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Federer: The Greatest No. 2 Ranked Player In The World? From Andy. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 25, 2010


If Fed wins the USO this year and goes on later in the year to recapture the Number 1 ranking, do you know what he should do TP? NO YOU DON’T!!!!!

DECLINE the Number 1 ranking and stay Number 2!

Consider this:

1. As the Number 2 ranked player during Rafa’s first reign as Number 1 Fed won 3 out of the 4 majors played. The one he lost was at the 2009 AO in five sets to Rafa. Had he won that he would have achieved a non-calender grand slam AS THE NUMBER 2 PLAYER IN THE WORLD.

2. When you combine the victories mentioned above at the 2008 USO, 2009 FO, 2009 Wimby with his 2004 AO victory (which, I’m almost certain also was a tournament he entered with a Number 2 ranking), Fed already has a career grand slam AS THE NUMBER 2 PLAYER IN THE WORLD. Interestingly, he does not have one as the Number 1 player.

3. As much as the period from this past June can be looked at as a slump FOR FED, he actually has made it to 3 finals out of the 4 tournaments he has entered since the FO. With what ranking you ask? As the Number 2 player in the world! And what about the period before that between the AO and the FO when he was Number 1? Just 1 final.

Come to think of it, if Fed wins the USO 2010 and later in the year becomes Number 1, not only should he decline the Number 1 ranking, but his fans should forget the GOAT argument and start making their pitch for an easier argument – THE GREATEST NUMBER 2 RANKED PLAYER OF ALL TIME!


14 Responses to “Federer: The Greatest No. 2 Ranked Player In The World? From Andy. Thanks.”

  1. M said

    “DECLINE the Number 1 ranking and stay Number 2!”


    No. Just no.

    1) The ATP *bestows* the Number One ranking on a player when they earn it. I really don’t think there is anything in the rules about their being able to refuse it.

    2) The greatest #2 has been Rafa, all those years he was #2 to Roger’s #1.

    Roger will be #1 again if/when he takes back the ranking.

    Since they have *different* accomplishments, we can just have two GOATS.

    That is all.


    • Jenny said

      Seconded, M, well said! 🙂

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      I am all for 2 goats, although, young andy’s arguments make for an intriguing read

      • M said

        Sir V, I will certainly concede that the posits in question can be described as ‘intriguing’. They and their ilk seem to come most frequently from people who delight in playing the so-called “Devil’s Advocate”.

        However, I believe the Devil has just called, and because they don’t always do an optimal job, he’s not sure he wants these types to Advocate for him anymore.

    • Vr said

      There will never be two GOATs. It is counterintuitive. Roger is the GOAT till Rafa surpasses his achievements-if he ever does..

      • M said

        I’m sure I will regret asking this, but …

        if – again – the achievements that make them great are *different*, how is that counterintuitive?

        (Other than removing a source of argument from folks that love nothing better than to argue, irrespective of the subject matter? 😛 )

      • chieko said

        Well said Vr san!!

    • chieko said

      Bravo M san!! 😀

  2. claire said


    That was good! :). I don’t think Federer will decline # 1 though! Is it really possible for Federer to be #1 by year end??

    • Blake said

      Would take him winning alot from her on out Claire, and Rafa not reaching any finals…

    • BANTI said

      Winning the Open will give him 800 points and Rafa not making the final as expected will put him 2000 behind with 2 Masters 1000’s and the WTF in which he has a total of 400 points to defend. Rafa has 960 to defend for the three. Granted he wins the Open, I’m thinking with those numbers a win in one of the 1000’s , semi’s in the other two will do it. Comeback story of the year if that happens!

    • chieko said

      Indeed! Federer san be anry be very angry !! if anger is the key.

  3. Andy said

    Claire – thanks. Well, maybe Fed won’t regain Number 1 this year, but it’s not a totally bizarre notion to think that he might regain at some point before he turns 30.

    As Joaquín Andújar once said,

    “In a word, yanevano.”

    M – I was just trying to say that Fed seems to play better/have more success in recent years as Number 2. I wasn’t seriously suggesting he decline the Number 1 ranking should it ever come his way. Hope your headshake didn’t give you a migraine! BUT, if he does get Number 1 back Fed might want to very seriously consider going into to some deep form of meditation and imagining that he is Number 2 so as to build up teh “ANGER” that Chieko-san wants him to have.

    Best regards,

    The Devil’s not so young and very poorly paid Advocate

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