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Few top 10 standings going into the US open. From Sergeant. Good work. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 23, 2010


Hi guys. A few top 10 standings going into the US open (as of 23.08.2010)

The usual ATP rankings (source: atpworldtour website)

Rank – Name & Nationality – Points – Position Moved
1 – Nadal, Rafael (ESP) – 10,745 – 0
2 – Federer, Roger (SUI) – 7,215 – 0
3 – Djokovic, Novak (SRB) – 6,665 – 0
4 – Murray, Andy (GBR) – 5,125 – 0
5 – Soderling, Robin (SWE) – 4,910 – 0
6 – Davydenko, Nikolay (RUS) – 4,285 – 0
7 – Berdych, Tomas (CZE) – 3,860 – 0
8 – Verdasco, Fernando (ESP) – 3,430 – 0
9 – Roddick, Andy (USA) – 3,225 – +4
10 – Del Potro, Juan Martin (ARG) – 3,170 – -1

Not much movement there. Roddick back to the top 10. Nadal still well ahead of Federer.

Battle for London (source: barclaysatpworldtourfinals website)

Rank – Name – Points
1 – Nadal – 8,840 (qualified)
2 – Federer – 5,305
3 – Murray – 3,955
4 – Soderling – 3,600
5 – Djokovic – 3,555
6 – Berdych – 3,525
7 – Roddick – 3,125
8 – Ferrer – 2,820
9 – Verdasco – 2,780
10 – Tsonga – 2,075
11 – Melzer – 2,040

I included Melzer because I found it very interesting to see him so high at both singles and doubles. He is standing at 4th place in the doubles battle for London. Has a player ever qualified to both singles and doubles world tour finals?

US Open Series Bonus Challenge Standings (source: usopenseries website)

Place – Player – Points
1 – Andy Murray (GBR) – 170
2 – Roger Federer (SUI) – 170
3 – Mardy Fish (USA) – 140
4 – David Nalbandian (ARG) – 110
5 – Marcos Baghdatis (CYP) – 105
6 – Novak Djokovic (SRB) – 70
6 – Rafael Nadal (ESP) – 70
6 – Sam Querrey (USA) – 70
6 – Andy Roddick (USA) – 70
10 – Tomas Berdych (CZE) – 55


29 Responses to “Few top 10 standings going into the US open. From Sergeant. Good work. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Thank you very much, Sergeant.

  2. chieko said

    Thank you very much , Sergeant san.

  3. M said

    Thank you, Sergeant. It’s like we have our very own in-house statistician here on the Planet.

    • Sergeant said

      You’re welcome, M. Thank you for the compliment. The truth is that there
      are a few of us here on the Planet who enjoy gathering this kind of stats,
      like Jenny, Claire, and some others. TP is a regular in the stats
      department with report cards and ‘contenders’ stats (aces, time on
      court, etc.). Gerard comes up with some major statistical works. I
      remember for his last report he collected data from ALL singles matches
      at the French Open.

  4. Jenny said

    Talking in-house experts, where’s Boxingary our resident historian. Are you out there and okay, Gary?

  5. Somebody Else said

    Sergeant, will you be our Greg Sharko? Just throw us all kinds of fun stats you find.

  6. evie said

    A guy can play not a single match in seven months and still be in the top ten. Amazing. That’s what 2,000 points will do.

    • Sergeant said

      Very true, Evie. He will be out of the top 10 after the US Open. But if
      Nalbandian could jump from 153 to 33 in seven weeks and is still rising,
      Del Potro won’t have any problem in going back to the top 10 if he really
      starts playing after full recovery.

  7. TheHumbleOne said

    Not that anyone really cares, but do you realize that should Marcos Baghdatis win the New Haven tournament this week leading up to the U.S. Open, he will collect 70 points and barely nudge out Andy Murray and Roger Federer for 1st place in the U.S. Open Bonus Challenge deal. Could mean big money for the Bagdaddy should he get far into the U.S. Open! But then again, in that case he’ll probably be so tired from playing that whole week before the U.S. Open he’ll no doubt go down to some Tomato Can in the early rounds. Just some idle ramblings… 🙂

    • Sergeant said

      I do care about that kind of things, TheHumbleOne. I agree with you re:
      Baghdatis will probably be so tired and go down to some Tomato Can in the
      early rounds. I liked more Fish’s decision of pulling out of the

  8. Sol said

    Thanks Sergeant. But what are the “US Open Series Bonus Challenge Standings”?

    • M said

      The player who accumulates the most points from the Atlanta tournament up to the New York tournament gets an extra cash bonus.

      I’m not sure how much, though. And I’m not sure what happens if there turns out to be a tie.

    • Sergeant said


    • Sergeant said

      I have left a link awaiting for moderation to answer your question, Sol.

    • Sol said

      Thanks Sergeant and M. Is this a new thing? And what’s the point of it all? The top players are always going to win more points than the others and they’re not the ones who need the money the most.

      Can’t they give them extra points instead of extra cash? 😉

  9. Dee said

    Fed has to reach finals – not to lose points.
    Nadal has to reach Semi finals –
    Djokovic has to reach Semi finals –
    Murray has to reach round 4 –
    Interestingly Berdych only has to progress from round 3 to earn points.
    I am sure he will go up his ranking like a rocket.

  10. Sergeant said

    I agree with you re: Berdych, Dee. The year end no. 3 is pretty much up for grabs. It could be any one from Berdych, Murray, Djokovic, Soderling,… It
    will depend mainly on who does well at the US Open, Paris and Shanghai. Like you
    say Federer can’t falter, otherwise even his year end no. 2 could be in jeopardy.

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