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Nadal and Federer interview. From Sol. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 24, 2010


Nadal is so sweet. And Fed won’t shut up. lol.


16 Responses to “Nadal and Federer interview. From Sol. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Lovely – Thank you, Sol!

  2. Manal Ismail said

    That couldve been his twins when they grow up. Now that we also know one of the things that makes him grow fonder of mirka is her cooking.

  3. O said

    Thank you, Sol, a good interview by very young interviewers. The Nadal one is really short, then Federer’s is much more informative, about cooking and so forth. I think Federer is a interviewer’s dream person. If you ask the right questions, he can tell you many interesting things. OK, I get it, Woods is the most famous guy Federer calls on a phone conversation, how about Nadal, they didn’t ask him that.

  4. Dee said

    Thanks Sol! You think he has Nadal’s number as well?

  5. BANTI said

    Thanks Sol. Agreed Roger can’t shut up.

  6. Vr said

    Can’t get the interview What does one need to do>

  7. M said

    LOL @ Rafa with his Quely biscuits. Also LOL @ Voluble Roger.

    Thank you, Sol!

  8. M said

    Also, how come we didn’t get to get these press passes when we were this age?

    • Bettyjane said

      lol M!! Because I for one would be saying “humina humina” like Ralph Kramden if I were those girls. Such poise in two so young. More poise than I can ever hope to have at my advanced age!

      Sol this was charming. Many thanks!

  9. Sol said

    You’re welcome guys.

    Those girls look more professional than some journalists. And the one on Fed’s left seems to have a little crush on him, no? It’s all very sweet.

  10. D.S.G. said

    I loved this—thank you so much, dear Sol!

  11. chieko said

    Thank you so much.

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