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Federer gives his fans the joy they were starving for.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 22, 2010

Federer fans have waited long and hard for this moment. Ever since he won the AO title in January, it has been an agonizing road for them with Federer faltering over and over again. Despite some serious bashing their idol took during this time, Federer fans, for the most part, maintained their composure by being accepting of others who came through to win titles in the last few months.

They never stopped believing relying on history to keep their hopes alive as most greats in the past continued to shine into their late twenties. They have been rewarded for their patience and their determination to stick with their idol through lean times. With hopes of Federer rebounding fading with every tournament he played and lost, these fans refused to jump the bandwagon making this win a collective win for many people around the world.

While there were some extenuating circumstances dictating this win, Federer’s form starting from Toronto more than justifies the victory in Cincy. He appears to have regained most of his touch and is peaking at just the right time for the final Slam of the year. The confidence from this win alone will add a whole new dimension to the already fast-improving aspects of his overall game.

But most importantly Federer fans deserve credit for sticking with their man through all the adversity – an attribute that may have played a significant part in Federer reclaiming his rightful place on the tour.


60 Responses to “Federer gives his fans the joy they were starving for.”

  1. Annie said

    Aww, rather sweet TP. Thanks 😀

  2. wuiches said

    TP, is that you????

    are you going to therapy or something???

    you sound like a nice guy but we all know you are a freak!!

    or someone else is using your computer??

  3. M said

    We true fans have to keep faith, TP! Rafa went without a title for 11 months too, and then, as you know — brilliance, and another record-breaking performance. As Roger’s was record-tying today! (The only other BTB Cincinnati winner in the open era has been Andre.)

    ^^This is a lovely tribute to faithful fans. You rock kind of hard, even if you hate it when we say it.

  4. bluechyll said

    “They have been rewarded for their patience and their determination to stick with their idol through lean times.”

    Yes we have, and will continue to!

    Thanks TP, you really are a lil bit of a softy you know that? Very sweet :]

  5. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    For rock people, TP is the ultimate federer fan. He scolds him and fusses over him like a mother, does the good cop-bad cop routine of a father, expresses the greatest concerns in the gravest manner possible. TP skillfully blends Federer obituaries with miraculous resurgences… In fact, he is not far from being a possessive lover; writing in angst about federer’s equipment (his racket!) closet behavior, and suspected closet partners, cruelly writing off his current domestic partner and constantly nitpicking at federer’s nose and wardrobe… Come to think of it, it’s TP who’s made Federer mentally tougher than Nadal and Federer probably doesn’t know it!

  6. overcaffeinated said

    Nah, TP is simply trying to minimise the flaming against himself (by his reader base), as he was one of the greatest Federer bashers in recent months. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book – put in a pandering post to show your love for the one you bash over and over, yet the masses think you have a soft spot for Roger. Drink a Diet Coke with a plate loaded with deep fried food, and folks think you are on a health kick!

    TP, why the heck would people who have followed Roger for the predominant part of his career, suddenly stop supporting him when he stops winning with regular frequency? Do Chicago Cubs fans switch teams just because their one sucks for such a long time? Heck no. If one’s partner or spouse is going through a rough period with life, most folk don’t walk away from them. Ebbs and flows… all a part of life.

    You indeed are a wierdo…and a prime case for a pyschological study…however I still like you 😀

    • Chieko said

      🙄 😀 😆

      We have a lot of happy people today.

    • D.S.G. said

      “…when he stops winning with regular frequency.”

      Federer is CONSISTENTLY in semi finals or finals. Not winning every single tournament he enters would be so unlikely as to be impossible. I notice that when, before a match, players stats are given. So very many have (in their career) reached A final or 2, perhaps, semifinals.

      It is rare to see Federer lose before a quarter or semi.

      Keep that in mind, please when you diss him, TP!!

      • overcaffeinated said

        Right on D.S.G. I think from the ridiculous standards that Roger has set, that folks like TP expect him to win everything…and a lean patch (by Roger’s incredible standards) means he is on the decline to all-and-sundry. Ridiculous.

        I always loved the idea a not long ago (i.e. 2008), having Roger win 1 major, being in two other finals, and being an SF in another was for him, a lean year. For any other player, this would be a dream year or dream career at best….

        No matter what Roger does, it will never be good enough for freaks like TP.

  7. jennifur said

    long + hard???????

    pls o pls … try 2 b any other players’ fan besides fed + rafa …

    last slam 4 fed only half a year ago …. nadal has other 2 ….

    jeeeeeeeeezzzzz – maybe suck it up…. lol!!! : )

    just kiddin

    but jeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dee said

    Yeay! Joy Joy Joy Joy Joy in my heart/ Joy in my heart—- ( I am singing)

    • jett09 said


      • Dee said

        Hey! Hi there.Good feeling!
        No prime minister yet.I declare Jett for prime minister.

      • bluechyll said

        Jett beats Abbott and Gillard any day! 😉

      • jett09 said

        Lol you two, I’m not even a Citizen of Australia and can’t vote. 😆 😆 😆

      • jett09 said

        Hey girls how about BLAKE??? for Prime Minister!!!! or for a member of the OPPOSITION???

      • bluechyll said

        Ah yes. Blake for Prime Minister! I’m sure he’d be thrilled with that outcome 😛

      • bluechyll said

        I might start taking an interest in the election if Blake was involved. MUCH better viewing than Misterrabbott and Julia 😉

      • jett09 said

        “MUCH better viewing than Misterrabbott and Julia”

        You’re sooo funny Bluechyll 😆 ummmmm I think you’re right 😉

        Opppssss sorry we’re off topic 😕

      • Blake said

        Hahahaha… typical, you nominate me for Prime Minister in the post i’m LEAST likely to read… nice one 😛

        Would of missed it altogether if BlueChyll hadn’t given me the heads up!

    • Chieko said

      Our Dee san is happy today. I am happy today. TP sama is very happy today. Joy to the planet.

      • D.S.G. said

        Joy to the planet, indeed Cheiko san!! What a nice way to put it!!

        p.s. Why do you use the word “sama” sometimes instead of “san?” Also would you be so kind as to tell me the meaning of “san
        and when and who it can be addressed to. I realize it is a form of respect but I would love to know more about it.

        <Many thanks

      • jett09 said

        Joy to the Planet 😆 I like that Chieko 😉

        Chieko I have a lot of Japanese friends (professionals, students etc..)and I was told that I don’t have to use “san” if I was talking to someone younger than me, is that correct? Also, your English and the way you express yourself is way better than any of my Japanese friends including the professionals..and you’re only 20 years old! so don’t worry about your’s perfect 😉

      • chieko said

        Thank you Jett09 san for the compliment. I really do not speak well. I think I am better in writing. I am sure when I speak to you you may laugh !! I am and has been very keen in learning English. I guess it is the time I put into it. I think time makes things good. Like any musical instrument. Practise makes perfect. SO I make a point in writing. I keep a diary for myself in English. ANd I come here as often as I can. To practise.

        To D.S.G. san. San is an honorific. It is a way we speak and write to show respect. It is like MR. Mrs. Ms. . In my country it is important to show respect and politeness. To be rude to is a very sad thing, no one should be rude to. So we show honour by addressing people as san.

        sama is higher honour than san.

        To address children and younger people and to show endearment we use chan.

        Nowadays with western influence I am sure some of my age group are adopting the Western way. But I am very old fashioned for I was brought up to be so I feel more comfortable to show respect by addressing people properly. I have a hard time not to do so. I tried at the beginning when I come here but later I change back to my own way for I respect you all. 😀

  9. mircea said

    God bless you TP. I predicted on this site Fed would win Toronto/Cinn/US Open/ 2 more hardcourt + ATP Barclay Finals. Annacone has helped Federer with the one area that was extremely weak: return of serve. The serve and volley is not working very well, it’s easier to pass than before: players are quicker plus racquet technology. His backhand is looking very good especially as an attacking tool. He won many points in Toronto and Cinn off his backhand. I think he’s tossing the ball out a lot further on his serve, a bit like Sampras used to. He served extremely well during both tournaments. These are small changes, but positive changes nonetheless. Unless someone is on fire, I don’t see Federer losing many more matches this year. Should he reclaim the # 1 ranking from Nadal next year, I would no longer hesitate to state he’s the greatest to have ever played this game….

  10. O said

    Keep recovering, keep healthy, the twins will be watching soon.

  11. Somebody Else said

    I’m happy he’s won another big title this season, but he’d better perform much better at the U.S.Open than he did in that Cincy final. I must be one of the few who’ve been spoiled enough to find Sunday’s performance rather lackluster. He’s looking labored, and as a few have stated, his shots lack the necessary pace to dominate the field consistently. That was key for him before. Now it looks as though he’s forced to try different things more often. I still think he can win majors when it matters, but which ‘when’ is the big question. He MUST step it up.

    • sperry said

      Agreed. We’re all excited about him being in the winner’s circle, but I don’t think he is 75% the Roger of old.

    • BANTI said

      Agree as well.

    • bunnee said

      well, our dude IS 28 years old… what do we expect? given all he is still able to do, already puts him on a plane of his own…


      • Bonnie said

        Bunnee, I think Roger just had a birthday. I think he’s 29 already.

      • M said

        Lovely Roger’s birthday was August 8. He was 29.

        I enjoyed seeing Roger beat so many opponents of his who defeated him at one point or another this past year. I love seeing him try new things.

        I enjoy seeing him try to win, and strategizing to be successful. So frequently every drop of Rafa’s effort shows on the court, and he is #1 in the world right now. I don’t think a demonstration of effort is inapposite to one of supremacy.

        I agree with those who’ve said Roger has set the bar so high that anything less than four calendar Slam victories and winning all the Masters (other than clay, lol) feels like a disappointment. I remember what A-Rod said after Roger’s 2008 year (that someone else has already referenced); that for anyone else that would have been a tremendous year.

        IMO victory does not have to be effortless to be beautiful. Go Roger!!

    • Rick said


    • Sol said

      Lol, it says alot about how desperate us Fed fans are when we’re this excited over a Fed win, doesn’t it?

      We all know that Fed has more pressure on his shoulders than anyone else, despite having nothing to prove anymore and not being world no. 1 anymore. So I think he did well, managed to get to the finals in Toronto+win in Cincy, which no other player in the top 4 managed to do. He beat those players he lost to the last time they played: Berdy, Baggy, Davy, Mardy. And he hang in there during tough matches and didn’t give up. Only positive stuff to take with him to NY.

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