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Federer’s trick video is real or fake. From Temple. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 19, 2010


2 Responses to “Federer’s trick video is real or fake. From Temple. Thanks.”

  1. O said

    I say it’s real, but there’s an invisible protection in front of the man’s head and body. If Roger misses the target, it won’t hurt anyone.

    Remember “Hit for Haiti 2” at IW, Pete fired a ball at Agassi’s head, Agassi had to dodge the ball, otherwise his head won’t be happy.

  2. Sol said

    It’s pretty incredible the buzz this video is creating all over the world. It’s on the web, some newspapers are creating polls, they even talked about it on the news yesterday on french tv.

    I think it’s staged, although I think every tennis pro could make that shot, but not twice in a row without missing a few.

    Also, why is MAndy’s video in the streets of London (posted by Adrian) not getting this much attention? It’s more impressive. Or is it because it’s even less likely to be real than Fed’s?

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