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Why would anyone want the return of ‘serve and volley’ routine?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 21, 2010

I mean, isn’t that the ‘easy’ way to win matches with point being over in what two shots? All you need is a good serve and the rest is contained at the net. If not, you are passed and it’s done. What kind of super talent is that? Isn’t it quite close to what LeBron has done by joining Wade and Bosh at Miami? Looking for an easy way to win championships.

If above IS true, then does it really matter what court you are playing on since everything is predicated on serve? Then shouldn’t the big servers today resort to serve and volley instead of letting a superior shot maker beat them at the back of the court?


8 Responses to “Why would anyone want the return of ‘serve and volley’ routine?”

  1. Kitty said

    We want to see the return of serve and volley because it will be a more interesting battle between a good baseline player and volleyer than 2 baseline players which is commonplace nowadaya

    • Somebody Else said

      The problem is that it’s not very much fun to see a player get passed repeatedly because he wants to approach the net, unless you like the guy hitting all the passing shots. The key to successful serve-and-volley is a great serve.

  2. Jenny said

    I agree Kitty. Fortunately, we still have some excellent serve/vollyers around, but sadly not at the top of the game these days.

  3. Sol said

    Why, TP? Because otherwise the men’s game will become what the women’s game is today. No variety, just baseline power shots. Thank God Serena, as no. 1, is a complete player. But look at Wozniacki, she’s no. 2 (right?) and she’s not capable of volleying at all. She panicks when she’s at the net, it’s unbelievable. And boring to watch.

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