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Federer vs Berdych: Most Incredible Challenge Ever! Toronto 2010. From Sol. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 17, 2010


Stella and Banti (in case you want to see it again):

I believe initially Berdy honestly thought it was out (it was a lucky return) so he didn’t play it and raised his hand to say it’s out, and only then does the line judge call it. But I think after the challenge, he shouldn’t react all surprised at the umpire’s decision to give Fed the point cause he knows perfectly well he wasn’t going to play it. Bad sportsmanship on his part. Which is why I like the fact that the umpire acted with such authority. Berdy is a great player, but his attitude on court isn’t always very pleasant.


2 Responses to “Federer vs Berdych: Most Incredible Challenge Ever! Toronto 2010. From Sol. Thanks.”

  1. overcaffeinated said

    Thanks Sol. I didn’t know this happened in the match. Agree in that it was great to see an umpire being quite authoritive and not buying the BS / intimidation of a “top 10” player. “Come on, Tomas”.. I love the way he delivered this. There is no doubt that Tomas was not making a play on that ball, rather hoping/expecting it was going out. Indeed the right call by the umpire. Thanks for providing this one.

  2. Dee said

    Thanks! Fed was doing really good calls on this tournament.

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