an artist for sure and he let’s forget all my problems. Sometimes because I’m horrified and sometimes I’m delighted. lol.

  197. Dee said

    Yeay! Yeay! Yeay! Sorry For Bagdhatis though. He wasn;t him self today.

  198. Sol said

    Thanks all for your comments. I haven’t seen a single Fed match in Cinci so it’s nice to read your comments. I take it he played well against Baggy. Maybe he can win this titlem afterall.

  199. Chieko said

    Hi everyone. please enjoy this match.

  200. Chieko said

    Served and volleyed. Bravo.

  201. Chieko said

    1-1. Got the first game in.

  202. Chieko said

    Wow this is a serve match.

  203. Chieko said

    Please Federer san do not waste second serve OK 🙄

  204. Chieko said

    I have to focus. Bluechyll san where are your Blue Pills? I need 10.

  205. Chieko said

    Back to deuce for Fish san, First challenge. Way out. Deuce again!!

  206. Chieko said

    First break for F san.

  207. Chieko said

    Deuce again. Mardy san is doing well serving.

  208. Chieko said

    Fed san lovely forehand. Deuce #4

    Wow downthe line Break change #2

  209. Chieko said

    Oh no Fed san way long. Deuce 5

  210. Chieko said

    OOOP Good net work

    Deuce again. Blue pill please.

  211. Chieko said

    Drop shot. Deuce again

  212. Chieko said

    Oh he missed the over head Poor Fish san. Deuce 10

  213. Rick said

    What is Fed doing?

  214. Chieko said

    Good serve 13 and a half minutess 1-2 Federer san. Please hole your serve.

    Oops 😳 have to go to washroom. Hurry hurry will be back. Not sleepy anymore.

  215. Chieko said

    Back. Oh good Federer san held serve. I wonder how he served . Never mind he got it.

  216. Chieko said

    Federer san he is going to get to your backhand a lot . Please be careful. Still on serve.

  217. Chieko said

    Ricke san where are our friends?? Are we the only two??? Hello Hello !!

  218. Chieko said

    Good serve and volley contest between them both.

  219. Chieko said

    Very good forehand. Very good ground strokes. Very good net game . Already to net 9 times.

  220. Chieko said

    Oh dear 3 double faults for Sushi
    Oh no Fed san missed the long rally .

  221. Chieko said

    30 all three all first set.

  222. Chieko said

    Sushi san serving very well . Wow Federer san watch out for tie break opportunity.

  223. Chieko said

    Sorry have to go to bed. Father is angry at me. 😳 May my hero do well.

  224. M said

    Anyone else watching Roger’s lovely service game and listening to the CBS commentators’ very bad rendition of the Hawaii Five-O theme?

  225. Sol said

    I’m here, just got home. I guess noone else is watching

  226. Sol said

    Well, this is quite a boring match

  227. Rick said

    How many freakin break points do you need to not end up down 5-6 in a tiebreak with Mardy Fish?

    • Rick said

      OK, I’m out of here.
      I can’t believe he let himself lose the first set.
      Gimme a break.

    • Sol said

      He loses this set despite having more winners and less UEs.

      But Fish is firing missiles at him.

    • M said

      Mardy’s played well this whole tournament. Wild Card, and in the final.
      Can’t take that away from him, I don’t think.

      • Rick said

        Hi M, I didn’t mean to take anything away from Mardy — but did you see, what was it, the third game?
        Federer just continues to blow multiple break point opportunities with seemingly nary a care in the world about it.
        It is true that Fish aced his way out of I think two of them later in the set.

      • M said

        Oh, yes, Rick, I didn’t mean that you were, or anyone was.
        There’s just been a lot of commentary through the tournament how much smarter Mardy’s been playing, and how hard he’s worked, on both his strategy and conditioning — and his wins earlier in the HC season and how well he’s done here, what that’s done for his concentration and confidence.

        I just find it absolutely maddening that Roger is just sooo far ahead on FH winners, but does he lead by a set? Nooooo …

  228. RafaFan said

    Question for the experts: Are Stacey Gardners lips for real?

  229. M said


    I *hate* when a shanked forehand error costs Roger the TB and the set.

  230. Kitty said


  231. Sol said

    Why couldn’t he have served like that when he was leading 5-4 in the TB?

  232. Somebody Else said

    daadgummit! Well, Fish is no slouch. Fed really should think about getting it together to win this. He’s only had 2.5 matches this tourney.

  233. Kitty said

    Common Roger!! you have no idea what all TP is going to come up with if you mess this up.

  234. Anonymous said

    Hi all, just tuned in during the TB. Can’t believe the set was lost just like that…from what I’ve seen so far, ok play from Fed so far. except not capitilizing on the break pts. but, what about those forehand winners, not scaring Fish enough?

  235. RafaFan said

    AFAIK Fed likes Sushi!

  236. avidtennisfan73 said

    Hi all, just tuned it during the TB and just finished reading your comments….seems like Fed is playing ok and FH is working. Just not capitilizing on the break pts.

  237. avidtennisfan73 said

    You know what? I’m getting the feeling that Fish really believes he can win this! He is not scared in the least bit!!

  238. RafaFan said

    It seems that this fIsH is from the Gulf of Mexico! It’s almost indigestible. 😉

  239. avidtennisfan73 said

    Hi Sol,
    While Fish is playing out of his mind, the talent margin between Fed and Fish is glaring. Fish is just playing the important points with a level-head, and being patient.

  240. avidtennisfan73 said

    I’m kind of getting nervous. Fish looking more consistent than Fed at the moment.

  241. Kitty said

    can somebody remind fish that he was supposed to roll over and not swim like this

  242. WOW. What’s freaking going on? Fish out of water?

  243. How’s Fish able to return all those serves from Fed?

  244. Is three in a row too much for Federer? He has reversed his loss early this season back to back against Berdych and Baghdatis. Fish beat him too.

  245. avidtennisfan73 said

    If Fed is to win this set, he will need to turn up the heat for Fish’s next service game. While he is playing well, I still think he has a couple more notches up

  246. Ricke said

    Wow just turned this on. What’s up? I’ve said it before. This is not the Fish I have seen “flop” many times!

  247. avidtennisfan73 said

    Seriously, why is Fed chipping back a 2nd serve return. On 5-4?

    • Ricke said

      It works pretty well on Roddick!

      • avidtennisfan73 said

        Hi Ricke,
        Fish doesn’t seem to be hindered by the “the over the top reverence” A-Rod has for Fed. Plus, Fish and Fed head-to-head is not as lopsided.

      • Ricke said

        Agreed, I get frustrated at Roddick when he looses so many points on second serves. As soon as a quality opponent gets the rally even, he’s done.

      • M said

        I give a-Rod a break (this season) since he still seems to be recovering from glandular fever, Ricke.

        (I do hope he pulls it together for the USO.)

      • Ricke said

        Me too! Would love to see him do well at the Open.

  248. Ricke said

    Nice Dropper!

  249. Anyone wonder why Roddick lost to Fish after being up a set and what a break? Could be about something called Fediarahea?

  250. Real reason for Fish’s resurgence: Marriage to a more accomplished partner. She is a lawyer.

  251. And how gay are those short socks on Fish? Geeeeeeezzzzz!!!!

  252. avidtennisfan73 said

    wow, Fish has a better TB record this year than Fed. Wow!! What a mini-break!

  253. avidtennisfan73 said

    Fed has raised his level this TB

  254. Ricke said

    Little C’mon from Fed!

  255. RafaFan said

    Two mini breaks should do the job, no?

  256. Sol said


  257. Ricke said

    Poor Chieko! Had to go to bed and doesn’t know Roger has evened it up!

  258. avidtennisfan73 said

    Wow, Fed groundstrokes have a little mustard to them. 2nd set won with an emphatic ace :)!!! Yeay!

  259. M said

    Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!! That’s a lovely place for an ace, Roger.
    6-7. 7-6. and they will go to a third set.

  260. Jill said

    My nerves are in tatters!

  261. Rick said

    That’s more like it, thank you.
    (Yeah, I’m back, kept my eye on the scoreline so couldn’t resist coming back for the tiebreaker)

  262. avidtennisfan73 said

    Hey Rick? Are you still around or did you go away? We are on a third set!

  263. Did Fish just gave his best and ran out of everything just at the wrong time? Third set a wash with Federer winnnin? If nothing else, we won’t have to witness that cringe-inducing hug victory dance from Fish.

  264. Drop in first serve percentage is a good indicator of Fish tiring.

  265. Ace count: Fish 15, Fed 9.

  266. Federer cannot absolutely lose this now – to Fish – in third set – after not playing two matches – with no major contender left…..

  267. Third set stats: First serve % – Fish 30, Fed 50. Ist serve pts won – Fish 100%, Fed 67.

  268. How can you not freaking return a second freaking serve?

  269. Fish has won his three games in the third set serving at just 36 percent. Federer is clearly letting opportunities slip.

  270. Watch Fish’s first serve percentage and notice what Fed could have done to win.

  271. That was an awesome dropper from Fed. WOW!!!!!

  272. Amazing stats for the match: Federer 1st serve % 75. Fish 42. Points won on 1st serve: 73-88. All Fish has to do it seems is get his first serve in to win now.

  273. bunnee said

    is there any gamesmanship going on when fish takes eons to serve?…

  274. If Federer can take it to a tie break, he probably will …………………..wait for it………

  275. Rick said

    Every time Fed tries to be aggressive, he commits an UE — this seems to be the problem he has been struggling with: if he just pushes it in against the likes of Murray, he gets punished; if he goes for it, he knocks it out of the park.

  276. RafaFan said


  277. Fed’s won it? Cannot lose now.

  278. Rick said

    Only took two and half hours.

  279. M said

    I do not care about these golf boys’ nine irons. I know the network has a contract, but bring back the third set, please.

    • avidtennisfan73 said

      I know M. they better show the trophy ceremony

      • M said

        It’s ridiculous, isn’t it, Avid? I’m still rolling my eyes over Dick E. not letting Polito say hello to his family and supporters in Argentina in Spanish last year until he had talked about the sponsors’ car.

        And …it looks like satellite coverage or YouTube for the trophy ceremony.
        *long exasperated sigh*
        Hopefully we’ll be able to find it later.

  280. Match point = unforced error?

    • M said

      It might have been the spin Roger put on the stroke Mardy had to return, TP.
      (That’s how I’d like to see it, anyway. If it’s a valid theory, that’s good too! 😛 )

  281. bunnee said


  282. Plané said


  283. M said


    \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

    And back-to-back Cincinnati championships!

    (I think the commentator said no one has done that since Andre.)

  284. RafaFan said

    Holy Fish! Fed made it and gets 0 points.

    • Sol said

      Doesn’t that suck? It’s a cruel world. At least he doesn’t lose any either and he breaks the lost-finals streak 🙂

      Congrats Roger! Next on the list, the USO.

    • M said

      LOL, RafaFan. I do hate that part.
      I think he does get half a million dollars, though. Euro deflation notwithstanding.
      And the stat of the Cincy back-to-back championships. And his fourth win here.

    • RafaFan said

      Oh yeah I am happy for Federer!

  285. Rick said

    48 UEs, 45 winners.
    I stand by my assessment above: the aggressiveness just isn’t as reliable as it used to be.

    The trophy is hilarious.

  286. Shouldn’t Mary Jo be holding the mike on her right hand to avoid the tatta brush? Or is that what’s been asked for?

  287. BANTI said

    Nice job Roger! All going as planned. Now to the Open!

  288. Post on REAL reason for Federer’s resurgence coming up. You got ideas? No, you don’t!!!!!!!

  289. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    If baghdatis had won the final, half the court would have been covered in drool due to excessive court kissing

  290. Kitty said

    yay yay yay! atlast Fed gets his hands on a title, should do him some good for the open!

  291. Chieko said

    Good morning!! 4 AM I am up early and check here. Oh my goodness, he won he won he won he won!!!!!!!!!!! Yippppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    😀 Ricke san thank you for thinking about me.

    One day, I shall marry a gentleman who likes tennis and will enjoy watching finals with me no matter how late it is and will not force me to sleep when I do not want to and not get mad at me for watching too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May my prayer come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Happy Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this news!! 😆 😀 🙄

  292. Jill said

    Truly ugly trophy. So pleased for Fed but did feel very sorry for Fish who played his heart out and seems like a really nice guy,

  293. Jenny said

    Congratulations, Roger 🙂 Great tourney and Final by Mardy Fish 🙂

    • M said

      Isn’t it great, Jenny?

      (P.S. Thank you for those vids of Ferru. They are hilarious, and I am still watching them instead of catching up on my correspondence and chores as vigorously as I’m supposed to be doing. 😛 )

  294. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    I’m waiting for the chosen one to leave comment number 666. This is 662.

    • RafaFan said

      Sir your comment is #137997 on this freaking site! TP gave birth to his baby ~ 4 years ago… His outstanding blog has about 20’000? visitors all over the freaking world and a couple of them post about 100 comments/d. Btw Jill just posted #138’000! I wonder how many posts Roger has on his site with about 300’000 registered users. Must be quite a server load, no? And he pays a lot for his silly fans! LOL.

    • bunnee said

      umm sir v that would be u…

  295. jett09 said

    WOOOOHOOOOO good on you Roger!!! Congrats!!! Didn’t see the match but I will read all your posts to get an idea.

    • M said

      He played well, Jett — and Mardy didn’t exactly roll over for him either.

      Not as elegantly executed a focused game plan as the Rogerizing of Baghdatis, imo, but a large percentage of forehand winners over Mardy’s, and nerves of steel through the last TB.

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