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Reason Federer-Murray final @ Toronto was so close despite…….

Posted by tennisplanet on August 17, 2010

…………the fact that Murray was clearly on fire. In his two matches leading to it Murray had defeated an even hotter Nalbandian (who eliminated the rising Soderling) and Nadal – both in straight sets. Since both Soderling and Nadal had defeated Federer this year with relative ease it was logical to assume a wash against Federer specially when both Berdych and Djokovic lost to Federer with the narrowest of margins.

Those two narrow wins indicated that Federer hadn’t lost any further ground thereby halting the slide but the showing did not support the improvement theory vis-a-vis their previous numbers against each other.

There’s no question that Federer DID move his game up a few notches against Murray – compared to ALL his previous matches since the AO win. But that wasn’t not only not enough to negate the hot form Murray was in, it wasn’t even good enough to make the match as close as it finally turned out to be. So what injected itself into the equation to defy logic and reason?

Could it be this?

Murray’s inability and willingness to engage Federer’s forehand after pinning him on his backhand side thereby evoking the lunging and reaching squash shots. Federer was actually playing straight up for most of the match with only an occasional stretch here and there. To win a match against even the current Federer – on hard courts – with that scenario requires an immensely fine-tuned game which Murray owned that Sunday.

Had Murray used that open deuce court more often, the match could have reflected the game / form disparity between the two players more accurately and effectively. That cannot be good news for Federer as he continues to cross the ‘senior’ perimeter.


One Response to “Reason Federer-Murray final @ Toronto was so close despite…….”

  1. O said

    Murray is obsessed with beating Federer, and every time he hears the word “Rogers”, he drags body out of hibernation.

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