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Which US Open final pairing will excite you most?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 18, 2010


8 Responses to “Which US Open final pairing will excite you most?”

  1. librio said

    I sincerely hope del Potro sticks to his original plan of returning to competition only in September 2010: playing at the DC for Argentina with Nalbandian/Monaco/Zeballos and joining the Tour at the Thailand Open.

    IMO, del Potro’s return to competition will be so demanding for him that it might be totally unreasonable to do so in the context of the USO.

    True that del Potro would forego any chance of defending his 2009 USO title by returning to competition only in September 2010 as planned.

    IMO, the decision not to defend his 2009 USO title is one that del Potro took last year when he decided to keep on competing on the Tour for months after winning the USO 2009 title, and this, even though he was been struggling with chronic wrist tendinitis throughout the 2009 fall season and the early 2010 season.

    Nadal has already clearly demonstrated in the months that followed his winning the AO 2009 title exactly where that kind of decision led a top tennis player.

  2. M said

    FEDAL is the platinum standard.

    (I’m really hoping no one thought I’d be wishy-washy about that.)


    • librio said

      “(I’m really hoping no one thought I’d be wishy-washy about that.)”

      I would never dream of your being wishy-washy about something, M! 😉

    • librio said

      Besides the point here, M, but there’s a must-see thread on Forty Deuce today, called “C’mon Baby, Be My Bad Boyfriend.”

      Amongst other things:

      – a photo of Verdasco shaking hands with Murray and saying: “Yo, Andy. Say hi to your mutha for me, ok?”

      – a photo of Murray, on a practice court, “grabbing his ass” à la Nadal.

      In a nutshell: on the Cincinnati practice courts, we have Nadal praticing some service motion bit à la Murray and Murray practicing some service preparation bit à la Nadal.

    • librio said

      Just recalled that Federer himself expressed his wish for a “FEDAL” final at the USO in Toronto this past Saturday.

      “I’ve played Rafa so many times we don’t need necessarily to play more and more and more. I hope we can play at the (U.S.) Open – that’s what I kind of hope for because that’s never happened before.”

      (extract from Federer’s aftermatch interview following his SF win over Djokovic in Toronto – August 14, 2010)

  3. jennifur said

    none of the above …

  4. Jenny said


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