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Contenders: Cincy 2010.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 18, 2010

Player Aces Ist serve
Sets lost Tie breaks Bk pt conv % Time on court. Matches played
Nadal 5 63 1 1 56 4:12 2 OUT
Djokovic 5 65 0 1 91 3:17 2 OUT
Federer 14 57 0 0 38 2:15 2
Murray 11 56 2 2 46 4:42 2 OUT

3 Responses to “Contenders: Cincy 2010.”

  1. librio said

    Thanks for the table, TP.

  2. BANTI said

    Read this today. Fed before the start of the Aussie Open.

    Q: Nadal has not won a tournament since Rome last year, in May. Some think he’ll never be what he once were.
    RF: This is bullshit [‘conneries’ in French]. It reminds me what people said about me last year. I’ve seen Rafa play in Abu Dhabi and in Doha: he lacks absolutely nothing. Granted, he’s not won in a long time. But look at those who beat him: Del Potro, Murray, Davydenko, Djokovic, Soderling… They’re not bad! Think about it: had he played Wimbledon last year and not lost 2,000 points from his victory in 2008, where would he be right now? He came back from injury, so it’s normal that he lacked confidence. But to me, the really great Rafa is still to come.

    • librio said

      Thanks, Banti. I remember this interview with Federer (relaxed and fun interview with Federer – lots of insights, personal bits, etc.). If my memory serves me right, it was originally posted in French in mid-January 2010, on the L’Équipe site.

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