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Is Federer under the gun – again?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 19, 2010

With that ‘the draw is too easy, you have to win it now’ argument rapidly losing steam considering the kind of players and the rounds Federer has lost this season, are we now down to this?

‘All you have to do is just play in the final while others grind through five matches to get there, right after finishing up a tournament days ago’.

Federer has clocked freaking 0:36 minutes compared to nearly five hours for Murray, over four for Nadal and over three for Djokovic. All except Djokovic have dropped a set already. Murray has lost two in two rounds, has two tie breaks, clocked the most ‘time on court’ and has the worst first serve percentage of the bunch. If he was the other guy in the final @ Toronto, isn’t it logical to assume that Federer is already a winner as the most difficult part of the back to back tournaments has been removed from his bag – physical strain in the heat – with this retirement and walkover?

If ANY of the top four manage to win over Federer under these conditions, it will remove another prop holding Federer up for the season if not the career. If it’s already been proven that you are unable to match them on a level playing field, losing to this skewed and lopsided advantage firmly on your side will only add to the misery. Losing to anybody else other than the top four will just open the floodgates.

Federer has done well to reach the final of the first hard court event after dismal showing all season. He needs to build on it by at least reaching the final if not winning the title here – specially with such a head start knowing that your next opponent has already withdrawn. Losing now will erase most gains the final at Toronto produced. This is as close to a ‘must win’ as you can get if Federer is to be believed on ‘still having the motivation’ routine.


11 Responses to “Is Federer under the gun – again?”

  1. Kitty said

    TP, what about sometimes high seeds losing first round, they have weeks of rest, no? Don’t you give him some leeway to lose because he did’nt have match practice?

  2. Somebody Else said

    He’s got three matches to go in Cincy, all against big players. His draw situation is what it is. Could have happened to anyone, in this case no.3 Novak. But Fed is third seed here. C’est la vie.

  3. bunnee said

    … & according to your thesis that the top players often will rise to the occasion, we should not give up hope for a win from rogi…

  4. Adrian said

    You have talked before about these situations as a double-edged sword, and I think it’s exactly what we have here. Fed has clocked 36 minutes in two days vs 5 million minutes of everybody else. Now he must face DAVYDENKO!! That’s like an iced water bath!! Didn’t he win against Federer the last time they played after like 12 attempts (or the second to last time)? The man is a machine and it’ll be a tough test for Fed! Admittedly, Kolya hasn’t been playing much lately but the guy runs like no other and his shots are amazing!! I don’t think Fed will lose but it won’t be a walk in the park either…

  5. Bento said

    “Dismal showing”. That’s great stuff!

  6. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    TP, look up the term ‘Self-fulfilling prophesy’. You seem to be one of its wildest proponents!

  7. D.S.G. said

    TP, you have dissed Federer many times before. If you were to be believed then Federer would have folded years ago. I don’t see why you keep this up.

  8. Sarah said

    Again, I don’t see Roger winning this tournament.

  9. Adrian said

    Who then? Murray is out. Djoko is out. Nadal and Roddick haven’t exactly imposed. Fish? Naaaaaaah..!!

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