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Roddick on his rant with umpire @ Soderling match.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 21, 2010


11 Responses to “Roddick on his rant with umpire @ Soderling match.”

  1. bluechyll said

    It is strange how they don’t actually have a set time limit in which players have to challenge. You would’ve thought that after the countless problems they’ve encountered they’d try to fix it.

    • Jenny said

      I agree, Bluechyll. As you say, there is no set time limit or actual rule. I think the protocol is stop play and an ‘immediate’ challenge, but how long is a piece of string and it’s down to the individual umpire’s discretion! I think we all remember that nonsense at last year’s US Open and Fed getting so angry, imo he really did have a valid point. I’ve seen this happen at other matches.

      • Jenny said

        The umpires are tightening up. Some players will try it on as far as their own idea of immediate is concerned, eg looking towards their boxes, the umpire, wandering the lines etc., all contributes to delays, but they are being refused late challenges more these days which is only fair.

  2. jennifur said

    but arod goes 2 far … gets uncomfortable 2 watch ….

    • Jenny said

      It’s true. I understand his point in this case, but there are times when I think he does unnessarily go over the top with some of his arguments with the umpires.

  3. Lobbo said

    How anal is this guy? What does it matter how long?

    What really matters is the accuracy of the line call and not the number of seconds taken to issue a challenge.

    • Ricke said

      Disagree. Sometimes players walk up to the line, check it out, look up at their coach, get his opinion, then challenge the call. Andy knew Soderling didn’t hear the call initially, so he understood why that challenge was late. He was questioning what the time limit was. Yes, he needed to let it go after he was told “timely manner” and take it up at a later date. I think he was more mad at himself for loosing the set. There does need to be consistency on the challenge time.

  4. Kitty said

    Tennis has grown with use of hawkeye, it will do better with quantifying this time on challenge rule and quantifying bad light when to stop play using a simple light meter they can get in walmart

    • M said

      LOL, Kitty. If the ATP has a “Rules Committee” (like Congress), I think you and your common-sense suggestions should perhaps be on it.

  5. sperry said

    My two bits: Andy has SOOO much going for him. I find myself so fond of his wit and style. Then he goes wacko. I’ve seen REALLY childish behavior. It’s my problem as much as his, but I really can’t respect a guy who behaves like a second grader or worse.

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