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Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are laughing. From UM17. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 22, 2010



14 Responses to “Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are laughing. From UM17. Thanks.”

  1. RafaFan said

    Dear TP the link of the full length video is:
    Hope you can embedd the long 14 minute video! Thanks!

  2. M said

    Cutest ever. Hope they don’t find the link and take it down again. 😛

    Thank you, UM17 and TP. Mary Carillo was even talking about how much fun this was on CBS today.
    (She also mentioned Roger’s Gillette trick shot vid, saying he could add “YouTube Superstar” to his impressive resume. Nice try, but I think she’s a little late. 😈 )

    FEDAL forever!!

    \o/ \o/ \o/

  3. BANTI said

    Anyone know the shirt Roger is wearing in this? He wears the brand often.

    • M said

      Rafa has the same symbol on his shirt in a different color, but I can’t tell what the rest of the writing is.

      • BANTI said

        Yeah M I noticed that, first time seeing Rafa wear it as well. Its the same brand of shirt Roger was wearing post FO or Wimbi loss that everyone seemed to like. They look super comfi.

      • MHM said

        Hi Banti and M,
        I too noticed the logo on Rog’s shirt in his interview after the RG loss and then again i saw it on the shirt Rafa was wearing during his visit to Disneyland Paris after winning RG.. i searched and finally found out it’s “Nike pinwheel logo”. The logo is in fact consisted of 8 Nike Swooshes.. cool

      • M said

        MHM, how cool!

      • BANTI said

        Thank you so much MHM!

    • ClayBuster said

      Both are wearing Nike shirts. That logo is made up of a number of classical Nike swooshes grouped around in a circle pattern. Nike applies this logo on its leasure wear.

  4. Chieko said

    What a treat!!

  5. sperry said

    Anyone here watch that and not at least smile? Refreshing, think I.

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