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Obscure facts on players: Nalbandian.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 17, 2010

Full name is David Pablo Nalbandian.

He is one of only four active players to have achieved the semi-finals or better at all four Grand Slams, along with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic.

Nalbandian became the third man to beat the world’s top three players in the same tournament. The other two men are Boris Becker and Novak Djokovic.

Father, Norberto, is deceased; mother, Alda, is a housewife; brothers, Javier and Dario, who is a tennis coach.

Named one of “50 Most Beautiful in the World” in People en Espanol in June 2005.

Comes from Cordoba, second-largest city in Argentina.

Born: Unquillo, Córdoba, Argentina.

Residence: Unquillo, Córdoba, Argentina (Is that the problem? Shouldn’t you move out of your birth place sometime to change things up?).

Reached one Slam final: Wimbledon 2002. Lost to Hewitt 1-6, 3-6, 2-6.


16 Responses to “Obscure facts on players: Nalbandian.”

  1. Jenny said

    With that amount of talent it’s a travesty for the world of tennis he hasn’t won a slam or two on any surface, including Wimby.

    • Jenny said

      His brother Javier coaches Eduardo Schwank. Javier is darker in hair colour and complexion, older, but you can see the brotherly likeness. LOL I read on another site sometime ago David had a whole string of exotic first names, don’t know how true it is, but Pablo wasn’t featured.

    • BANTI said

      A tragedy like no other!

  2. M said

    “Named one of “50 Most Beautiful in the World” ”

    He shares that honor with Rafa and Roger, in other alternate years. 😀

    Our tennis boys are really the loveliest. I don’t know what those fútbol fans during the World Cup in Time Magazine thought they were looking at.

  3. Sol said

    I like that pic of Nalby. Very Karate Kid.

    “Nalbandian” is of armenian descent. I wonder if he speaks the language.

    • Jenny said

      I believe he carries an Armenian passport too.

      • Jenny said

        I meant in addition to his Argentine one.

      • M said

        “I believe he carries an Armenian passport too.”

        I’m surprised neither of the Misses Kardashian has tried to snuggle up to him then.

        They are always going on and on ad nauseam about “blah blah blah, so proud of our Armenian heritage, blah blah” — and Kim certainly made herself (imo, much too) visible snuggling up to Roger at the net in his first Miami match for a photo op.


      • Jenny said

        “I’m surprised neither of the Misses Kardashian has tried to snuggle up to him then”.

        Maybe they tried 🙂 David has been with his partner for 11yrs, not that that puts some of them off as you know.

      • BANTI said

        She’s the one that didn’t know who Fed was when she met him , no?

      • Sol said

        Really? I didn’t know he had the Armenian passport, Jenny.

        Uhm, can anyone tell me who the Misses Kardashian are?

      • M said

        Yes, Banti.

        From the always eloquent ChipNPutt on this thread below (close the spaces to get the link) :

        http: // tennisplanet. wordpress. com /2010/03/28/ space-for-um17s-updates-from-miami

        “Was just listening to a podcast on tennis (dot) com and it turns out that Kim Kardashian, while friends with Sam Querrey and John Isner, has not heard of Roger Federer. And this woman is attending a tennis tournament? Words fail me.”


        Sol, they have a reality show and have built their media empires on it, and they’re step-somethings to the Jenner family (of Olympic fame).

        What they were famous for which *led* to them being asked to do a reality show, I’m sure someone more eloquent than I can fill in with detail for you.

        The eldest sister Kim pushed her way into some photos with Roger in her Miami first round, and has also been photographed shaking hands with the President wearing a (imo extremely tacky) silver manicure.

      • M said

        LOL, Jenny. I guess the best that can be said for them then is that they have some decent taste in iconic men. 😛

        I don’t know who they’re dating, though. I *try* not to keep up, but they seem to be everywhere in our American media I look pushing their way into some nice event or another.

      • Sol said

        Thanks, M. I googled them before your reply and I still didn’t get why they were famous. Now I understand why, it’s cause they haven’t done anything.

      • Jenny said

        We have a few over here like that, Sol!

  4. mircea said

    tens pounds less would have earned him a few Majors. Great player and smart as well.

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