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32 seeded players at US Open. Federer’s seeded second.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 23, 2010

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17 Responses to “32 seeded players at US Open. Federer’s seeded second.”

  1. Vr said

    Bunch of strange guys- some you never thought would be seeded. hate the 32 seeds. Like 16 seeds. Need a good record to be seeded out there.

    • Jenny said

      It all looks pretty okay to me, Vr. I think 32 at a slam is fine, 16 for the other tourneys is fine too. Some guys are seeded slightly higher than their actual ATP ranking, but probably based on previous history and 2 ATP ranked seeds have withdrawn [JMDP and Tsonga].

      Nalby is now #33 but seeded #31 at the US.

      • M said

        Feña and David are both seeded!

        \o/ \o/ \o/

      • Jenny said

        He..he..good 🙂 Those knees have really hit Fena’s ranking hard, but he needed to follow medical advice and time out of the game, but then he had a problem with his calf.. Let’s hope he’s fully recovered now and raring to go. Chi..chi..Chile 🙂

      • D.S.G. said

        Oh, I do hope Gozalez does well in the tournament!!!!!


      • Sergeant said

        I’m afraid things are not looking good for Fena right now at New Haven, DSG. He’s down a set and a break against Stepanek. 😦

      • Jenny said

        Oh dear, I’ve just seen the result 😦

      • M said

        I’m not looking at LiveScores, but call me Pollyanna; he needs the match play.
        Is he moving well? …

        Is it terrible?
        *hides eyes*

      • Jenny said

        M, I obviously didn’t see the match, Sergeant alerted me to what was happening – did anyone actually see it? You’re right, Fena needs the match play and a good old whack. Mind you, Steps isn’t the easiest to come up against first time on court after weeks off.

      • M said

        I’m sorry, Jenny — I didn’t glean that you missed the whole thing; I misread your comment and thought you might have seen the last few minutes of the match or so.

        ” Mind you, Steps isn’t the easiest to come up against first time on court after weeks off.”

        This. I’m thinking this.
        You can still call me Pollyanna, but the tougher the opponents you come up against, the more quickly you toughen up …?

        ” and a good old whack”

        No argument.

      • Jenny said

        We just have to hope for the best as time goes on. A step [excuse the pun] at a time to re-build his fitness and confidence. For goodness sake, we’re not talking a tomato can here, but a talented all court player. I hold the belief that cream will eventually rise to the surface if fitness prevails. Nalby [former #3] and Juan Carlos [former #1] fought back through adversity, they dipped well beneath the radar, so why not Fena.

  2. jett09 said

    Wow Jenny your boy is seeded #10!! wooohoooo 😉

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