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Federer on Trick-Shot Video: Not Saying It’s Real. From Banti. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 19, 2010


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6 Responses to “Federer on Trick-Shot Video: Not Saying It’s Real. From Banti. Thanks.”

  1. Sarah said

    If it was real, he would have said so.

  2. Mordecai said

    He said “a magician doesn’t tell how his tricks work”…..this is enough of an admission that it’s fake. Magicians and their tricks are just that…tricks. His serve was just as real as a woman getting cut in half.

    It fooled me at first, but I guess his acting skills are getting better.

  3. M said

    Hee hee. Roger, Magician of Precision. 😛

  4. bunnee said

    ok, the truth WILL eventually be revealed… while initially i side with the naysayers, i believe that if nothing else, if it was ever discovered that the event was rigged, that would erode alot of credibility. i mean, accurate shotmaking is his bread n butter. so why would he risk inducing ridicule/disappointment? therefore, i vote the shot to be AUTHENTIC.

  5. Dee said

    Let’s just enjoy the shot.

  6. Tom said

    My take on this:

    The shots are not real. if you you listen to the sound you have the feeling that fed takes a full swing at it like a first serve in a real match. But you look at it: he’s not striking the ball that hard. it just doesn’t fit together, dont you think?

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