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Will Baghdatis be the next one to win the title by beating both Nadal and Federer back to back?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 21, 2010

Is this going to be the freaking theme for the rest of the hard court season now? For rock people, Murray won the title just last week at Toronto after eliminating the two clowns back to back – in straight sets. If this was Baghdatis’s first win over Nadal shouldn’t beating Federer be a tad easier to come now since he has already won against him – once?

Besides, Federer HAS to be experiencing that ‘playing down to the competition’ syndrome since ALL three major contenders are at Vaseline stores already AND he has that tremendous reserve of fuel saved from not having to play two of the five matches required to win the title. If all that wasn’t enough, the pressure of not having won anything since January of this year should fill in the void.

Federer’s showing against Davydenko was immaculate. Davydenko came up with shots far beyond his range over and over again but not only did he fail to penetrate the stifling defense of Federer he failed to defend himself when the tables turned. Federer’s unforced error has to be real low for that match. What was it? 15 or something?

But if Baghdatis can make his serve work as beautifully as he did against Nadal, the match could get interesting. However, Nadal is notorious in allowing EVERYONE to post ace counts far above their average making that transition for Baghdatis quite unlikely leaving him to rely more on Federer to resort to his error prone ways and a little of what he did against Federer when he won earlier this year.

Or is this the time now for Federer to start reversing the losses he has had to tomato cans this year? Berdych was contained at Toronto.

Can anything dampen the euphoria of beating Federer and Nadal back to back today? Sure. Not winning the title? I mean if you cannot win with those two crummy blocks off your path when will you? Or is that even bigger than the title today?


2 Responses to “Will Baghdatis be the next one to win the title by beating both Nadal and Federer back to back?”

  1. bunnee said


    • M said

      LOL, Bunnee!

      It’s harder to do this than people think. Like I think I said on Cincy main chat, that list remains quite short.

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