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Make a point to enjoy the last Slam of the season fully.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 23, 2010

Take time off from your miserable job and life, put everything on hold, set yourself in front of a TV or computer screen with Vaseline, junk food, magazines, music, blow ups or whatever else you perverts desire and have the time of your life while forgetting everything else – for about ten freaking days. Paste the TV schedule where you can see it everyday along with the copy of the draw that you update after every freaking match and come out after this ten-day hiatus refreshed and charged.

For those in ‘difficult’ time zones, make the whole freaking exercise fun like camping or vacationing. It’s a great excuse to break the cycle for ten freaking days and finally discover what the world looks like at dawn.

Shake things up and give yourself a treat and an opportunity to pamper YOU – for a change.


15 Responses to “Make a point to enjoy the last Slam of the season fully.”

  1. Bettyjane said

    I have implemented most of the above. Taking the second week of the Open off, have a brand new 50 inch flat panel. I’m there. I’m ready. Go Roger!!!

  2. chieko said

    I shall try my best! Thanks.

  3. Ricke said

    Wimbledon is my favorite, but I love the Open. The New York night matches are so much fun to watch. Can not wait!!!!!

  4. bunnee said

    TP you are sooo cute!

  5. jett09 said

    “For those in ‘difficult’ time zones….”

    TP bad luck for me, I’m here Down Under 😦 I can only watch the night matches.

    • Bettyjane said

      Yes that’s just brutal Jett09!! I’m so sorry. This is the only Major I can really sink my teeth into with all the night play. I find Wimbledon’s no play on Sunday rule particularly frustrating, but always take the middle Monday off when everyone is on the court.

    • jett09 said

      Yeah I know Bettyjane 😦 brutal is the word. The only thing that suits us is the Australian Open 😆 the rest…torture!! 😦

  6. Jenny said

    In the UK we’re 5hrs ahead of New York, night matches are difficult for us to watch in Europe [the men following the ladies which makes it worse] so I have to pick and choose or watch highlights the following afternoon.

  7. Stella said

    I’ve dusted off the laptop screen, and i have a brand new packet of goldfish ( crackers) to get me through the first day

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