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US Open chat and more.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 21, 2010


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  1. TheHumbleOne said

    Aw, TP, why do you have to go and spoil a nice tennis site like Tennis Planet, and put in a Golfing thread like this?

    Hey does anyone know when does that Grand Slam Tournament from New York start?

  2. kitty said

    Looking forward to the US Open, sad that Delpo is missing. I am also looking forward to IBM’s brilliant coverage like last year!

  3. Jenny said

    US Open – 2009 points to defend.

    1. Nadal 720 Semis
    2. Federer 1200 Final
    3. Djokovic 720 Semis
    4. Murray 180 R16
    5. Soderling 360 Qtrs
    6. Davydenko 180 R16
    7. Berdych 90 R32
    8. Verdasco 360 Qtrs
    9. Roddick 90 R32
    10. Del Potro 2000 Final [W] – Unable to defend.

    11. Tsonga 180 – Unable to defend
    33. Nalbandian – No points to defend

    • Vr said

      So Jenny,
      When Fed wins and adds 800, how far will he be away from no 1?

    • bunnee said

      depends on how nadal does…

    • claire said

      How can Federer possibly be #1 by year end??? I think we should hope he ends year at #2!!

      Standings as of today:

      Nadal – 10,745
      Federer – 7,215
      Djokovic – 6,665
      Murray – 5,125

      That means:
      Federer BEHIND Nadal 3,530
      Federer AHEAD of Djokovic – 550
      Federer AHEAD of Murray – 2,090

  4. Jenny said

    US Open Wildcards
    Ball [Aus]
    Rufin [Fra]

  5. Stella said

    really looking forward to the next 2 weeks. Certainly very little, apart from my own tennis games, gets done. Wonder if I’ll end up watching on TV ( the awful talkers — Carillo and crew) or on the web. Am looking at getting a laptop that has an outlet that I can plug into the TV and watch the streaming stuff on TV as the TV is bigger than the laptop screen — not sure if the quality will be good enough on the videos though. I’ll find out soon enough .

    • Kitty said

      Use HDMI port to connect from laptop to TV, picture quality will be terrific

    • Anonymous said

      the lap top has got to be HDMI and your tv must have an HDMI port at the back. Then do not forget to get picture as big as screen go on the blank picture you have when opening computer and right click to “Personalise” then click on “Display Settings” and on the Resolution line go down or up to see which setting fits your tv. Good luck. I can assure you that it will be a clear picture.

      then do not forget to go to sound, via control panel to put the sound on the TV from your computer.

      Best wishes.


  6. BANTI said

    Hi all so this is what I got from looking at the draw. Perfect draw for Roger! Melzer and a few others before Sod in the quarters. Roddick/Fish/Djokovic in semis.

    Murray: Has Berdman in the quarters, Rafa or Nalbi in the semi’s
    Rafa: Verdasco/nalby in the quarters, Murray in the semis

    On this surface, I can’t see the draw being any better for Roger! I’m going to check out Sunday’s Practice courts between 10-5, not sure how that works and if Roger or Rafa will show up but will be cool to see the venue of the Open for the first time. Trying to get tickets for sometime in the first week to see Roger but not sure what day’s he will play so have some research to do!

    • M said

      “Murray in the semis”

      Noooo! Not *again*!

    • M said

      *can’t help herself*

      You all know how much I love Roger. It looks like he’s looking at his sixth USO championship, if I may so project. This is a good thing.

      But I am not pleased that it looks like Rafa will have to go through both David N. and Murray – back to back!! – if we are to have a FEDAL final.

      We have been deprived all these years of the FEDAL rivalry of a Roger-Rafa USO final.
      (At my Home Slam!)

      Even Roger has said he would like to play Rafa here because that hasn’t happened yet.
      Not fair not fair not fair.

    • M said

      All right, rant over.
      From here on out, I will try to do a little better in the “having graceful faith” department.

      “One match at a time”, just like Rafa says.

      May the best man win.

      (Boy, this is hard. 😛 )

      • Jenny said

        LOL M, Let it all out 🙂 As Rafa says ‘One match at a time’!

      • M said

        LOL, Jenny. It warms my heart that you understand.

        You know I have the highest respect for David N. And he’s been doing so well this swing! That’s why I’m so worried! 😛

        Also, I *still* remember Rafa bent over with fatigue as AndyMur took it to him in the 2008 semis.
        I know we didn’t have the Olympics this year, so the fatigue should not be as much of an issue. But still …

        (And actually, depending on how it goes, a five-setter with David N. could *feel* like an Olympic match! LOL! After all, he had to play Feña in the gold medal match!)

    • wuiches said

      I hope you can get(and post) some pictures of both players, I know you don’t like Rafa so much but come on, a couple of pictures of him is not much to ask.

      And I agree, Roger is in the final already, I don’t really see Joker or Soda give him any problem, but Rafa??? My Lord Murray again in semis!!! bad karma, it seems that Roger again won’t be able to improve that H2H!!!!

    • Chicago Fan said

      I’m bummed for Rafa. I love Roger, but I would really like to see Rafa win the U.S. Open at least once. Murray in the semis, if Rafa even makes it that far. Yikes!

      Of the top four, Roger and Murray have the best chance. I don’t see Nole making a run for it.

      And if by some chance Le Sod takes it, I’ll probably be in bed for a week, lamenting the fact that the big basher crashed his way into the palace.

      It is really too sad that DelPo cannot defend his title this year.

  7. BANTI said

    M yeah Rafa would much prefer to play Verdasco over Nalby for sure. Prepare to cheer on Verdasco in that second or third round match up against Nalby. Rafa has a big problem with Simon playing well recently in the second round, so wouldn’t jump to the quarters just yet for him!

  8. Bettyjane said

    I’m doubly glad Roger had a good past few weeks reclaiming the number 2 ranking. (still flinch when I say that!) Had he been number 3 the draw wouldn’t be nearly as pleasing.

    • M said

      You said it, Bettyjane.

      When Roger and Rafa are on the same side of the draw, it feels … unbalanced to me.
      JHMO, of course.

  9. Kitty said

    Murray beats Soderling 6-4 6-7 6-3 7-5

  10. Jenny said

    US Open champs and runners up 2000 – 2009. Winner left column.

    2000 Marat Safin Pete Sampras
    2001 Lleyton Hewitt Pete Sampras
    2002 Pete Sampras Andre Agassi
    2003 Andy Roddick Juan Carlos Ferrero
    2004 Roger Federer Lleyton Hewitt
    2005 Roger Federer Andre Agassi
    2006 Roger Federer Andy Roddick
    2007 Roger Federer Novak Djokovic
    2008 Roger Federer Andy Murray
    2009 Juan Martín del Potro Roger Federer

  11. Dee said

  12. MHM said


    “Dear Fans

    Paul and I have had a good trial period. He will be working with me during the US Open and I look forward to having Paul as a member of my team going forward and he will be integrated more and more as his responsibilities with LTA wind down.”


  13. Jenny said

    The partial schedule for Monday’s ATP play is announced as per official site
    Hewitt/P-H Mathieu

    More to come after quallies

  14. M said

    Perhaps TBA will beat him. 😛

    Hewitt/P-H Mathieu

    These seem to be pretty potentially exciting 1R matches, if all are in form!
    (Does anyone think Falla’s stock has gone up since he challenged Roger during clay and grass season? I still remember how well Michael Russell seemed to do at the AO.)

    Thank you, Jenny!

    • Jenny said

      Welcome, M.

      Falla is now ranked #66 was #160 this time last year
      Dent is now ranked #70 was #195 this time last year.

      Could be a close match.

      Russell now ranked #80 was #112

      • chieko said

        Jenny san this is the year of the Great Leap Forward for a lot of them!! 😀

      • jett09 said

        Thanks Jenny! Good for them and I’m sure they feel ecstatic. The rise in their rankings will motivated them more to play their best 😉 Good for Tennis. I’m happy for Mardy too.

    • Rick said

      Welllll, he was trailing 4-1 at one point in the first set to TBA (who is Andreas Haider-Maurer; the mercy is the audio isn’t working for that match on, so can’t hear the American announcers slaughtering the pronunciation).

    • Rick said

      Medical timeout for Fena — now down 5-1 in the 2nd.

      • Rick said

        Lost it.on his
        And just lost serve in the first game of the 3rd — something’s clearly wrong.
        Yeah, retired — sorry, Jen, wherever you are.

      • Jenny said

        Hi Rick, Just got in hoping to see Fena, got the timing wrong and missed it, checked the results/score and saw what happened. Was it his knee? Oh dear.

      • Rick said

        I didn’t have any audio on my stream, Jenny, so I’m not sure.
        Definitely below the waist though, the camera took a shot of him limping along the baseline between points toward the end.

      • Jenny said

        Thanks, Rick. That’s so sad and very worrying, this is not looking good. Tendinitis this bad is a curse in an athlete. Some passion and fire has left the Open. Sorry Fena 😦

      • Jenny said

        Rick, I thought of you today – deja vu! ‘Matchew’ was mentioned in passing and it was from a Brit! Crikey, we’re only 30 odd miles away across the Channel or as the crow flies! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! As you know, I really hate bad pronounciations of players’ names, surely it can’t be that hard to get it right or at least acceptable? I can understand it with some of the Russian and Chinese names that are real tongue twisters.

      • M said

        They’re still butchering Mathieu’s name on ESPN.

      • Jenny said

        lol Stop it!!

      • Jenny said

        I’m watching Lleyton and the French gent right now – our guys are getting his name right or I would have been flying through the roof!

      • M said

        When Cliff Drysdale (?) mispronounces it, it sounds like he’s sneezing.

      • Jenny said

        😆 It’s almost like a mental block with some of them!

      • Jenny said

        lol Peter Fleming nearly slipped up but saved himself, remember the ‘err’ Peter and not the ‘ooo’!

      • Jenny said

        First set to Paul-Henri. C’mon Lleyton!

      • Rick said

        In case anyone cares, TBA is (sort of, forgive me, German speakers, this is as close as it gets in English):

        HIGH-der MAO-rare

        Sort of. Just don’t overdo the second syllables and it’s close enough an approximation.
        Who is he, anyway? I’ve never heard of him, so he’s kind of still TBA in my book.
        But he really took it to Soderling today, who maybe wasn’t playing his best, but also wasn’t playing that badly.

  15. Jenny said

    For fans watching in the UK, SKY and Eurosport are broadcasting the US Open, transmission commences 16.00 GMT. I would imagine Eurosport International will be broadcasting to main Europe.

  16. BANTI said

    Ground pass for opening day, may see Roger’s night match as well, waiting on a friend’s answer for that one. Wanta catch the quarter finals with a descent seat , so may wait for that. Will take many pics and post them!

  17. Rick said

    YES! Haider-Maurer takes the 4th set 7-5.
    Soderling has to get through a 5th if he wants to advance past the first round.
    Maybe M will get her wish…?

    • Rick said

      Nah, takes the 5th set 6-4 after breaking H.-M., so he’s still in the draw. 🙂

    • M said

      LOL. I think he pulled it together, Rick.
      Not following that match – still Emmy-groggy.
      Peeking at Dent-Falla (Dent has a 2-0 set lead after Falla DFs on serve).
      Waiting for Venus & Roger. Jealous of Banti. 😛

    • M said

      Taylor moves on. Perhaps he will get his revenge against the Soderling for what the latter administered at RG.

      Taylor served once in this last match @ 143 mph, according to the commentators.

      Go Taylor!

  18. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    I’m watching Dentist Vs Falafel. It seems to be a boring day’s play. Does anyone know if Federer is playing anytime soon?

  19. Dominic Anderson said

    Watching Venus on livestream, not too good but is still something, and I can even see some complete rallies, how I wish my intertnet was faster, or better, if I had a t.v…… I’m watching tennis instead of studying for my anatomy partial tomorrow, I know I shouldn’t but I just love watching tennis.

    • M said

      Dominic, Venus came out strong, little trouble mid-first set, finished strong — but she also came down a little hard on the injured knee once.

      She had a quick recovery though, so we are optimistic.

      And the crowd likes her dress.

      • Dominic Anderson said

        I hope she wins, she has the skills, just need to stay focus, her main problem when she lose is because she usually gets nervious for some reason.

        Let’s hope she keeps up.

      • M said

        Let’s hope!

        It only hit me during her interview that with Serena not here, they won’t be able to defend their doubles championship. 😦

        “I’m watching tennis instead of studying for my anatomy partial tomorrow, I know I shouldn’t but I just love watching tennis.”

        How about if you put in some studying hours first, then *reward* yourself by watching tennis …?

  20. Jenny said

    Lleyton has levelled, two sets apiece. This guy has the heart and guts of a champion and why he’s won slams and titles without the height, big serve or massive weapons, he finds another way to win, and now 2 hip ops later, he’s still there! Keep going Lleyton, the adrenaline will help 🙂

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      He’s broken again jenny. And The Federer match has just begun. It’s a lop-sided comparison between the two opponents. I expect Federer to take Dabul by the horns and coast to an easy victory.

      • Jenny said

        Thanks for the Fed alert, Sir V. I’ll go to Fromsport, I guess Sky will switch courts after this match. Mathieu in the ascendancy now in the 5th set.

      • Jenny said

        Sorry Lleyton, first time beaten in the first round at the Open, and P-H’s first win against Lleyton, so well done to him, he played great tennis. Fed’s on Sky now, Sir V.

  21. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Federer’s mother is there too. IS she keeping an eye on Mirka who is sitting beside Paul?

    Meanwhile, I think Dabul may be a hasty rearrangement of Abdul.

  22. jett09 said

    Arghhh just as when I’m sitting comfortably ready to watch Roger’s match, I got a call to work!!! geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I had to tell them my uniform was in the wash and would take over an hour to wash and dry 😕 hopefully the match is over by then.

    Good luck Roger!

  23. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Mirka and Paul really look good together. TP should bump that sock-me-in-the-eye write-up on the two that he put up sometime ago. The truth was officially nailed in his concluding line about the pot and matching lid.

    Meanwhile, Federer’s backhand is looking solid.

    • Jenny said

      I’m sending you a wooden spoon, Sir V!

      • chieko said

        Hi Jenny san, nice to come here and see your comment. What is the spoon for??

      • Rick said

        “pot and matching lid”, Chieko-san

      • chieko said

        Sorry Rick san. Please educate me again, I do not understand. 😳

      • Rick said

        No problem, Chieko-san, it gets a little idiomatic around here at times. 🙂
        The reference is to the post TP made some time ago about Mirka and Annacone looking good together in the stands.
        I don’t remember exactly what he said, but apparently there was some (cooking) pot and matching (pot) lid metaphor.
        So Jenny is simply extending the metaphor to include a wooden (cooking, stirring) spoon in it.

      • BANTI said


    • M said

      LOL Sir V. You are such an instigator.

      Perhaps some of the rest of us have an eye on PA. (After all, Mirka took Roger from the rest of us. 😈 )

      He *is* an awfully nice looking mature man. Knows how to wear his colors, too.

  24. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Has any tennis player won a grand slam wearing black?

  25. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Dabul is a Marcos Baghdatis clone with some alterations made in the smile DNA so as not to make it glaringly obvious

  26. Rick said

    OK, how did Federer NOT break Dabul in the last game?
    Argh, I hate it when that happens…

    • M said

      Looks like focus is going to be an ongoing challenge, Rick …
      Today’s cliché: Rome not built in a day. We must have faith!

      • Rick said

        Thanks for calming me down, M — he drives me NUTS when he does this — and he does it A LOT.
        I remember thinking the same thing throughout the 2009 AO.
        Bad omen.
        OK, I’ll shut up now.
        And, I have to concede: HE. GOT. A. COACH.
        So I can’t complain too much.

    • Rick said

      OK, trick shots are nice and all, but can you freakin get the break when you’re up 0-40 on the guy’s serve? Geeeeeeeezzzzz
      It’s fine to d*ck around in the first round, but YOU WILL PAY for this next week.

    • Rick said

      OK, I’m not insane, Gimelstob and the other commentator (whom I should recognize but don’t) are saying the exact same things now.

  27. Ricke said

    The Fed “Tweener” shot was absolutely sick!!!!!

  28. Ricke said

    2 down one to go! C’mon Roger!

  29. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    This match is getting so predictable that I watched a bit of “Rebecca” from 1940 and Matt Munro sing ‘Laura’. Highly reccomended. And now, Dabul is down two sets.

    Meanwhile, an anagram for Brian Dabul is Diana Blurb

  30. BANTI said

    Hey everyone. I wasn’t able to go to the Open today as expected 😦 but will update you on when I do in the next few days. Good to see Roger pulled off an easy first round win. Some funny stuff from everyone on the thread:)

  31. Sol said

    Didn’t catch any matches on Day 1 but saw some highlights of Fed, he looked in shape. His volleys are a little off, but other than that, he was playing some great tennis (plus that tweener! Christ!).
    Can’t believe Hewitt lost in the first round, especially to a player known as a choker.
    And Gonzo… what can I say? I have a bad feeling about him, like he might retire sometime in the near future 😦 Sorry Jenny.

    • Jenny said

      Thanks, Sol. I felt it for sometime, and have been dreading the thought of it, imo the game needs players like Gonzo, his exciting game and his showmanship. This knee situation has gone on far too long for my liking, he needs specialist medical advice and treatment now. Rick said he was limping which is so sad, a trainer can do little. I’m feeling for him right now and I will always support him.

      I agree about Hewitt. P-H is a talented shotmaker, he can go on a brilliant tear and fade before he reaches the finish line, so when Hewitt levelled up, my money was on Hewitt given Mathieu’s history. I think 5 sets was too much for Lleyton and he ran out of steam.

      • M said

        “This knee situation has gone on far too long for my liking”

        I’m wondering if he can get those treatments that Rafa gets? I know age is a factor as well, but still …


      • Jenny said

        I wondered the same, M. I hope too.

  32. kitty said

    M, just got a peek at that between the legs peekaboo shot from Fed last night. I agree with JMac at the first look I got the feeling that this was even better than the one last year. He was almost close to the wall while hitting this and was more difficult to execute it

  33. Jenny said

    That wily old fox Clement has taken the first set off Baggy.
    Chardy looking to take the first set off Gulbis.

  34. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Wow! Fish bagels Hajcek in set 1!

  35. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    There’s a 7 foot tall basketball player who’s ball boy for the Fish match. Incredible to watch as he lumbers from side to side.

  36. Rick said

    Who woulda thought?
    Baghdatis – Clement is a nail biter….

  37. Rick said

    Wow, these first round matches are really interesting this year.
    Soderling was pushed to a close five sets with a qualifier.
    Hewitt got taken out in five by Mathieu.
    Baghdatis falls to Clement in five.
    Mardy Fish now down two sets to one against Hajek.

  38. Rick said

    Djokovic still struggling with that first serve — currently at 45%….

    • Sol said

      Yeah, it’s not looking good for him. He might start to struggle more with the heat too

    • Rick said

      Not looking good, Djokovic now down a break in the 3rd.

    • Rick said

      Troicki takes the 3rd set 6-2, Djokovic must be having his overheating problems like Sol said.
      Much as he has driven me crazy with his antics over the years, hate to see him struggle like this.

    • Growltiger said

      I posted on the wrong site, so will repeat.

      Watching Djokovic is PAINFUL. He’s too thin and his game is so far south, it’s in Antarctica. He needs to eat AND get a new coach, neither of which apparently he is willing to do.

      Two sets to one down. I don’t see how he can come back. He needs a new coach desperately, and I suspect that is part of the problem — he’s loyal to Vaijda yet needs something new in his game. He plays great in Davis Cup — too bad he can’t get Pillic to coach him.

      Big mistake getting rid of Martin. He did great when Todd was his coach. I think he blamed Todd for his serve going bad, but now everything else is shot, too.

    • Growltiger said

      Who’s Troicki’s coach. Maybe he can help Djoko with HIS serve; obviously Vaijda hasn’t.

  39. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    This Hajek-Fish match makes no sense at all when you see the scoreline: 6-0, 3-6, 4-6, 6-0 . Hajeck won sets 2 and 3 nd Fish won sets 1 and 4. They’re now in a 5th

    • Rick said

      Yeah, Fish is hammering Hajek again in the 5th — Hajek just called the trainer, he’s been playing lethargically since the 3rd.

      • M said

        Hope Hajek is okay.

        Come on, Mardy!
        (Does anyone think he’s just played a lot of tennis, and so five-setters at this point in the season are just too much for him to go deep? After all, he did just play a final with Roger …)

      • Rick said

        Hajek on fumes, even with break points.

      • Rick said

        Hajek finally holds at the last minute.
        But he did take Mardy Fish to five sets in the first round with not a lot of pace, gotta hand it to him for that.

    • Growltiger said

      Fish in trouble? Who’d have thunk it?

  40. Rick said

    Just occurred to me — Djokovic is trying really hard to lose a boatload of points today.

    • Jenny said

      He’s hanging on by his fingernails that’s for sure.

    • Growltiger said

      Djokovic has lost his game for sure. But he’s also the unluckiest player on the tour.

      Top five in the draw

      1- Nadal gets no 93 first round
      2 – Federer gets No 96 first round
      4 – Murray gets no 71 first round
      5 – Soderling gets somebody outside the top 100

      Djokovic? He gets No 47.

      • Sol said

        Unluckiest player on tour? Come on. He’s had some nice draws in his career. This time his draw is the most difficult one, but it’s not always the case.

      • Growltiger said

        Yep, Sol, I’d say pretty unlucky – Roddick (9) drew someone outside the top 100, Fish (19) drew Jan Hajek at 82.

        Anybody know how the “draw” was “drawn” this year?

        Assigned? Literally a “draw”. I attended a draw party once at Cincy, and the seeds were set, then there was a real “draw” — If Novak “drew” Troicki, he qualifies as the unluckiest player on tour; if he was assigned Troicki, I’d protest if I were he.

  41. Rick said

    WTH is Eurosport doing, they just lost the Djokovic – Troicki stream….

    • Jenny said

      Our TV Eurosport are showing a ladies match. Sky TV are showing Djoko.

      • Growltiger said


        They’re starting the fifth set. Djoko won first, Troicki 2 and 3, Djokovic 4.

        Misery loves company they say; I get very frustrated when ESPN leaves a good men’s match to televise a boring women’s match.

      • Jenny said

        Thanx Growltiger, I am watching on Sky TV. I just flip channels when I need to.

      • Sol said

        You know what’s even better? Eurosport (Eurosport France, which is the one we get here in Switzerland) is showing the Aravane Rezai match. Not only it isn’t live, it’s also the SECOND time they’re showing it. It was boring the first time around, but we get to watch it twice while there are some good matches being played.

      • Jenny said

        Ah! British Eurosport are showing Blake/Vliegen.

      • M said

        “Ah! British Eurosport are showing Blake/Vliegen.”

        I hope James gets through this without it having to be a Nole five-setter.
        I had hopes for him after he did well in early rounds at Pilot Pen, but we know he didn’t make the finals.


      • Growltiger said

        As I said, misery loves company. We have The Tennis Channel here (USA) and ESPN also covers tennis. But what’s frustrating is BOTH will often cover some boring women’s match while Rafa or Fed or Djokovic or one of the other top players is playing. I want to put my shoe through the TV.

        Sol, Berdych is even unluckier than Djokovic. He drew no 35 first time around. If this isn’t a real “draw”, then whoever put the matches together ought to be stretched out in the hot sun for six hours!

        Here’s the listing (again for some)

        Rafa drew no 93
        Fed No 96
        Djoko No 47
        Murray No 71
        Soderling (out of the top 100)
        Berdych (a hot Llodra) 35
        Verdasco No 86
        Roddick – out of the top 100
        Ferrer – out of the top 100

        For fans, we don’t want to see the top seeds go out first round unless it is to a new up and comer nobody expected to win

    • Growltiger said

      I would add that Troicki and Llodra must be wanting to strangle the Tennis Gods, too. Both deserve better than getting one of the top 5 in the first round.

      • Rick said

        Pat McEnroe is with you on this one, GT, saying how unlucky it was for Djokovic to draw Troicki in the first round.

  42. Rick said

    It’s getting to be exhausting just watching the Djokovic-Troicki match.
    Guess I’d better get back to work… 🙂

    • M said

      “Guess I’d better get back to work… ”
      LOL, Rick. 🙂

      I’m not even watching the match, just the LiveScore, and checking on comments here, and it’s tiring.
      Nole sounds exhausted. Even if he makes it through this victorious, how much is he going to have left for the rest of the tournament?

      • Jenny said

        I’m ‘watching’ Ferru on livescore too.

      • Growltiger said

        M — I suspect Djokovic won’t have much left even if he wins but I think the least of Djokovic’s problems is going five sets in the first round. He has lost his (tennis) way. He’s far too skinny, his muscle mass is that of an accountant not a top athlete, his serve has gone so far South it’s in Antarctica, his asthma has been acting up since spring and the treatment is banned by the Tennis Federation. I can’t see him going very far into the draw.

      • Rick said

        This match is gift of Serbian solidarity.
        Too bad for Troicki, he definitely deserved it, but he had huge chances in the 4th and didn’t close it out, so….

      • Jenny said

        To be honest, I haven’t seen any breathing difficulties in this match, despite the heat. He’s wearing Troicki down who missed his chances.

      • M said

        Looks like Ferru is doing well against Dolgopolov (sp?), Jenny.
        And very consistent!

        One set to go!

      • Jenny said

        D-Nal looking good too, I’ve got him on stream.

  43. Jenny said

    There you go, GT. He fought his demons and won. I’m happy for him.

  44. Ricke said

    Nole will have a rough go of it if it stays this hot. He sounds exhausted during the interview. LOL! Nole says he enjoyed the shade that came later in the match as much as sleeping with his girlfriend.

  45. Sol said

    Well done, Djoko. Can’t help but feel sorry for Troicki, he had so many opportunities, he must be so frustrated.

  46. Growltiger said


  47. Jenny said

    Ferru through in straights 2,2,3. 🙂

  48. Jenny said

    D-Nal’s angles and that double backhand swipe are amazing.

  49. Jenny said

    BANG went D-Nal’s racquet when he double faulted his service game away in the 2nd set. His serve has always been the weaker aspect of his game.

    • M said

      I see they have a set apiece going into the 3rd, Jenny.
      Does the reason D-Nal (love that nickname) called the trainer look cleared up?

      • Jenny said

        His movement looks fine, M. LOL I can’t take credit for that nick, I like it too, especially with two Daveeds on Tour.

    • M said

      Going to a fourth set. Looks like lots of good players going hard in early rounds.

      (In other news, Shrieka wins in three.)

  50. Jenny said

    David’s giving his racquets hell tonight. He’s not smashing them to oblivion like Fena and Ferru and they are still useable!

    Two sets to one, on serve in the 4th.

  51. BANTI said

    Pain index factor:

    Fed on a bad day: 8
    Nalby in a first round match at a slam: 10

  52. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    It’s Rafa Vs some guy whose last name is ‘Gabashvile’. Gabashville has one of the worst service actions I’ve ever seen. Worse then Robbi Ginepri. I can see the headlines ina few hours – Nadal Bashes up Gabashville! Gabashville gets Bashed and Mashed by world No. 1

    • Rick said

      Troicki’s seemed a little strange as well, he had kind of a similar toss to Gabashvilli — but a different follow through.

  53. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    How can the umpire keep a straight face while announcing – “Game, Gabashville”?

    There are 500 plus anagrams for Gabashville – Shavable Gil is one of them.

    • Jenny said

      LOL Feel free, Sir V!

    • M said

      LOL, Sir V – how do you do that so fast? Remind me never to play you in Scrabble. 😛

      Didn’t Rafa have Gabashvilli (or however you spell it; I always get it wrong) as one of his 1R opponents during the “Clay Sweep”?

  54. Somebody Else said

    Rafa looking quite robotronic(?) in his attire this evening! 🙂

  55. BANTI said

    Nalby in the 5th set, and im on my 5th Vicoprofen. Everytime he swings at a 135 mph fast ball instead of doing the smart thing and getting it into play , I take a bite into my towel.

  56. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    I like Robotronic. You should copyright that immediately.

    Gabashvilli is hilarious! But he’s also playing some interesting tennis.

    • M said

      I’ve heard “robotronic” before, though admittedly not in this context. LOL.

      Perhaps a trademark instead of a copyright, for limited and specified usage? 😛

  57. Rick said

    Sir V last night:
    “Has any tennis player won a grand slam wearing black?”

    LOL apparently Rafa thinks so!
    Seriously, has anyone ever seen him in black before?
    (Hm, Federer won the US Open in black, Sharapova won the US Open in black….)

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      It’s a Nike strategy, apparently. Both the brand ambassadors are sporting black.

      And Holy Gabashvilli!! This guy can play! We’re seeing a first set tie-breaker if Rafa holds.

    • Somebody Else said

      Nadal was mostly black when he won the AO’09 vs. Federer.
      Federer was all black when he won the USO’07 vs. Djokovic.
      Djokovic was mostly black when he won the AO’08 vs. Tsonga.
      I may be missing a few other winners from over the years, I’m not sure.

    • Sophy said

      How can you forget the all-black catsuit of the U.S. Open 2002? I think that might be the most memorable black ensemble EVER.

    • Sophy said

      I should have added–catsuit worn by Serena Williams. (USO ’02)

  58. Rick said

    I’m switching back and forth between matches — so someone tell me: how did Nalbandian NOT win that point at 40-15???

  59. Jenny said

    Thank you tennis gods! 🙂 David’s through. We can rest easy for a while, Banti! He needed all his tennis brain and skill to get through that one! I’m exhausted.

  60. Jenny said

    I like Rafa’s outfit, very ‘the man in black’. Mind you, one couldn’t miss those shoes on a dark night, a bit like the invisible man!

    • M said

      Agreed on both, Jenny. I love that Rafa and Roger are giving us “Alternate Takes on USO Evening Black” this year.

      I think Rafa is being nice to his fans in the 300 seats. Maybe you can’t see the ball, but you can’t miss those shoes. 😛

  61. Somebody Else said

    Carla Suarez Navarro lost today. I so hoped she would go far in this tournament. 😦

  62. Jenny said

    Sam Smith [she’s our lady comm, I like her a lot] post match commenting on Nalby’s laundry! She reckoned he had about 20 shirts in his bag. LOL He probably used about 10 of them.

  63. Rick said

    LOL these guys are serious about this match.
    Wonder how long Gabashvili can keep it up….?

    • M said

      I’m admiring his efforts.

      But if Rafa keeps his UE count low, I’m not sure the Gabash can outlast tonight’s Man in Black.

  64. M said

    Anyone else taking note of Rafa’s 130 mph serve?

    It’s inching up there … 🙂

    • Somebody Else said

      Yes, and flatly hit! Can he do that consistently at this tournament?

      • M said

        We’ll see! I certainly like his chances.

        It really feels like, since the beginning of clay season, that serve has been getting faster and faster, angle to the outer corners sharper and sharper …

    • Somebody Else said

      Coincidentally, that was the serve that set up championship point for Rafa at Wimbledon against Fed. If he can keep serving that way, who knows.

      • M said

        GMEP. I still can’t watch that match and expect to get anything else done.

        It was on early New Year’s Eve last year when I was dressing for a party; I was trying to do my nails during the fifth set.
        I do not recommend it.

        (Not that I would think you would do that, SE. 😛 )

  65. Rick said

    Jenny, I just checked my iPod — it’s 3 a.m. in England, are you staying up after the Nalbandian match???

  66. BANTI said

    I’ll have a stroke if I go during the day in this heat.

    • Jenny said

      😆 😈 Wear something on your head, Banti.

      • Rick said

        Do they allow umbrellas, or does that block the view from behind?

      • Jenny said

        We went to an outdoor Pavarotti concert in the the 90’s in Hyde Park, torrential rain and standing with 100,000 people, we were wrapped in a plastic sheet. Even the ‘great and good’ who were sitting in front of the stage were asked not to open their umbrellas, Prince Charles was wearing a plastic bin bag with a hole cut out for his head!

      • Rick said

        LOL Jenny, post the picture, please 🙂

      • Jenny said

        I can’t, but I will try to archive a link and post. The bin liner sellers did a roaring trade that evening and the authorities gave us free public transport. It was an unforgettable experience of the best possible kind. To see Luciano Pavarotti live was wonderful, it didn’t matter that we were drenched.

      • BANTI said

        Nice story, Pavarotti in Hyde Park, very cool. I can handle the rain for hours, the heat gets to me in minutes though.

    • Rick said

      I hear ya — just checked on line and it’s 89 degrees Fahrenheit at 10:30 p.m.?!?
      Sorry, no clue about the playing schedule, I’m on the opposite coast (where the weather is perfectly comfortable, thank you)….

  67. BANTI said

    This guy is harnessing every weapon at his disposal. Solid mental game it seems. Like how’s attacking Rafa constantly. Murray and Roger should pay attention! Sick clutch serving by Rafa, its winning the match for him a the moment.

  68. Ricke said

    Wow another tie-break.

    • M said

      I’m a little disappointed Rafa didn’t break when he had double set point.
      They’ve already put in a good two hours on court.

      I’m not sure Uncle Toni is happy either.

    • Rick said

      Poor guy, he just doesn’t have the experience, gets too excited and trigger happy in tiebreaks. Too bad.

  69. Jenny said

    Got to admire Gabashvili. He’s hanging tough – good for him.

  70. Somebody Else said

    I think if Gabashvili knew how to hit a few decent dropshots he might have won that 2nd-set tiebreak.

  71. Rick said

    Was Federer simply brilliant last night, or was Dabul just intimidated?
    Because Dabul’s ranking is about the same as Gabashvili’s– and it seems all the top dogs except Federer have been working their butts off just to get through the 1st round.
    It’ll be interesting to see what Murray draws.

  72. Somebody Else said

    Gabashvili has been pulling the trigger too hastily, too often tonight. He tries to race Rafa to the other side of the court and ends up netting the shot.

  73. M said

    Finally, Rafa breaks!

  74. Rick said

    TOO GOOD!!!!!
    Federer must be laughing his ass off…

  75. Dee said

    Don’t they have extreme heat policy at US Open? Djokovic’s match was so grueling.

    • Jenny said

      I think they may have to consider if it isn’t already in place, it was a scorcher. I felt for all of them, particularly the 32yr old Arnaud Clement who I thought was amazing.

    • jett09 said

      Dee I felt for Nole and I’m pleased he got through 😉 Dee have you seen any of the match?

      • Dee said

        I watch replays. Saw Venus to day. just got back from work.

      • M said

        Dee, did you like Venus’ outfit? I really liked it (not more than her night outfit though, that’s just smashing) but I thought I heard one of the commentators say she was having a little trouble with movement in it.

    • Bettyjane said

      The women do Dee. 10 minute break after the second set.

  76. jett09 said

    It was nice to read all your posts, it gave me an idea how the matches went.

    Congrats to all the winners. Jenny congrats your boys got through.

  77. Sol said

    Llodra is leading 2 set to 0 against Berdy!

    • Sol said

      Wow, Mika playing some great tennis. He can beat Berdy if he doesn’t choke

    • BANTI said

      This is a good a very good thing for Murray and not so good for Rafa in my opinion as Berdych was one of few players who had a chance to do what Verdasco did for Rafa at AO09, take out Murray.

      • Sol said

        Berdy just lost. In straights. I don’t think he was going to take out MAndy if he can’t beat Llodra.
        Banti, I know we all keep asking you this, but when are you going to the USO? Did you manage to figure out when Fed was playing?

      • BANTI said

        Not yet Sol. Will know tomorrow’s schedule in a few hours:) Will do the same for Friday’s matches. If he’s not playing at night this week, may get a ground pass for Friday (in the 80’s here!) and catch Fed sometime next week for a later round match.

      • Sol said

        Aww lucky you, Banti. I really hope – and I’m just saying this as an anti-jinx – you get to see him next week cause it’ll mean he’s still in the tournament.

        Keep us posted so we can live through you 😉

      • BANTI said

        Sol I will, will try to swat as many kids as I can away and get an autograph if possible. Just kidding.

  78. Sophy said

    Ryan Harrison took out #15 Ljubicic!

  79. Jenny said

    Fantastic win for Michael Llodra 🙂 🙂 He beat #7 Berdych in straights with classic serve/volley tennis. Loved it. Congrats, Michael 🙂

  80. Jenny said

    Andy Murray [currently being interviewed on SKY], has confirmed Alex Corretja is coaching him at the Open.

  81. Ricke said

    Roddick playing tonight. Fingers, eyes and toes are crossed. Tipsy will be a test, oh how I remember the last time the met. Heavy sigh………..

    • M said

      A-Rod looks to be ready and focused, Ricke. It’s early yet, but he seems to be holding up in this crazy weather.

      • chieko said

        Hi M san hope you enjoy this game. I wish Rod san the best. 😀

      • M said

        Hi, Chieko san! I’m packing for another short trip, so I’m not totally focused — of course if it were Roger or Rafa I’d be riveted 🙂 — but I have ESPN up pretty loud.

        We Americans have to keep up at our American tournament! Have to try to do as well as the French guys are doing this outing, LOL!

    • chieko said

      Hi Ricke san, I am sending good vibes across the ocean to Rod san. Please enjoy. 😀

    • Somebody Else said

      Maintain an odd number of crossed sensory organs and other extremities.
      Even numbers cancel themselves out, and then you’re really in trouble! 😛

  82. chieko said

    Have to work bye everyone please enjoy.

  83. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Is roddick morally afraid of the net? He’s playing pretty much the same way as he did in Wimbledon when he lost to the asian guy.

  84. Bettyjane said

    Energy level alert for Roddick.

  85. Rick said

    What an utter, unmitigated jerk.
    Can’t abide his bullying, spoiled brat behavior.
    He clearly stepped on the line, the replay showed it clearly.
    It was the right foot from her perspective, get over it, shut the eff up and focus on your freakin game.
    A-Rod A-Hole.

    BUT he clearly has used it to psych himself up.
    Only wish he wouldn’t insist on doing it at others’ expense — particularly when he’s in the wrong.

    • BANTI said

      Notice this behavior never comes out when getting spanked by Roger. That says it all.

    • Bettyjane said

      Amen to you both. At least the tournament director was wise in removing her during his “shorts changing break”. He’s a punk and always will be who gives good press conferences.

  86. Somebody Else said

    Roddick’s main problem is shot placement. He has moments and matches where he is hitting fantastic shots, but too often he’s setting the ball up for his opponent to take control of points. He returns the ball crosscourt to his opponent a little too much, and without enough interest, for his own good.

  87. BANTI said

    Nice words/gesture by Roddick after losing. Tipsy deserves this win, he’s had some tough losses in the majors.

  88. chieko said

    Oh no a lot had happened while I was away!! Roddick san lost and he did something wrong?? I shall catch up later. Sorry about that loss. Poor Rod san. He must have done something really wrong I guess. I wonder what he did. 😕

    • M said

      Lots of commenters here broke it down, Chieko san, but basically Janko outthought and outplayed him in terms of shot placement.

      (Other than his mighty serve, he also seemed to be playing much more defensively than offensively.)


    • Bettyjane said

      Just when I want to completely write the Roddick off he will come up with a classy gesture to his fellow player.
      Tipsy was giving a clinic in understanding where to be on the court and when to go for your shots. (Exception being that first set with some major brain cramping. Going for a drop shot on break point against when he’s wayy too far back in the court! In fact that drop shot was the only thing not really working last night.)

  89. Jenny said

    I was hoping Roddick would win, but Tipsy played some brilliant tennis and deservrd his victory. He can be very dangerous, he was rock solid when he needed to be. To be honest, I couldn’t call it before the match. I stayed up to watch and I thought it was a great match or I would have fallen asleep hours before! Congrats Tipsy. Sorry, Andy and his fans.

  90. Jenny said

    I’ve always admired Andy for his competitive spirit and he does give respect to other players, I think he’s popular with his peers and most tennis fans around the world. lol it’s the umpires he has a problem with! Most players lose their rag at times, I can understand it in the heat of the situation to overeact, or if they think they are being treated unfairly. However, there were times last night when I thought, let it go Andy, and get on with it, enough already, and this is when he doesn’t do himself any favours.

  91. jett09 said

    Oh Golly..Andy Roddick is out?? 😯

    I thought Roger was playing today?

    • Sol said

      He is, Jett. Yay. Are you going to be able to watch it or is it really late where you’re at?

      • jett09 said

        Hi Sol. It’s 22:18 here at the mo, what time is he playing? Sorry I can check ATP site. Can’t wait for the weekend so I can watch some matches.

      • jett09 said

        Sol Roger is playing at 1am (OZ time) 😕 I’m going to miss it again. I had a long day today I don’t think I can stay up that late 😦

        Goodluck Roger, maybe another Tweener?? 😆

      • Sol said

        Ouch. That’s late.

        I’ll keep you posted if he hits another tweener or some other genius shots. If he loses, you won’t find me here. I’ll be at the bar 😉

      • jett09 said

        Thanks Sol 😉 Enjoy it 😉

        “If he loses, you won’t find me here. I’ll be at the bar”

        😆 😆 😆


      • Growltiger said

        I thought so, too, but first they are showing the women. I’m TIVOing the Open, so can fast forward through the women’s matches to get to Federer.

  92. Raj said

    Anybody knows when Federer plays next?

  93. Susan said

    Just curious – why is Roddick allowed to have these long tantrums on the court? Isn’t there some sort of violation for this kind of bad behavior? It’s terribly distracting for whoever his unfortunate opponent is at the time, and just generally poor sportsmanship. And did I really see him throw his racquets into the crowd? What’s up with this????

    • Jenny said

      I’ve often wondered about that myself, Susan. Other players get warned on the odd occasion for bad sportsmanship. To my knowledge, I’m sure Andy hasn’t received any code violations for loudly humiliating umpires in the past which I haven’t seen other players do. Apart from Serena [linesperson] and she was fined for her outburst. Fed was fined for using the ‘F’ word in a conversation with the umpire, it wasn’t a loud rant or over the top imo, he had just cause, but he got fined. I’m not sure about Verdasco when he flipped his lid in Nice this year. One has to ask, where do you draw the line? I’m sorry, too many inconsistencies across the board.

    • Growltiger said

      Roddick is a good and gracious winner, but not so gracious when he loses or is losing. He collects himself in time for the post game interview, however. I don’t understand why umpires allow him to get away with this kind of behavior, but he acted up in Cincy, too, without suffering any real penalty. They need to warn, issue a point loss, then loss of game.
      I suspect, however, they know the crowd loves him so don’t want to pitch him out of the game. I suspect he knows it, too. Nadal had a snit in Wimbledon and they nailed HIM. (Fed never acts up; I’ve seen it happen once and he got a warning even tho’ he was totally in the right). I’ve not seen Djoko or Murray act up, but Roddick seems to get away with it a lot.

      • Jenny said

        I have to say, GT, Murray is never warned for his use of colourful language when he’s frustrated, it isn’t a one off – over here I’m forever hearing our comms say ‘ladies and gentlemen, apologies for the language’ when he goes off on one. I’m sure Jill will back me up here. The most I’ve ever seen is Layhani giving him a stern look some years ago, but he received no warning.

  94. Stella said

    we only get ESPN tennis here so apart from a stream ( my laptop screen is a bit tiny) there’s not much choice. They’ve been on the air for 1 hr 25 min this afternoon and in that time we’ve had 15 minutes of actual tennis max. just constant talking, background, opinions about everything. Will they ever shut up and let us see the tennis. i really don’t want to hear over and over about the future of American tennis, who will win the ladies title, and all things Roddick !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Growltiger said

      AMEN STELLA!!!!!!!

      I have an ongoing argument with a friend who adores Brad and Patrick and ESPN but they drive me batty. The best commentators are Jimmy Conners, Mary Carillo, John McEnroe and Darren Cahill. Tennis Channel has great commentary and the commentators know when to shut up. They don’t even mind dead air when the point is interesting. I wish the rules would change so Tennis Channel could cover ALL.

      I’m sick of Patrick’s and Brad’s constant sniping at Djokovic, constant elevating of Murray (though I’m a Murray fan), Brad’s ridiculous lack of knowledge about medicine while opining he’d whip an asthmatic into shape — good luck with that, Brad; let the med. schools know how you did it.

      We TIVO the matches so I can fast forward through the face time these egotists have to have.

  95. kitty said

    us open coverage is great and all but when i go to the website and try to click on livescores i just freakin can’t because it highlights these screen all along the page when u move the cursor, it is painfully painful

  96. Jill said

    Anyone out there watching Fed/Beck or Davy/Gasquet?

    • Jenny said

      I’m watching Gasquet/Davy. Kolya is playing badly, he can’t find his game and Richard is ‘killing’ him, it’s almost like a single handed [excuse the pun] exhibition out there.

    • Sol said

      Hi Jill, I’m here. Just got home. Watching Fed v. Beck. Fed looks in control. So great to see him play like that. I missed this Fed. His FH + BH are beautiful

      • Growltiger said

        Federer truly has a beautiful game. No flaws that I can see though a one handed backhand is vulnerable to the high backhand kicker like Rafa hits. But he also has three things none of the others have: Mirka, incredible luck and a stable personality.

      • Sol said

        Lol, GT, you think the others wish they had Mirka? 😉

      • Growltiger said

        Yep, I sure do. She understands tennis, always supports him whereas I’m betting half of Djokovic’s and Roddick’s problems are keeping their gorgeous girlfriends from getting too bored when they don’t have night matches. Mirka is smarter than the rest of those ditzes and it shows.

      • M said

        GT, with respect, Brooklyn does not strike me as a ditz.

        She had a very successful career when she met A-Rod — and still does; neither generic modeling nor making the SI cover is as easy as it might look — and I remember during his Wimbledon 09 press conference, he made a point of noting that he strategized with both her and Larry when mapping out the overall game plan that got him to the final.

        Not to take away anything from Mirka — and I don’t really know that much about Jelena, other than that she looks nice in blue and has the white version of one of my sun hats — but I think Brooklyn deserves a little more credit.

      • Rick said

        I know nothing about Decker other than that she’s another gorgeous model type — who are, I still feel obliged to point out, not usually known for their towering intellects.

        However, I will assert with confidence that Roddick basically mail ordered her out of a catalog (all right, magazine).
        But that’s because I’m still really pissed at him about his ridiculous behavior last night.
        How old is he now??
        We keep saying that Djokovic has matured considerably — to the point that he’s actually outstripped Roddick in this category.

        One who is gracious and deferential to peers and superiors but abusively humiliates subordinates — who moreover are under strict orders not to engage, let alone defend themselves — on a regular basis, likely out of a sense of insecurity, counts as nothing more than a classic bully in my book.

        I’m afraid he’s lost any shred of sympathy I still had for him.

    • Stella said

      I tried to watch it but they keep going to massive ad breaks or go off to discussing other stuff. I also wanted to watch roger. They keep telling us the score but only showed 2 actual points in the second set. I’d do just as well just having live scoring ob the laptop . now they’ve gone off to do an interview and then it will be another ad break …………….

      • Growltiger said

        I’m at the computer but from past experience with ESPN, I’m betting they’re covering any women’s match they can find, doing those stupid personal travelogue things or giving the commentators face time so they can opine on their impressions of the tennis matches. Thank the Lord for TIVO

    • Jill said

      Yes, bad for Davy but delighted for Richard although I’m not sure how far he can go, still too many head issues!

    • Rick said

      Sorry, just catching up on what’s transpired this afternoon, actually kept my nose to the grindstone for a change today…)
      What? Wow, yet ANOTHER — how shall I say it? — not-always-100%-reliable French player takes out a seed?
      Good for Reeshar, as Jenny calls him. 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Hi Rick, The Reeshar/Kolya match was a no contest really, although we did get to see the Frenchman’s skills and flair. Davy just wasn’t there.

      • Rick said

        With Mathieu and Clement marching on!
        The French Revolution (revelation?) continues….

  97. BANTI said

    Not enjoying the tennis today. Davy played as bad as i’ve ever seen him. And Fed looks bored out there, he should be dominating this guy, but he seems to be settling with having 1 break up on each set.

    • Sol said

      What? Come on, Banti. Fed is playing great tennis. Remember Fred? This time we get Fed. And it’s been a while.
      Haven’t seen Davy but he’s coming off an injury so it’s not exactly surprising.

    • Rick said

      Didn’t see one minute of the match, but immediately went to the statistics, and I am….appeased! (and owning up to it just for you, M 🙂 )

      50% BP conversion (5/10) and 18 unforced errors is definitely an improvement over 26% BP conversion (5/19) and 33 UEs the other night.
      Or at least looks that way on paper.

      I remain guardedly optimistic.

      That said, it looks like it really is gonna come down to the top 4 plus Soderling at this point.

  98. Bettyjane said

    Nishikori is up a break against Cilic in the 5th set.

    • Jenny said

      Cilic has been defeated, just when I thought he was getting it together, he crashes out early. It’s a mystery to me, is he affected by the heat? Nishikori is a talented player, but he’s still ranked #147 as opposed to Cilic #11.

  99. Somebody Else said

    Why is it that I can recall numerous statistics correctly without internet help, but these commentators cannot correctly recall where Federer’s slam semifinal streak was broken? And how do they not remember it’s 23 consecutive? Is it age, or is it indifference?

    • Somebody Else said

      Fred Stolle and Kevin Skinner.

    • Sol said

      They don’t remember when the streak was broken?? Are they even interested in tennis?

      • Somebody Else said

        They said it was at Wimbledon. I waited for the correction, thinking they followed the sport. It didn’t come.
        😉 Not a huge deal to me, but I much prefer commentators who closely follow the sport they’re paid to discuss.

      • Jenny said

        Not a huge deal to me, but I much prefer commentators who closely follow the sport they’re paid to discuss.

        Agreed SE. Sometimes our comms don’t always get it right either, but generally they are pretty good. The late Bill Threlfall [former coach and player] was particularly good with facts and figures. In his latter years, [Bill was still commentating at 80, he died just weeks later that year], he was inclined to get things a little mixed up, but not that much, everyone forgave him!

      • Rick said

        I think we should all go on an extended acting-out temper tantrum rant on international television because the commentators got the relevant Slam wrong! 🙂 (I’m actually agreeing with y’all)

    • M said

      “And how do they not remember it’s 23 consecutive? Is it age, or is it indifference?”

      As I’m sure you remember, SE, neither the commentators nor the interviewers could pronounce Rafa’s name correctly either, even in a feature.

      Personally, I’d put it down to a pure old-fashioned honking lack of gray matter.

      I wouldn’t put it down to age. I know some elders who can rattle off Roger’s stats pretty well. 🙂

  100. Jenny said

    🙂 Roger!!

  101. jett09 said

    Congrats Roger now I’m going back to sleep 😉

    • Sol said

      Hey, Jett, you were here!
      Good night!

      • Jenny said

        Pleasant dreams, Jett.

      • jett09 said

        Hi Sol and Jenny, yes I managed to watch the last set, then went straight back to sleep. I was very tired today at work though 😕

        Gonna miss Rafa’s match, it starts at 9am (Saturday) OZ time and I start work same time 😦

        Happy for Nole, little sad for Berdych. Jenny hope your boys got through.

        Wow lots of reading to catch up!

  102. bunnee said

    aaaaaaaarararrrrrrggggghhh!! the atp site scoreboards are ALL MESSED UP & FROZEN!

  103. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Is it me or does this year’s US open have an air of inevitable boredom about it.

    • M said

      I’m not bored! 🙂

      I think it’s possible we might all be a bit weighed down and lethargic because it’s horribly, devilishly, shriekingly hot and humid, though.

      • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

        I hope you’re right. Too many seeds have been blown away for me to sustain the interest. And it’s not like some new young gun is making news to sit up and take notice. The rest it seems are not even trying. Or maybe I’m just too spoiled by Roger and Rafa’s tennis to care a fig about the others. Roddick, berdych, Baghdatis, cilic, dent and some…all gone. Even the fans are entertaining themselves by singing songs from ‘remember the titans’ and other movies during matches.

      • M said

        “The rest it seems are not even trying.”

        Perhaps I’m being too charitable or non-analytical or something, but I would put part of this down to heat. Con Ed and NY1 said the heat index was over 100 today.

        ” Or maybe I’m just too spoiled by Roger and Rafa’s tennis to care a fig about the others.”

        This can happen. It’s easy to want all else to measure up to the platinum standard of tennis. 😛

        “Even the fans are entertaining themselves by singing songs from ‘remember the titans’ and other movies during matches.”

        Good selections!

        ♪♫ “Na – na – na – na … na – na – na – na … hey hey hey …” ♪♫

  104. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Isn’t blake too fat to be professional athlete? Or does he just wear oversized clothes.

    • M said

      He wears clothes like flags that flap in the breeze.

      Like most of the athletes, he is much slimmer in person (though curve-ish at the back, like Feli and Rafa (though Rafa seems to have leaned out even further)).

      • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

        Well, he seems to be wearing Sampras’ hand-me-downs! How can the guy inspire himself when he looks in the mirror??

        Is Polanski related to Roman?

  105. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Blake just hit one between his legs and it was contemptuously smashed by Polanski! Nevertheless, Blake looks like he will win the match.

  106. Jenny said

    Juan Carlos through to the 3rd round in straights 🙂

  107. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Djokovc is playing well and with purpose. Not like the self-sacrificing martyr that we saw in the masters.

  108. UM17 said

    Djokovic quote of the year:
    – Brad Gilbert: “Do you have that Roger Federer ‘between-the-legs shot’?”
    – Nole: “No, I’ve got something else between my legs…I won’t show it to you tonight.”

    • Dee said

      I thought it was hilarious! Djokovic is very brave. Even when he said Roger is better at that shot —- it sounded like a double meaning quote 😆

  109. Dee said

    Read a bit of goss about Roger’s out fits.

  110. Sol said

    Anyone know what happened during the Djoko v. Petzschner match? I heard security had to take some people out?

    • Jenny said

      Sol, Apparently a fight broke out in the upper stands. Nole looked up because of noise, they stopped play and security were called, the ‘action’ wasn’t shown on TV. We then saw someone being escorted out of the stadium by security.

      Well done, Novak – a tough match but a good win. 🙂

  111. Jenny said

    Go Dustin Brown, a ray of sunshine and flair, Llodra for the serve/vollyers, and my two Davids 🙂 LOL They’re playing the Beach Boys now! I think I’m going to be stream/channel hopping and ending up confused and with a headache!

  112. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Lodra’s playing like a champ!

    • Jenny said

      Sadly now a med time – the guy’s in pain with his foot. I hope this doesn’t mean early retirement. He’s such a good player.

  113. Joy said

    Minor rant here: I’m watching the live day session and the comms just now flash a list of the fallen women’s seeds. In it, Jie Zheng is listed as Japanese (is she no longer a Chinese citizen?), and Rezai’s first name is misspelled as “Arazene”. Minor quibbles, I know, but it’s irritating. The list is only a dozen names long, but they’re among the top 20 seeds & hardly unknowns. And it’s seen all around the world, so you’d think they’d at least try to get it right.

    • Jenny said

      I sympathise, Joy. Nothing like the odd rantage to get things off your chest! I get irritated when I hear non-English names pronounced incorrectly, if it isn’t English looking or sounding, forget it, but sometimes the results can be hilarious. We’re not paid to get these things right, but the powers that be are.

  114. Jenny said

    🙂 Michael Llodra!

  115. Jenny said

    🙂 Ferru!

  116. Jenny said

    It’s not just the guys who can do the between the legs shot, Francesca’s just done it!

  117. Sol said

    Woohoo. Got home just in time to see David take the first set. Is he playing well?

  118. Sol said

    Oy, what just happened there to David???

  119. Stella said

    what do you think of the Venus dress ? I like the sparkles — on a evening dress maybe — but not on a tennis dress — and the back looks ” hookerish” and too tight and too short — she’s forever tugging it down.

    hope Woz gets her dress made a bit longer and looser too. She’s forever tugging at it as her yellow knickers stick out. Her previous dress was classic and seemed to fit nicely.

    I’m not a fan of masha’s screeching but thought her outfit classic.

    • Bettyjane said

      The commentators (Pam Shriver and Mary Jo Fernandez) thought that it might be almost distracting for the opponent to look at those sparklers. I daresay they have a point. They were quick to add that this was unintentional.

      Last year Caroline was wearing Stella McCartney. Don’t know if that’s true here. Shreekerkova is usually the most fashion forward of the women.

      • Stella said

        yes, apparently it still is a Mc Cartney but she seems uncomfortable with it being so tight and so short. Her previous dress just fit perfectly ( although a little long). Some players just seem to have clothes that fit and they just get on with the tennis. Others are always tugging– especially when the tps get a little low .
        As far as the sparklers — Rafa is complaining about camera flashes in his eyes. Those sparklers could be like camera flashes but V’s opponent really had no chance

    • M said

      I may be in the minority here on the board on this one — though with the crowd, at least WRT to the evening attire 🙂 — but I like both of Venus’ looks this tournament very much, even though I heard she was having some trouble with movement in her day outfit. Fit should always come first.

      You know, Bettyjane, the other evening I really didn’t notice any sparkles on Venus’ dress! I noticed the fringe much more.

      I’m kind of disinclined to hear what the lady commentators have to say on anything WRT the lady players’ dresses — they were *so* catty last year 👿 my first thought whenever they open their mouths is “Jealous much?”

      • Bettyjane said

        You’re right M about that dress the other night. I don’t remember the top part at all! I’m wondering if it was a skirt and top because there was no way it was what she was wearing tonight.

      • Jenny said

        I like Venus dress. Maria always looks nice, imo. I think most of the fashion conscious ladies look good in their court attire.

      • M said

        Masha has nailed her colors this tournament. Thank you for reminding me, Jenny.
        I’m really enjoying her dresses this year.

        Bettyjane, I’m not where I can see a screen; from your description it sounds like V has on something totally different this evening! Hmm, must investigate …

      • Stella said

        I believe V has had 2 different ( evening dresses) The first one had a narrow fringe along the bottom but no sparkles as far as I can remember. Tonights was totally different

      • Sophy said

        Totally agree with you M!

  120. Jenny said

    D-Nal in straights and standing O 🙂

    • Bettyjane said

      Nice!!! Good for him Jenny. Unfortunately U.S. viewers couldn’t see this on TV (I’m too lazy to stream tonight). Instead we are offered the far more compelling Venus Williams match. Oy!

    • M said

      \o/ \o/ \o/

      He cut the scoreline a little bit each set.

      • Jenny said

        I don’t want to put a dampener on things, but I’m a little concerned about D-Nal’s ankle, he rolled it slightly the other evening and got it strapped on court. It was still heavily strapped tonight, I’m keeping everything crossed on that score.

      • M said

        Oh dear.
        *crosses fingers*

        I know I’ve been concerned about Johnny Isner’s ankle, and of course Rafa’s knees, but they both seem to be okay so far, even on this surface.

        Did they ask David about it post-match?
        *feels completely out of it today*

      • Jenny said

        It was something our comms mentioned, that they hoped his ankle would be okay. I know with his style he doesn’t need to whizz about unless he has to, but he’ll need to be able to lift to serve well.

  121. Bettyjane said

    I see that Djokovic has yet another night match tomorrow evening. This is probably why he does better here than other majors.

  122. Jenny said

    Now to see what Rafa can do against Mr Istomin.

  123. Jenny said

    I can’t see Rafa losing this match unless he has a complete meltdown which is highly unlikely.

  124. Somebody Else said

    If feels a bit weird that there are 2nd round matches being played on a friday, as opposed to wed. and thurs. No major tournament delays so far. Just feels kind of odd, as if tournament organizers decided to cram everything next week. I dunno, it’s just me. Carry on, everyone. 😉

  125. Somebody Else said

    Rafa’s feet look like they’re ready for the afterlife.

  126. M said

    Istomin @ 65% first serves this set compared to 50% in the first …?

  127. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    I have charted the course of Rafa’s right thumb and forefinger from south to north: Wedgie pick and then nose pick… I might have an explanation: in ancient times, in the absence of modern medicine and soft living, when human senses were about a 100 times more sensitive than they are now, our species would know the state of their health by sniffing their right thumb and forefinger after it had traveled south. Think of it as ancient colonoscopy.

    I’ll stop Drinking now…

  128. Jenny said

    Here you go, M! I found it.

  129. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Holy mother of god!!!!! Did you guys see that point????

  130. Jenny said

    Some great match-ups today. Spoiled for choice! 🙂 Enjoy!

  131. Dee said

    Venus’s dress!!!!! She really needs high heels with that one.

  132. Raj said

    When does Roger play today, anyone knows? The official website is way behind in posting the order of play.

  133. Kitty said

    Has anyone yet figured out the reason for the sense of boredom or some such feeling with this us open??? is it with the matchups?

    • M said

      Kitty, as I shared with Sir V, I’m not bored.

      I also shared that I thought if some were experiencing lethargy, it might be because the heat index has been hovering around 100 around here, though.

    • Jenny said

      Obviously I’m not suffering in that intense heat, but I’m not bored either. If I get bored with a match shown on TV or it’s of no particular interest to me, I stream surf and can usually find what I’m looking for.

  134. Jenny said

    Marcus Buckland, Sky anchorman, has started saying Matchew or oo now, thank goodness he doesn’t call the matches 🙂

    • M said


      He’s been listening to Cliff Drysdale do the sneeze-ish version of hideously bad French pronunciation too long.


      • Jenny said

        Lol M, Don’t rub it in 🙂 I think Mr Buckland is in the US as we speak. It is truly awful hearing it pronounced that way. What I don’t understand is you don’t have to be French or even speak the language to say it correctly, it isn’t rocket science.

      • Rick said

        Is that the guy on the US Open stream who keeps saying “MatchOOO”?

  135. Joy said

    ‘Matt-hoo’, yeah even the announcer on the US Open Optimum tv broadcast says it like that. He also says ‘Benett-tao’, and Sara ‘Er-RO-ni’ (like macaroni). And let’s not forget ‘Gail Mon-fee’. Where do they get these guys?

    • M said

      “And let’s not forget ‘Gail Mon-fee’.”

      *keels over and dies*

    • Jenny said

      😆 I can understand Monfils, but Benett-tao?! If you want a laugh, Joy, go look at the ATP site into players profile and just look at the some the ‘helpful’ suggestions. One of my guys has the ‘wonderful’ suggestion of ‘fuh-RER, just take out the hyphen and what do get!! 😈 Hewitt is another one. I wouldn’t care, but these are simple names.

  136. Joy said

    Don’t I know it, Jenny. 🙂 The ATP site actually used to show Nadal phonetically as ‘NAH-dal’. It was a pet peeve of mine until they corrected it, thank goodness.

  137. Rick said

    Dare I point out that the man’s last name is actually pronounced “FAY-derer” — and TP could have a heyday with that one — but I have never ever heard anyone pronounce it that way.

    A quick Google search reveals that in Scottish, “fey” is used to refer to supernatural abilities, and even though “fay” does mean fairy (sorry…), in Middle English it meant “one possessing magical powers” or “enchanted person”.

  138. Somebody Else said

    FH McShanks has come in to relief-hit for Federer. Oh brother!

  139. Somebody Else said

    They were playing like kites in the wind during Mathieu’s last game-winning point.

  140. chieko said

    Good morning !! I am glad to see Federer san’s results. I am very relaxed.

    • Jill said

      Me too Chieko san, I was a bit worried about this match! Still, can’t relax totally until the last point is played.

      • chieko said

        I had to attend to some house chores and could not watch?!! 😦 I am back now. Nice to see your comment. I figure he had won. I shall check the scores right now. Good show Federer san. I shall try to catch the match on youtube or even here.

        Enjoy Jill san. 😀

    • jett09 said

      Me too Chieko Chan 😉 Just got up and happy I can watch Nole’s match.

      Congrats to Roger and to all the winners!!

      • Dee said

        Saw a bit of Blake & Djokovic.Djokovic is playing well. Got to see Juan carlos too.
        I eel bad for Clement. I like his play

  141. Rick said

    Oh for God’s sake, get it together

  142. M said

    Yaaaay, Roger!!

    *hopes, hopes Juanquí beats Melzer*

  143. Claire said

    Go Fish! 🙂 I think he will beat either Djokovic or Djokovic!

  144. Claire said

    meant “Djokovic or BLAKE!

  145. Susan said

    Can we please just acknowledge that Nole’s parents look ridiculous in those t-shirts?
    Can you imagine anyone else’s family doing this?

  146. Susan said

    Can someone else please just acknowledge that Nole’s parents look ridiculous in those t-shirts?
    Can you imagine anyone else’s family doing this?

    • Claire said

      Susan, totaly agree with you. It’s kinda like “they’re back! “(and not in a good way!)
      I can’t image any child letting their parents wear a t-shirt like that! I know my boys would disown me!

  147. M said


    I wanted to see Juanquí play Roger. You all don’t know how much.

    Darn darn darn darn darn.

    • Jenny said

      I know, M. 😦 I was able to see some of the match on stream, Melzer was too much for Juan Carlos last night, his knee was heavily strapped also.

  148. Joy said

    Poor Beatrice Capra, having to deal with high winds & Shrieka must have been overwhelming. Didn’t expect a double bagel, but Masha was just too strong for the youngster.

  149. Dee said

    Gasquet is traveling along very quietly.

  150. Joy said

    Hi Jenny, I see on the OOP that D-Nal’s playing today; hopefully I finally get to watch his match. But would you believe that the announcer on US Optimum calls him ‘one of the last remaining Spaniards’? LOL

  151. Joy said

    Oh dear, they’re so far showing only the women’s matches. Good thing they’re going very quickly, though, so I might still get to see David play.

  152. Joy said

    Oh dear, they’re so far showing only the women’s matches. Good thing they’re going very quickly, though, so I might still get to see Nalby play. You’re so lucky you get to see both Davids right now!

  153. Jenny said

    Try Fromsport or ADTHE

  154. Joy said

    Not working for me for some reason. But I see they’ve put Nalby on now, yay!

    Ooh, but I see D-Nal’s down a set already. Ferru, on the other hand, is looking very strong & moving well; no ‘feet of clay’ here! 🙂

    • Jenny said

      Ferru is no slouch on a hard court, he has dancing feet and he ‘reads’ [excuse the pun]. Don’t know what to think of D-Nal, ankle? Greg Rusedski was wondering too.

      Shame you can’t see.

  155. Jenny said

    Francesca S 🙂

  156. Jenny said

    We have two TV channels here – we really don’t need Venus on both.

  157. Sol said

    Hi Jenny.

    Did Fer choose today of all days to start playing well or is Nalby not playing his best? Is the ankle a problem? I just started watching

  158. Joy said

    Schiavone was wonderful to watch, what vigor! I think her quarter of the draw is very exciting.

    They’re switching between the 2 Davids now. I think Nalby is moving stiffly between points. A little more fluid when he settles into his rhythm, though.

    • Jenny said

      Isn’t she great – one of the few women I choose to watch, she doesn’t just bash away from the baseline. D-Nal was a little stiff the other day too, but he’s taken the second set. 🙂 Hopefully the ankle is settling. He told our comms that his hip is fine, no pain 🙂 Ferru’s lungs are working well, he’s in full roar out there! 🙂

  159. Joy said

    (Groan) Now it’s only Venus again. Totally missed seeing Nalby turn that 2nd set around, argh!

    • Sol said

      Can’t stand her shrieking like that. It’s unbearable.

      • Jenny said

        I like Venus, bar the screaming, but her match on our two channels? I’m sqinting here in an unfortable chair to watch D-Nal on a computer screen – it’s ridiculous.

      • Jenny said

        see – I told you my eyes are affected – squinting, uncomfortable 😈

      • Sol said

        I know what you mean, Jenny. I’m still watching Nalby/Fer, although my streaming froze maybe twelve times already. And I’m getting upset cause I can’t stand the fact that Fer, of all people, might beat Nalby.

      • Jenny said

        And I’m getting upset cause I can’t stand the fact that Fer, of all people, might beat Nalby.

        Join the club, Sol!

      • Sol said

        I know it’s unfair, Jenny. Fer deserves it. And as a woman, I can appreciate his great body and smile and all 😉
        But, tennis-wise, I want Nalby to win. Technically he’s so much better than Fer.

      • Jenny said

        “Technically he’s so much better than Fer”

        Absolutely, no question. And I do appreciate Fer’s game too.

        I’m watching Querrey/Almago as well!

  160. Jenny said

    Ferru ‘Bobcat’ through in straights 🙂 Well played tournament, Dani.

  161. Joy said

    Totally agree about the terrible shrieking, Sol.

  162. Sol said

    Ugh. I like Fer more when he’s modeling for Calvin Klein 😦

    • Jenny said

      This is the problem, or my problem, you have a technically brilliant player, a genius for the purists, against a flashy, power shotmaker with a great serve. Mostly these days the power boys have the edge, especially against an opponent who might be struggling physically.

  163. Sol said

    Well, David is just gifting him the match now. Too bad.

  164. Joy said

    Oh too bad, Jenny.

  165. Sol said

    Blah. That’s all I can say about this match. I only saw the last 2 sets but looked like Fer didn’t have to do much to win the match. Nalby’s hip might be ok but something else was not right.

    • Jenny said

      I can’t disagree, Sol. I did notice David sitting on his chair wincing after his previous match, [ankle] which is why Rusedski had his doubts about a victory today.

  166. Jenny said

    Congrats to Fer:-) Sorry David, but some added ranking points, so not all bad, go rest that ankle. Copa David next 🙂

  167. Sol said

    It’s a good thing we have Simon/Nadal and MAndy/Stan to look forward to tonight…

    • Jenny said

      On TV too! 🙂

      • Sol said

        Not here Jenny 😦

        The only thing that made me smile during the Nalby/Fer match was this lady who kept yelling out “vamos Rafa”. I think someone needs to tell her that “Rafa” is in reference to Rafael Nadal and not some spanish word

      • Jenny said

        “lady who kept yelling out “vamos Rafa”.

        LOL I didn’t hear it, I bet that got Fer going!! I doubt he would appreciate it!

      • M said

        Oh dear.

        We can have Top Chef Masters cooking at the event, but we can’t tell players’ names from generic words, if they’re not from here, or distinguish Spaniards from Argentinians.

        One of those things that makes me embarrassed to be American sometimes.
        Blushing now. Sorry, all!

      • Jenny said

        No need for you to apologise, M. I’ve often heard ‘Vamos Rafa’ when other Spaniards are playing, it isn’t just in the US, I promise you.

  168. Joy said

    Well, it’s almost 3AM where I am (Manila), and I have to get up in another 4 hours to bring my little girl to kindergarten, so I’ll catch you all later (may just have to see Rafa on replay). Enjoy!

  169. Sol said

    Stan playing some amazing tennis. Possible upset?

  170. M said

    Stakhovsky retires against Feli.

  171. M said

    I think Rafa has won 29 of 33 points on his serve today. 🙂

    • Jenny said

      I’ve been keeping an eye open, M! Rafa’s cruising, I’m not worried.

      • M said

        Also, 6 aces!

        Also, do I see four Spaniards in the top of the round of 16?
        (Even though I think I would’ve preferred to see one Argentinian?)

      • M said

        Gilles can fly home and see his baby boy. Congratulations, Dad! 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Seconded, M, one Argentinian. Congratulations, father to Timothee 🙂

        Congrats to Rafa too. He..he..David served 11 aces the other day against Becker – I nearly fell off my sofa! 🙂

  172. Jenny said

    A set apiece, well done Stan, are you still up Sol!

    • Sol said

      I am Jenny. But I’m off to bed now. I don’t want to underestimate Stan but I know he’s not winning this match. It was interesting so far though. Enjoy

  173. Rick said

    Just got home — and well, well, what have we here?
    Stan evens it up in the second!
    Based on your comments and those of the comms, seems like he learned his lesson from the first set?
    This one could be a nail biter, depending on how they both hold up.
    No way Stan can

  174. M said

    A set apiece also for Tommy and Michel.

  175. Rick said

    God, you’d think with all their experience, they wouldn’t get so distracted by foot faults — deal with it, it’s just another fault….
    Well, hm, what’s up then?

  176. Rick said

    What is going on with Murray’s serve?
    He’s serving like a girl.
    Is his left leg really toast?

  177. Rick said

    Strrrrrrrrrrange set, what?

  178. Bettyjane said

    Crap. I love Stan but I don’t want a lopsided draw if he wins this.

  179. M said

    Commentators calling Murray “spry”. What is he supposed to be, sixty or something?

  180. Rick said

    Why doesn’t Murray just take the injury time out?

  181. jett09 said

    How on earth did I miss Rafa’s match??? 😦

    Anyway congrats Rafa♥

    • Bettyjane said

      It had about as much drama as Feds did yesterday Jett09

    • M said

      He wanted to get in and out of there, Jett. Straights.

      So did Gilles, I think — he wanted to get home to his new baby!

      http:// http://www.nytimes .com/ 2010/09/05/ sports/ tennis/ 05simon.html
      (push the spaces together to get the article)

    • M said

      He wanted to get in and out of there, Jett. Straights.

      So did Gilles, I think — he wanted to get home to his new baby!

      http: // www. nytimes .com/ 2010/09/05/ sports/ tennis/ 05simon.html

      (push the spaces together to get the article)

      • jett09 said

        M I’m not even working today so I thought I could watch Rafa’s match but I miscalculated the time difference 😕

        “He wanted to get in and out of there, Jett. Straights.”


        Thanks for the link M, you’re a trooper 😉

  182. Bettyjane said

    Tennis Channel just interviewed Rafa. He’s utterly adorable. But I never realized how much his hair is thinning around his center part. He better start parting it off to the side.

  183. Jenny said

    Michael Llodra retired due to dizziness.

  184. Anjali said

    If Murray wins this, he should be slapped silly. If he’s bloody injured, just take the timeout. If we have to listen to him gloat about his fitness in case he wins this in the 5th set, I recommend we all do something violent!

    ditto for a Sod/Nadal final. but looks like Nadal is going to get to the final. neither of these boys look up to the challenge as of now.

    • Rick said

      That’s a good point, Anjali — Murray’s not playing at all like he did in Toronto.
      If he’s injured, no wonder.

      • Jenny said

        If he’s injured he should have taken a med time.

      • M said

        He’s playing like he’s hurt. And looks like he’s limping a little.
        No idea why he didn’t take the MTO.

      • Rick said

        Did he just want to say he lost because he was injured???

      • Jenny said

        Murray often looks as if he’s injured and about to fall apart, he doesn’t take med times, and he then goes on to win a match. Our comms are at a loss as to what was physically wrong with him tonight. Stan’s injury was official, upper thigh strain.

      • Rick said

        Oops, make that Montreal above, of course….

      • Jenny said

        Murray in presser now. Acknowledged Stan played better. Said his quads were tightening, a few pins and needles in his arm, he didn’t make a big issue of it. He looks very down.

      • jett09 said

        “He looks very down”

        How painful, sorry MAndy 😦

  185. Rick said

    Wow, Stan’s playing really well today!
    That drop shot from the baseline was sick and he’s running everything down.

  186. Joy said

    Just woke up & dumbfounded to see Stan 2 sets up vs MAndy. Stan’s looking impressive despite the sore thigh. Whatever Stan got during the toilet break, MAndy could use some of that too.

  187. jett09 said

    Murray struggling?? This is supposed to be his favourite surfrace! 😯

  188. M said

    Wow. Stan breaks. Up a break in the fourth set after a lovely rally.

  189. Rick said

    One game away now.
    That second point was SICK!
    Go Stan!

    • Rick said

      This match did not at all go the way I expected.
      The whole open has been strange.
      Please let Chucky be next. 🙂

    • Jenny said

      He’s done it!! Well played – Peter Lundgren must be over the moon, he’s coached the best..

      Sol, I won’t remind you what you said earlier 🙂 Very pleased for Stan.

      • Rick said

        Oh, allow me, then — can’t resist 🙂

        “…I’m off to bed now. I don’t want to underestimate Stan but I know he’s not winning this match. It was interesting so far though. Enjoy…”

        You did/he did/we did, Sol, sorry you missed it!

      • Dee said

        Oh Thanks Jenny. I saw him cheering Wawrinka and didn’t know that he was coaching Wawrinka. Remember Safin started doing well when Peter was coaching him

      • Jenny said

        LOL Rick!

      • Jenny said

        Lundgren coached Safin when he beat Roger in the AO semis, 2005 – he then went on to win the trophy.

      • Sol said

        LOL…When I saw the results this morning, I was kinda hoping TP would have deleted my post. Or at least that noone had remembered it. Well, no such luck. Thank you Rick 😉

        So, uhm, what it is I’m supposed to be eating now: humble pie and my words, right?

        Really happy for Stan. To me, he’s always been top-10 material (he was in the top-10 in 2008) so if the head stays in place, he can go far. I don’t think he can beat Nadal though, unless he really gets on roll. More likely, he’ll crash in the next round.
        If my prediction turns out as correct as last night’s, then I’d be even happier for him.

      • Jenny said

        LOL…When I saw the results this morning, I was kinda hoping TP would have deleted my post. Or at least that noone had remembered it. Well, no such luck. Thank you Rick

        LOL Sol. There you were sleeping and oblivious to it all! I’m sorry, we couldn’t resist, so I share responsibility with Rick 🙂

        So, uhm, what it is I’m supposed to be eating now: humble pie and my words, right?

        Absolutely not. Enjoy Stan’s great victory. I too thought Stan was a gonna after the first set as it was looking like a straight set victory. I’m also giving Lundgren some credit too.

  190. jett09 said

    Did Wawi win?? Am I watching the right stream? Hard to believe!

  191. Joy said

    Stan stuns Muzza, wow!

  192. Dee said

    Wo wo wo! Wawrinka!

  193. Dee said

    Murray acknowledged the crowed when leaving and it was a humble gesture and I really felt sad

  194. M said

    Wow. Wicked backhand from AMur.

  195. Dee said

    Is Peter Lundgren Wawrinka’s coach?

  196. Bettyjane said

    Wow. A week ago I thought Rafa had the harder draw than Fed. Rafa will sleep like a baby tonight.

    • Rick said

      We need to put a collective hex on Chucky so that we get a Fedal final.
      Though if Federer loses to Soderling in the quarters, he’ll probably just shrug it off.
      If he loses to Nadal in the final, on the other hand, I’m afraid he’s gonna cry again….he was clearly irritated with all the questions he got about Rafa and Rafa’s legacy at his last presser.

      • M said

        Maybe third time’s the charm, Rick.


      • Rick said

        LOL M
        You saw my apology/clarification above about Murray serving “like a girl”, right?
        I only meant the service speed, honest, swear….

      • M said

        I did, Rick. Mhm. It’s easy to get carried away when players are all out of character on the court.

      • jett09 said

        “If he loses to Nadal in the final, on the other hand, I’m afraid he’s gonna cry again”

        Oh God Rick I hope I don’t see a repeat of that…I couldn’t stop crying while watching the ceremony and I still cry everytime they show that on flashbacks.

      • M said

        With any luck, Chucky will lose to Alberto.

    • BANTI said

      Could be easiest draw in history for a number 1 seed., if its Lopez, Verdasco, Wawrinka to get to a GS final. Ridiculous in my opinion. Never seen anything like it. Even worse than AO08, that says it all. Berdych and Murray going out before the semi’s. Wawrinka beating Murray serving at 50%? I’m lost.

      If Fed gets through Sod, ill give him a chance against Rafa. Really did not want to see a Fedal final:) AO08 #2, what a freaking nightmare.

      Only good thing that could come out of this is if Fed beats Rafa in final. I may just catch the highlights for that one.

      • M said

        Why, Banti. Why would you not want a FEDAL final?

        It’s what Roger says he would like.

        http: // www. usopen. org/ en_US/news/articles/ 2010-09-02/201008311283298906585. html?promo=sl_toparticles

        (push spaces together for article)

      • BANTI said

        Match up edge M. Its like Karate Kid, Rafa attacking Fed’s weak leg constantly just gets old for me. There is just one person on the tour with a topspin heavy forehand going high to Fed’s one handed backhand. Fed can deal with it, but his mental game needs to be rock solid, not the case when he faces Rafa. With Rafa just having to face Verdasco, he will manage in just having to play the only person in the top ten he has a winning record against on the hard courts. This is not supposed to happen.

      • M said

        “Its like Karate Kid, Rafa attacking Fed’s weak leg”


        “Fed can deal with it, but his mental game needs to be rock solid, not the case when he faces Rafa. ”

        With PA coaching him, I’m thinking that will be different this year.

        “With Rafa just having to face Verdasco, he will manage in just having to play the only person in the top ten he has a winning record against on the hard courts. ”

        I also remember how long the match lasted — and on hc too — the last time those two had a semi.

        It may all end up being more exciting than you think.

        But I also think I might stop talking about it now, though, b/c you know I would love for it to happen (anything to make Roger happy, lol) and I don’t want to jinx it!! 😛

  197. Anonymous said

    WOW, That was a great match! So happy for Wawrinka 🙂
    And how lucky Nadal is! Berdych and now Murray..

  198. M said


  199. overcaffeinated said

    One of the sweetest results of the USO to date – and one that ensures that Andy Murray’s constant scowl becomes a step closer to being permament..

    Round 3: Stanislas Wawrinka (25) def Andy Murray (4): 6-7, 7-6, 6-3, 6-3

    Yep, just as I noted a few weeks back – despite his very good hard court form again – Andy Murray, would not win the USO 2010. Granted he lost earlier than I expected, especially given his great form in the opening two rounds. So the pretender who believes in only his own hype, can pretend for a while longer. Perhaps all he can rest back on now, is his winning H2H against Roger, however I don’t think that will worry Roger in the slightest 😉

  200. overcaffeinated said

    And what they hey with these serve stats:

    Murray: 76 of 151 = 50 %
    Wawrinka: 73 of 136 = 54 %

    Must’ve been one heck of a frustrating match when one can buy just over 50% of their first serves in four sets of tennis.

    What I found interesting was the net approaches by a couple of players who play more from the baseline than anywhere else –

    Murray: 30 of 50 = 60 %
    Wawrinka: 35 of 49 = 71 %

    Is there a possibility (with the last of a dying breed in Llodra) of an old style about to return?

    • Jenny said

      I see more players coming to the net now, I like it. Even the baseline Spaniards are becoming very adept at the net with the volleys. LOL I think Verdasco is the worst in that regard. Obviously Feli is a serve/volleyer. Interesting, Llodra and Stakhovsky both serve/vollyers had to retire sick and injured today.

  201. Dee said

    Hope Sam would come through

  202. Rick said

    I wondering to what depth Stan talked to Fed about this match beforehand….

    • M said

      A very interesting strategic question, Rick!

      I’ll bet Peter had some excellent advice for Stan too, since he used to coach Roger and has probably seen Roger play AndyMur several times.

      • Jenny said

        Peter was with the LTA before he coached Grigor Dimitrov. He and Annacone will have worked together so he would know Andy’s game well.

  203. Jenny said

    My goodness, this must the day for those of previously questionable mental fortitude to come through, first Stan and now Misha. Both very gifted players and both with the single handers! Congratulations.

  204. BANTI said

    Question: You’re bigger news in Switzerland than any other tennis player right now.

    STANISLAS WAWRINKA: For sure not. (Shyly Smiling)

  205. Dee said

    Gave up on Sam.

  206. jett09 said

    C’mon Sam, you can do it!!

  207. jett09 said

    Yes!! Congrats Sammy!!! What an exciting match!!

  208. Somebody Else said

    Who had picked Murray to win the U.S. Open this year? Agassi, Borg, Cash, and who else?

    • M said

      Doesn’t Cash pick someone *other* than Rafa to win *every* Slam, *every* year?

      Might it have something to do with Rafa beating Pat when he (Rafa) was 14?

      “Things that make you go ‘hmmm’ …”

      • Somebody Else said

        hahaha 😉 Well, I doubt it’s for that reason.

        I do remember him mentioning his displeasure with the amount of time Nadal took between points, how it was disrespectful of the rules and to the opponents…something to that effect.

      • jett09 said

        “Might it have something to do with Rafa beating Pat when he (Rafa) was 14?”

        Really M? Rafa beat Pat when he was only 14??

        M,is it 2am there now?

      • jett09 said

        “Doesn’t Cash pick someone *other* than Rafa to win *every* Slam, *every* year?”

        I thought Cash picked Rafa to win the Wimby 2008?

      • M said

        SE, this is true. I think Rafa has taken heed of his critics in that regard and has paid some attention to shortening the time between points.

        @ Jett –

        Yes he did! Here’s an NYT article recounting his early history

        http: // www. nytimes. com/ 2005/06/06/ sports/ tennis/ 06nadal. html

        (as usual, push together the spaces so you don’t have to wait for moderation 😛 )

        And as for the time, you’re correct about that as well! I’m catching up with West Coast peeps and will admit to being a little giddy with Labor Day weekend/Open transition weekend excitement.
        But I am winding down and about to turn in like a (semi-) normal person to be rested for tomorrow.

        Sweet dreams, everyone. 😀

      • M said

      • M said

        “I thought Cash picked Rafa to win the Wimby 2008?”

        I think he did do that, Jett. I was exaggerating. For effect.

        (A *little*. 😛 )

      • jett09 said

        Rest up and sweet dreams M, tomorrow is an exciting day with Roger playing. Yipeee I’m happy I can watch it 😉

      • Somebody Else said

        I somehow knew you would dust off that old video and post it. I was about to, but thought you might have it lined up at any moment. 😛

        Have a good night/morning, everyone.

      • Somebody Else said

        in fact, I was looking for a clip of Arsenio Hall saying it on his old show. Sadly, nothing.


  209. Rick said

    Well, I know it’s bad form to comment on women’s matches here 🙂 but I watched the last set of the Stosur vs. Dementieva match when I got home cuz there was nothing else on, and I feel so bad for Dementieva. She really deserves to win a slam, and this year was a great opportunity to do so (that said, she can even beat Serena when she’s around). She had I think four match points in the last set and really had the match on her racket, but just couldn’t close it out, and then got outplayed in the tiebreaker. She’s gonna be inconsolable, I suspect. So I guess she retains her title of best female player never to win a slam. Really too bad.

    • Jenny said

      Poor Elena, I really like her, a class act. Maybe she and Nalby should go and have a drink together as the two best players never to have won a slam! Mind you, they haven’t retired yet!

  210. Phil said

    Really loved watching the Stan-Murray match last night. Ended like 1 AM here, but it was worth staying up for. Great mental effort from Stan, I really hope he can build on this win to get back into top 10.

    As for Murray…well, we’ve seen it all before haven’t we? Total meltdown in the third set, just no effort, constant whining…this guy still has a long way to go before he can truly compete for a Slam. He admitted afterward that his movement wasn’t really affected at all throughout the match, so there’s not excuse for this loss other than his mental implosion (again). He basically said as much in the presser, so it’s refreshing to see that he is actually recognizing some his own faults for a change. That’s the first step towards progress.

    On a side note…does anyone else get really annoyed by Fred Stolle constantly breathing into the mic like Darth Freaking Vader? It sounds awful! He needs to take it away from his mouth when he’s not talking!

    • Jenny said

      so it’s refreshing to see that he is actually recognizing some his own faults for a change. That’s the first step towards progress.

      Exactly, Phil! I know as far as clay was concerned, there were, imo, signs of denial going on there, again no real threat until he met hard core clay elite who took him out. He has to remember it isn’t just the two R’s he has to beat and come to terms with it.

  211. Joy said

    Gasquet’s backhand is so nice to watch, but his forehand, this could be his undoing, IMHO.

    • Sol said

      Hi Joy. Yeah, the FH is not looking so good today. And the serve looks a little off too.
      I really hope Richie can turn this around. Just once, I want him to play at his full potential.

  212. Joy said

    Hey Sol! Agree about Reesh’s potential. Today he might well have a couple of chances if Gael goes on walkabout like he often does.

    Are they actually playing music during the match, or is it just inside the comm booth?

  213. Rick said

    Kuznetsova continues the longstanding Russian women’s tradition of mentalling her way to defeat in the first set.

  214. Jenny said

    Hi Ladies and Gents. I’m coming and going.

    What a great Reeshar/Gael match.

    Kuzzy beating herself again, oh no!

  215. Joy said

    Nice going, Cibulkova, playing solidly against Kuzy’s meltdown. But hopefully she does better than Petkovic, who had 4 match points on Kuz but still lost at Roland Garros this year.

  216. Joy said

    Well done, Cibulkova! Worked hard & deserved the win.

  217. Rick said

    Good God, Gasquet breaks to serve for the set and then gets broken back. Sheesh.
    And yeah, another Chernobyl for Kuznetsova (OK, it’s in the Ukraine, but you get the idea).
    My Russian friends attribute these frequent Russian mental meltdowns to the way kids are educated in Russia, in any domain — very critical browbeating when they don’t perform up to expectations.
    Makes for excellence but also for great insecurity.

    • Rick said

      God, Gasquet is playing like he really wants to lose this.

    • M said

      That — the thing about the education — is a very fascinating thought, Rick.

      I hope that doesn’t sound macabre. I just think about brother and sister Safin and a whole lot seems to fall into place incorporating that insight.

      Also I remember Gael and Rafa’s 4R match last year. So exciting!

      Sorry for Richard and his fans.

      (*sigh* I miss Marat.)

      • Rick said

        Hey M, didn’t you once say you’re a former dancer?
        There was an interesting article in the NY Times sometime this year about American kids training as students at the Bolshoi — oh yeah, here it is:

        http: // /2010 /06 /01 /arts /dance /01bolshoi.html

        Here’s a telling quote from it by an American teenager:

        “The standards are such and the work ethic is such in Russia that there is no room for failure, there is no room for laziness, there is no room to be nice when it is not appropriate to be nice,” Joy said. “Russia is the best because there is this demand for excellence that there isn’t in any other part of the world.”

        And here’s what a ballet instructor by the name of Kuznetsov (!) had to say:

        Referring to the Bolshoi students, Mr. Kuznetsov said: “I can give them a very, very, very, very hard time, and still, they will be happy with that. Their parents will say, ‘You can kill him, but just teach him.’ ”

        In other words, it is not the case that everyone is special or a winner (let alone a superstar) in the Russian educational system.

      • Rick said

        Oh crap, I went into moderation — here’s the reply without the M-inspired attempt at putting spaces in the link (which failed, but now I know how to do it properly).

        Hey M, didn’t you once say you’re a former dancer?

        There was an interesting article in the NY Times sometime this year about American kids training as students at the Bolshoi — oh yeah, here it is:

        Here’s a telling quote from it by an American teenager:

        “The standards are such and the work ethic is such in Russia that there is no room for failure, there is no room for laziness, there is no room to be nice when it is not appropriate to be nice,” Joy said. “Russia is the best because there is this demand for excellence that there isn’t in any other part of the world.”

        And here’s what a ballet instructor by the name of Kuznetsov (!) had to say:

        Referring to the Bolshoi students, Mr. Kuznetsov said: “I can give them a very, very, very, very hard time, and still, they will be happy with that. Their parents will say, ‘You can kill him, but just teach him.’ ”

        In other words, it is not the case that everyone is special or a winner (let alone a superstar) in the Russian educational system.

        Google “Bolshoi American” if you want to see the entire article.

      • M said

        Ohboy. Thanks for that, Rick.
        (I think! LOL 😛 )

        I didn’t have Russian instructors, but I certainly remember the culture wars.

      • M said

        Well, technically, I should probably take that last part back, since the influence of Balanchine is a lot of places …

  218. Joy said

    Boy, I thought Monfils may have been a tad overconfident at the pre-match presser when he said he was stronger both mentally & physically than Gasquet, but he was spot-on. Disappointing, wasteful play from Gasquet.

    • Sol said

      He said that, Joy?
      I didn’t see anything, was on the phone till now. Both my faves lost, Richie and Kuzny.
      Roger better win tonight or I’m boycotting this USO! 😦

      • RafaFan said

        Don’t worry Sol, Federer will escape the horrors of helter skelter in three clean sets.

      • Rick said

        Yeah, he said it, but it was more nuanced — I watched the interview, he was just being very objective about it.

        Here’s the exchange:

        Q. Do you think there’s a lot of differences between your’s and Richard’s game?

        GAËL MONFILS: Yeah, a lot. I think Richard is more talented than me in couple ways. Like he can adapt more about the conditions. Then I think I’m stronger than him physically, and maybe a bit mentally, also. Sometime he is like too defensive, like me. So actually it will be a good match, and we will see who’s going to put like more pressure on the opponent.

      • Sol said

        Hey, RafaFan. Where have you been? Hope you’re right about Fed. Won’t be able to watch the match, it’s at 2.30 am in our part of the world.

        Thanks Rick. It’s better to put things into their context. Especially since, as I’ve mentioned before, I have met Monfils here in Switzerland and felt he was a little arrogant. But now I’m thinking maybe he he’s just a little shy.

      • chieko said

        Good morning to everyone!! Hi Sol san. Hi Rafafan san and Rick san. I hope the best for Federer san also. Have a good watch. I have to get ready for very early work on location. See you later hopefully I can come back in time for Federer san’s match.

      • RafaFan said

        @Sol I was very busy the last couple of days. Gardening etc etc. 😉 I think three o’clock is the right hour to get up, no? You met Monfils!? Don’t run you into Stan once in a while?

      • Sol said

        Lol. Yeah, gardening can be very exhausting.
        I’ve met Monfils at a tennis club I usually never go to (too pretentious for me) but it was the only place I could find a court that day (with the snow and all). I’ve seen Stan in a train once. He was listening to his ipod and some people were looking at him but noone wanted to disturb him. You know how we are in Switzerland.
        Hey, I might be able to get tickets for the Match for Africa. What would you do? Boycott or put your principles aside and go? My conscious won’t allow me to take the tickets without feeling guilty and

      • Sol said

        Hi Chieko san. I won’t be able to see Fed’s match. Good luck at work and I’ll read all your comments tomorrow morning if you do get to watch the match yourself.

      • RafaFan said

        @Sol: Tickets Match for Africa? Hey I would take them if the price is reasonable!!! Take your chance! They only play once in Switzerland!!! I still feel like a kid who didn’t get the birthday cake!

      • Sol said

        If I get them, it’ll be free of cost. That’s the immoral part.
        If I get an extra ticket, I promise I’ll send you one, RafaFan. How’s that? 😉

      • RafaFan said

        Immoral what? You are a BIG fan of Federer and as he said the event is for the fans!!!
        An extra ticket for me!!! 😯 Wow! 🙂 ❗ RafaFan wake up! This would become the most exciting happening in my life! 🙂 Many thanks Sol you are very kind! I feel honored! 🙂

      • Sol said

        I can’t guarantee anything. But I know some people from the CS and they might be able to give me some tickets for free. I don’t know how many tickets though, but I’ll let you know.
        Well, I’m off to bed people. Enjoy the tennis.

      • RafaFan said

        Thank you so much Sol and good night! I’ll get some sleep too! Bye TP fans!

  219. Rick said

    Nole contendere [sic — too clever by half, but couldn’t resist] so far in Djokovic – Fish….

  220. Joy said

    Sol, yes just as the match began Stolle & the other comm mentioned that Monfils had said that at an earlier interview.

  221. Rick said

    The T-shirts Djokovic’s parents are wearing are just too weird on so many levels.
    You’d think they wouldn’t WANT everyone to know who they are….
    Can you imagine anyone else’s parents doing something like that?
    (well, maybe Richard Williams back in the old days, but not now…)

  222. Joy said

    Right, Rick & thanks for providing the quote there. But I didn’t feel that Monfils was bragging or baiting his friend when he said that. It was mainly that Stolle (& I too) felt a bit doubtful of Monfils’ self-assessment, since he would often play risky points just to please the crowd.

    • Rick said

      OK, got it. I just didn’t want him to get a bad rap for being a jerk in this case. I doubt he’s going very far anyway (as in, good luck to him in the next round — Djokovic is punishing Fish and not letting him play his game).

  223. Rick said

    This Fish this is just too predictably boring — anything else interesting going on?

  224. Sol said

    Oh, I just saw the Djoko shirts. Yikes.

    • Rick said

      You like? 🙂

      • Sol said

        Lol. Uhm, no. I would kill my parents if it ever occured to them to show up wearing my face. But then again, I’m not an international tennis star so for my parents to wear a t-shirt with my face on it would be more than a little weird.

  225. Rick said

    Watching Wickmayer play for the first time — her two-syllable grunt (“oo-eeee!”) ranks up there among the most annoying, along with Azarenka and Larcher de Brito. Not to mention the Shriekmistress. God.

  226. Rick said

    LOL Ginny Wade is too good sometimes: “At least Wickmayer’s missed first serve wasn’t in the net.”

    • Rick said

      Ugh. No start of the Soderling vs. Montanes match any time soon — Wickmayer and Kanepi are going to continue to bleed each other to death for another set. What’s going on with Wozniacki vs. Shriekapova?

      • Sol said

        Don’t know if anyone is watching that match, Rick.
        I don’t know what’s worse, the shrieking princess or the fact that Wozniacki, a world no. 2, has zero attacking skills and only knows how to defend.

      • Stella said

        the woz has added a lot of aggressive shots and finished quite a few points that way. I was on her side all the way and really enjoyed the match. sorry guys if you didn’t

  227. Rick said

    First set, Montanes breaks!

  228. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Sharapova’s screaming has crossed the limit by light years! It’s eventually working against her.

  229. Jenny said

    That last game was a gift, Alberto.

  230. Rick said

    Wozniacki takes out the Shriek 6-3, 6-4.
    The Shriek couldn’t blast her off the court, though God knows she tried to.
    But Sol’s right, Wozniacki…just gets the ball back. And back. And back. And back.
    Very rarely is there an aggressive shot to be seen.
    That said, she hung tough the whole time.

    • Bettyjane said

      Caroline’s style is a sleep inducing kind of tennis to see—. She flamed out quickly at Wimbledon as I recall.

      Maria’s mustache was very noticeable on my new flat panel tv. Her dress was lovely as usual.

      • Dee said

        I actually liked her dark blue dress better.
        Caroline plays a similar game to Kim, Jelena —- most annoying for the opponent, returning every ball! Maria didn’t give up did she.

  231. Rick said

    Soderling 4-1 in the second.
    Where’s that incantation of yours, M?

  232. Gurn Blanston said

    Wozz is so hot I have to stand back for fear of being burned.

  233. Rick said

    Oh for God’s sake, why is the live streaming three games behind the live score???

  234. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Vamos Soderling! Allez General Sod! Let’s go Soders

  235. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    It’s Roger vs Alka Seltzer. Federer should just wear a cape with that outfit and warm up. Only he can pull it off.

  236. chieko said

    Oh no what happened Federer san was broken.

  237. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Wow! Awesome return game and some aggression by Meltzer whose setlzers kicked in to break back and level. Now, can he keep this up?

  238. Rick said

    OK I have to stop watching, Federer’s game always automatically goes south when I do.
    I was gonna ask what was up with that miserable return game at 4-1 — then he continues overhitting to get broken in the next.

    • Rick said

      That’s more like it, beautiful return game at 4-3.

      • Rick said

        LOL picked up that return on the volley at the baseline! Too good.

        OK, looking better again (takes the set, can’t complain too much), but getting unnecessarily broken is just yet another instance of unnecessarily losing focus.

  239. Bettyjane said

    I’m looking to see if he can go a match without shanking a shot. So far he’s been clean.

    • Rick said

      I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s just practicing when he seems to lose focus like that (at 1-0 with double break point on his serve).


  240. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Who is that sinister looking man beside Paul?

  241. chieko said

    The wind is strong I think, Go Federer san.

  242. kitty said

    Wow..this is some high quality tennis hitting by both players. Melzer is playing so well and Roger is able to keep up till now because his UE count is low, both playing some cracking tennis!!

  243. kitty said

    I love the pace of this game, both very fast between points and the game seems to be in a nice musical rhythm, watching this game makes me feel how time taking between points like nadal does can really disrupt an opponent’s rhythm big time.

  244. chieko said

    This is a very exciting second set play so far.

    • kitty said

      I am loving it. Melzer seems to believe it is in him to take on federer trying a variety of things but Fed is up to it today. Somehow I feel Fed loves these fast pace kind of games, I feel if any player playing this well against Fed and does the time consuming act between points Fed will not be in this nice rhythm and his UE count surely won’t be this low. Just my inherent feeling.

  245. chieko said

    Very quick service game. four all.

  246. Rick said

    Beautiful service game from Fed at to even it up at 4-4

  247. chieko said

    Very outstanding performance by both players. I am holding my breath again. 😀

  248. Rick said

    Federer should be kissing that net — final score:
    Federer 5
    Melzer 4
    Net 2

  249. chieko said

    I am turning green holding my breath. Now two sets ahead, I can breathe now. Deep deep breath. Wow what a good second set. 🙄

    Jenny san who are the commentators on Eurosport I wonder. They are very good.

  250. Rick said


  251. chieko said

    Oh oh a breaker. Federer san please be careful. Your opponent is so angry he is very aggressive. He is getting many winners. Please do not relax too much.

  252. kitty said

    Did Fed just do a Nadal topspin with that shreik for 0-40 at 0-1 in third set 🙂

  253. chieko said

    O drop shot has to be perfect. Good break back. Not a wise droppoer from M san.,

  254. kitty said

    Admire Melzer’s power hitting, he is going for broke with good dividends

  255. Rick said

    Here we go again, geeeezzzzz.

    • Rick said

      I would say Federer is at about 75% of where he needs to be in order to win this event.
      I see signs of improvement, and Melzer seems to be playing him into (better) form, but the disturbing lapses persist.
      I don’t understand for example why that last game for 3-2 had to go on so long, with so many break point ops.

  256. kitty said

    When is the last time Fed hit a good pass through down the baseline winner when his opponent is at the net? he needs to practice that shot, I used to see a lot of those before not anymore. Nowadays I see the opponent tapping his return into the open court.

  257. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    6-3 Federer 3rd set.

  258. kitty said

    Yes! nice break, please finish this off now. You had a good match and need a lot of rest for THE match with Sod. That should be a blockbuster bonanza hit. Hope Fed keeps his record of reversing his losses to these opponents, he had his revenge already with Baghy,hewitt,berdych

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      A concerning pattern is his game which plummets from great to good to bad-good-great-ordinary, in sets 1,2 and 3 respectively. It’s been happening since Toronto. He’s been getting away with it so far and I see hi winning the first set against general sod. The second set will be crucial to win too, else Federer will be facing a stressful 4-5 set battle.

      • kitty said

        Agree on his intensity dip, specially observed his serve taking a beating as the match progresses but today he was alright with that. That last game of the match surprised me on how well he was moving and chasing balls

      • Rick said

        I couldn’t agree more with both of you guys.
        He was playing some crack tennis at times in the first and second sets, swinging with confidence (noticed it particularly on the backhand side) and getting everything to land in. Had me actually thinking, wow this is like the Federer of old.
        Then he just completely loses focus, sloughs off, and finds himself down multiple break points on his serve.
        I don’t get it.
        But like Kitty said, he was really hustling to chase down balls in that last game.
        He can get away with sloppy play and spraying balls against the likes of Melzer, but this period of the tournament is now officially over and he needs to step it up.
        Particularly since he’s likely to meet Soderling, Djokovic, and Nadal from here on in.
        Which means he needs Nadal-like intensity on the court.
        Montanes won the first set off Soderling today as well, that gets you not very much.

      • jett09 said

        “That last game of the match surprised me on how well he was moving and chasing balls”

        ditto Kitty!

      • jett09 said

        “He can get away with sloppy play and spraying balls against the likes of Melzer, but this period of the tournament is now officially over and he needs to step it up.”

        I agree Rick.

  259. chieko said

    Saved by first serve

  260. Rick said

    Are all of these break point opportunities really necessary?

  261. chieko said


    Have to eat lunch now. See you soon!! 😀

  262. jett09 said

    Fed you’re the man!! Congrats!! Get some rest for the next match 😉

  263. Dee said

    Why did Gasquet throw his towel to Monfils? I missed the match but saw a glimpse of that on news

  264. Dee said

    Haha Did you guys see how fed hit the ball back to the ball kids? another Tweener. It nicely went over the net and crowd loved it

  265. jett09 said

    Goodluck Rafa! Won’t be able to watch your match..hope to have a good news when I get home from work tomorrow.

  266. Rick said

    Someone remind me: is Youzhny one of those players who can give Rafa trouble?
    He’s looking good against Robredo.

    • UM17 said

      Hasn’t done much recently that I can remember. But I’m loving his backhand today (and Sunday against Isner, which I was lucky enough to see live in person). I think that may be his only outstanding weapon, apart from a solid yell and a string of Russian curses. But, a biting righty BH against the lefty – could be interesting.

    • Jenny said

      Misha was giving Rafa a lot of trouble at Wimby 2006, in the ascendancy, and then his back went into spasm. Love Youzhny’s game. Apparently he’s known to be very talented.

    • Bettyjane said

      He’s quite the shotmaker. Just finished watching his match against Robredo. Odd match—won the first set that he should have lost then the reverse occurred in the 3rd set.

    • Rick said

      Thanks everyone. Yeah, interesting match with Robredo, only caught bits and pieces of it, but Youzhny looked good overall.

  267. Julien said

    A 3 year follower of this website, this is the first time I engage in the (relatively recent) real-time chats !

    Go Wawrinka ! (I live in Switzerland so of course there is a small country bias, although since his Wimbledon match vs. Murray I believe he is capable of more than his results have shown).

    • Jenny said

      Hello and Welcome, Julien!

      • Julien said

        Rick : Lausanne (around Lake Geneva), is in the french-speaking part of Switzerland. No Swiss-german dialect there.

        Actually, there are a number of Swiss-German dialects in Switzerland, which German’s don’t understand, and which can differ a lot between them, but in the french and italian parts we speak actual French and Italian, albeit with some “proprietary” additions (which are generally understandable)

      • Rick said

        Hi Julien, thanks for the clarification — that was actually what I was trying to say in my posts, but I obviously didn’t succeed very well, so thanks for clearing it up. I lived in Germany for several years and spent a lot of time in Switzerland as well, so I know how complicated things can get linguistically. I was just confused because I thought Wawrinka was from the German-speaking part of Switzerland till Jenny said otherwise.

    • Bettyjane said

      Hello and welcome Julien,
      Stan’s accent isn’t quite the same as Roger’s to me. Or am I just imagining that? Are there major regional differences in the accents

      • Rick said

        Heck yeah, the dialect varies considerably from region to region and town to town.
        But I don’t know where Stan’s from/grew up.

      • Bettyjane said

        Thanks Rick. I find that fascinating with a smaller country. Although the UK is another case in point.

      • Rick said

        Yeah, Bettyjane, it’s very similar to Britain in that regard.

      • Jenny said

        I believe Stan grew up in the French speaking region of Switzerland, right Julien?

      • Rick said

        Oh boy, this is a typical Swiss linguistic jigsaw puzzle.
        Grandparents Czech.
        Father German.
        Mother Swiss (I’m guessing French Swiss with a first name of Isabelle).
        Born and still lives in Lausanne.
        So it’s anyone’s guess what version of Swiss German he speaks, if any.

        Hey, did you guys know that his father is the founder of Milka chocolate?
        Is *THAT* why TP once posted that insulting Milka ad with the cow and allusions to someone else’s wife?

      • Jenny said

        He used to conduct his interviews in French.

      • Julien said

        Hello all!

        So to clarify the differences in accent between Roger and Stan :
        – Roger is from Basel, a bilingual city where both french an swiss-german are spoken. His mother-tongue is Swiss-german although he knows french pretty well
        – Stan is from the french part of Switzerland

      • Rick said

        I didn’t know Stan was French dominant.
        Does he speak any variant of Swiss German, or only German (from his dad)?
        Or no German at all?

      • Julien said

        I actually never heard him speak any variant of Geman myself. But that’s maybe because of the french-speaking media here in Geneva !

        According to Yahoo answers he speaks at least 5 (Czech, German, English, Italian, French), any maybe 6 languages (he is learning spanish). Which is exceptional anywhere !

    • Rick said

      Gruezi/Salut Julien!
      I’m being unpatriotic and rooting for Stan as well, good to see him doing so well.

  268. Rick said

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen two calmer, more stoic players in the same match than Querrey and Wawrinka.

  269. kitty said

    TP, can you please start another one from quarters, this one is very slow now

  270. Rick said

    Someone please explain to me why Wawrinka keeps hitting the ball back to Querrey.

    • Julien said

      Well that clearly doesn’t help to win a set… One set all… Time to start a normal Master’s match, reboot !

    • Rick said

      WTF? He’s still doing it, and now he’s down a break in the third.
      He’s hardly making Querrey move at all!
      I think I’m frustrated enough that I may tune out and just leave it up to the tennis gods to decide….

  271. D.S.G. said

    I don’t know who the commentator is , but somebody please tell him to stop rolling his “r’s” when he says “Wavrinka.”

  272. RafaFan said

    Congrats to WOOOOWRINKA! 😉

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