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Fernando Verdasco poses for GQ. From Joy. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 20, 2010


Fernando Verdasco poses for GQ.


8 Responses to “Fernando Verdasco poses for GQ. From Joy. Thanks.”

  1. Sarah said

    If you got it, flaunt it!

  2. Sol said

    Lol, Verdasco is turning into Kournikova.
    He is nicely built though.

    • Jenny said

      LOL! I do think he’s a stylish, attractive guy and generally a charmer when he isn’t roaring insults and goading the French crowds in temper. Personally he doesn’t rock my boat looks-wise, nice smile. I do enjoy his tennis when he’s in the zone, he is a talented shotmaker which appeals to me. I certainly hope he doesn’t turn in a male Kournikova, that would be a shame for tennis, imo.

      • Sol said

        He’s a funny guy but imo he’s too obsessed with looks. Even when he plays, he’s so self-conscious, he’s worried about the way he looks and walks and talks…
        Ferru, a more simple and authentic guy, is so much more attractive imo, although he’s not as tall and nicely built as Verdasco.

      • Jenny said

        I agree about Verdasco and his apparent obsession with his looks etc., same with Feli Lopez, both struts really, it’s comical, but they do make me smile! Of course, I absolutely agree about Ferru, Sol, he’s also a deep thinker, intelligent, there’s a genuine ‘giving’ quality about him, and all why he’s on my fave few list, and I enjoy watching him play. I’m sure he’s no angel either. In the 60’s/70’s, I think he would have been regarded as one the ‘beautiful people’ in the ‘summer of love’. LOL Mind you, 5’9″ on the street is not that short and I think he has gorgeous shapely power legs and his stunning eyes are something else 😳

  3. Joy said

    LOL Male Kournikova.

    Myself, I like Rafa best, actually. He’s less the haute couture guy than Ferru or Nando, but that’s exactly what I like about him!

    Here, though, I think Verdasco wore the suits so well, it was worth a ‘hey look’. What a strutter, though, huh, LOL.

    • Jenny said

      I understand what you mean about Rafa, Joy. I agree, the other well known members of the Armada, eg Ferru, Verdasco, Lopez, Robredo, Juan Carlos, they model for Elle and are fashion conscious, eye candy, but they don’t stut on court like the boys from Madrid LOL.

      Thanks for the post, Joy. Yes, Fer does look good in his suit, very glossy magazine. I wish he was more consistent when he plays tennis!

  4. Anonymous said

    Did Verdasco get a nose job? it looks like one.

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