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REAL reason for Federer’s resurgence.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 22, 2010

Have a clue? No, you don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is: He hit rock bottom @ Wimbledon. Not only did he not make the semis, he lost in four sets (which means he won just ONE set the entire match) to Berdych – on grass. Not enough? Not only did Berdych fail to win the title even after taking out Djokovic in the next round in straight sets, he was ‘like totally’ mauled by Nadal in the final – in straight sets. And the last one requires its own pedestal: Nadal won, of all the freaking people.

That was hard enough, but the effect was further exacerbated by the vacation that ensued. That free time made him marinate in those juices long enough to drive him to a place called rock freaking bottom.

It’s not that Federer suddenly became a better player overnight. All this form was always there waiting impatiently for that kick in the pants to resurrect itself. Talk about game being mental. All other BS about Anaconda joining or leaving are mere logistics making the current run appear logical and reasonable when in reality it’s the most minor impetus driving the truck today.

Moving forward this fire will only find more fuel to burn even more ferociously IF this following attribute continues to present itself consistently: Nadal winning Slams.

Downside? Well, this kind of motivation thrives on a single spark generated at the point of contact with that rock. The upward mobility then needs to find its own power source to make progress AND sustain it. But it’s a great start following months of languishing.


2 Responses to “REAL reason for Federer’s resurgence.”

  1. Chieko said

    🙄 a lot for me to digest and think about. Thanks.

  2. Sol said

    Maybe, TP. Or maybe it’s a combination of alot of things, like motivation, pride, back injury no longer an issue, Ananconda (lol, TP) bringing something new to the table…

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