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Should umpires be as authoritative as the one @ Federer-Berdych match?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 16, 2010


11 Responses to “Should umpires be as authoritative as the one @ Federer-Berdych match?”

  1. Stella said

    what did the ump do ? I missed the match

    • banti said

      Stella it was pretty interesting actually. BigBerd argued that the lines person said the ball was out , so he did not attempt to get to the ball as he would have. The umpire argued regardless of the call by the lines person BigBerd was in no way ready or prepared to retrieve the ball/get it over the net , which the replay showed to be accurate. Umpire firmly told Berdman that it was his decision. I think it was a correct call but a super close one. Agree in that situation when the ump. felt 100% confident about his decision, he needed to act firmly. Impressive officiating.

      • Sol said

        I agree it was a very right decision but not a close one, Banti. I saw it on youtube and you can see Berdy not touching the ball because he thinks it’s going out and only then does the line judge call it out. I think the umpire not only felt Berdy couldn’t have made that shot but also that he influenced the line judge. The ump’s reaction was very appropriate.

      • Jenny said

        Good call by the umpire.

      • Stella said


  2. Sol said

    Stella and Banti (in case you want to see it again):

    I believe initially Berdy honestly thought it was out (it was a lucky return) so he didn’t play it and raised his hand to say it’s out, and only then does the line judge call it. But I think after the challenge, he shouldn’t react all surprised at the umpire’s decision to give Fed the point cause he knows perfectly well he wasn’t going to play it. Bad sportsmanship on his part. Which is why I like the fact that the umpire acted with such authority. Berdy is a great player, but his attitude on court isn’t always very pleasant.

    • D.S.G. said

      Thanks, Sol for the video.

      I love Lars Graf.

      Berdych looks unstable to me. I wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley…

    • Ricke said

      Yes Banti, I have seen him multiple times at Slam events.

    • Stella said

      thanks for the video.
      Looks to me like Berdy moved backwards and sideways to get out of the way so the ball would land out — he wasn’t betting himself in position to play it at all.

      BTW how do you find youtube videos of all these things?

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