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REAL reason Elin decided to divorce Woods.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 25, 2010

Both worked for months to get back together and not break the family for the sake of the kids and more. Woods must have offered an iron clad guarantee that he will not even look at a girl and leave ‘jr’ at home from now on. It must have sounded genuine as it could have been nothing else given what was at stake for him – financially, emotionally, professionally, socially you name it.

But what may have prevented Elin from returning all the way – more than the infidelity – could have been her embarrassment of being duped for so long. For her, that public declaration of her complete stupidity of having no knowledge of such pervasive breach of vows for so long has to be far more devastating than the actual violation.

I mean, you have to be a totally dummy to not see it as most was happening in open view.


29 Responses to “REAL reason Elin decided to divorce Woods.”

  1. Vr said

    Historically speaking, the spouse is always the last to know…

  2. Stella said

    he must have had an amazing team covering it all up. how he could spend so many hours with so many women and not have her wondering where he was. If I’m late getting back from shopping theres a “reception committee”

  3. Jenny said

    I think most wives/partners suspect if there’s something going on, especially when it’s on that scale!

    • M said


      I think some just think what makes up the rest of their lives is so good that they don’t want to face it.
      Or perhaps they hope it — whatever the “it” is — will never get “so bad” that they don’t *have* to face it …

      I’ll say no more.

    • jennifur said

      agree … am SURE she knew something was going on 4 a long time but chose 2 ignore or hope wud go away!!! but eventually she just blew up, had enough, and attacked him with a golf club.

      think it was publicity of THAT outburst and the “outing” to follow that wud b even more embarrassing than feeling dumb about not knowing.

  4. sperry said

    My sister told me that one of the hardest things about her divorce was admitting she was wrong, and everyone was right about her rat husband. (I knew he was a rat, but didn’t say anything.)

  5. Bettyjane said

    Tiger’s caddy claims he didn’t know. THAT surprised me.

  6. Dee said

    It is so sad to hear her story.

    • Bonnie said

      I think it’s sad to hear BOTH their stories — Elin’s pain and Tigers emotional issues. He obviously has some, and he needs to deal with them. No-one cheats on this scale without some underlying issues. Even if he was a sex addict, that is a problem that needs professional help. So yes, I think it’s sad that he didn’t get help before his marriage, and his children, suffered. And now, even though he was the one who cheated, he’s still suffering from the loss of his family as a result of his actions. He blames no-one but himself, as is right. And blaming yourself like that is a very sad state of existence. He’s not emotionally well, by any means. Elin is stronger than he is at this point. She’ll feel bad, hurt, angry, humiliated, and downright miserable, but her emotional state is strong, and she’ll survive and prosper. My heart goes out to the whole family.

      • Jenny said

        I feel for the Woods family too, and I agree with Bonnie, well said. I’m sure Elin will be fine, she is re-building her life with her kids and with a big financial settlement to boot. I know money doesn’t bring health or happiness, but it sure helps, she can have a comfortable lifestyle for the rest of her life without having to lift a finger if she so chooses. I feel more sorry for cheated women [and men] who have walked away from a bad situation and having to bring up young kids alone, some in near poverty conditions, struggling to pay bills and at the same time chasing their errant husbands in an effort get for many a paltry sum they have been awarded through the courts for child support and maintenance.

      • Bonnie said

        Totally agree Jenny. It is going to be much easier for Elin and the kids because of the financial status of Tiger. You are right about those poor unfortunate women and children who have to scrape by without the money owed them by cheating husbands. I’ve also heard about women who cheat leaving their husbands with the kids and the bills so they can go off and do whatever they’d like, shirking their responsibilities. This “sickness” seems to work both ways, and I feel for husbands who have to work, and be both mother and father to their kids. It’s never easy, no matter which way it goes.

      • Dee said

        Didn’t read Tiger’s side of it. Saw a bit on news though. I am sure his story is sad too.

  7. ScotsLady said

    This is indeed a sad story all round. I just finished reading the book “Tiger – The Real Story”. From what’s said in there it was no secret Tiger was playing around, prior to Elin, during their engagement and still during their marriage. I figure she had to have had some clue at some point over the years especially when she was a nanny for Jesper Parnevik and around the PGA tour and before her connection to Tiger.

    • chieko said

      I am so sorry for the whole family too. I am not married yet. But I wonder,,didn’t the English wedding vow says for better or worse, till death do we part?? I know I know. I am not married nor even I fall in love or involved with a gentleman yet so I am not qualified to say I understand how a cheated wife feels… but ,,I think the adults now get divorced to easity and too fast.

      I think I wish Mrs. Wood will give her husband a better chance. He is sick, he is not a bad person. He cannot help himself. May be he uses sex as a relaxant so that he can handle his stress. I am not saying I agree with what he has done , I totally disagee with it. But a vow is a vow. Especially she is a mother. The children have no say and no vote. I think the wedding vow should be taken seriously. I wish divorce should not be so easy. I wish they could have spent more time to try to work things out. I would have stayed with my husband and children as a family. Especially now he is all alone. Too hard to leave him now. But please forgive me for I really do not know the situation, I am just speaking out of my naive mind,

      If I get married, I shall stick to my vow …that is why I better be very careful whom I shall marry to.

      Thank you for listening to me.

      • Jenny said

        Hi Cheiko san,

        You make some very good points and I respect your opinion here. I think we all do. I totally agree, some folk do divorce far too easily. All marriages/partnerships have their ups and downs, you work through it together if there is a solid foundation and real love to begin with. Beating up on a partner physically is only one form of abuse, this is emotional abuse and the ultimate betrayal of trust. Okay, there are two sides to a story. Some folk are happy to have open marriages, eg sleeping around, fine if they are both happy with it for whatever reason, but it isn’t the norm.

        There comes a time when enough is enough and tough decisions have to be made or one becomes a willing victim to their abusive partner, it’s all about self respect, dignity, and subsequent loss of self esteem, this is a born right and shouldn’t be gifted to anyone. Also, young kids pick up on any dissent like sponges, even if any arguments are beyond their hearing, it affects them badly for years and they may well end up abusers or making wrong decisions themselves, eg drink, drugs, cults etc. I’ve seen it with a friend’s kids, now young adults and well adjusted, it wasn’t always that way. My friend knew she should have divorced her sewer rat creep of a husband years before, she only stayed with him for the sake of her kids and her marriage vows. In reality, she allowed herself to become a victim to his control. Eventually the deed was done, he was quite happy to remain married! The guy looked and acted so respectable and nice in the eyes of the outside world. We call them street angels, house devils. Everyone is allowed a mistake in a moment of weakness, but with these types, it isn’t just one, Tiger’s a player, and would have gone on in the same way had he not been exposed. I don’t think Tiger is a bad person either, he’s weak, selfish and just wanted to do his own thing oblivious to the feelings of his wife and family. Frankly, I would have packed his bags along with the marriage certificate long ago.

      • Dee said

        Victoria Becham/ Hilary Clinton – some who made their choice to have and to hold for better or for worse.It would be very hard for Erin to trust him or any other man for a long long time.

  8. RafaFan said

    I doubt that Federer is still a friend of Tiger Woods. They don’t share the same interests, no? 😉

    • chieko said

      Ha 😆 we shall never know Rafafan san??

      😕 Frankly I do not think so. I think Federer san have very good model in his parents. I do not know Woods san’s upbringing. But such deep seated emotional flaw I thinks has a lot to do with primary family influence or lack of influence. I wonder how his father behave with women. Was he a womanizer? Did he help weave good moral fibres in the son? I myself learn most from my parents. They guide me every step of the way. Sometimes my father ( never my mother) makes me so sad and mad, but then I am so sure of his love and what he considers right and wrong usually turns out correct. I am thankful for them guiding me. Did Woods san get the same guidance?? Especially when he is so successful so early?? Did anyone feel comfortable saying what he does not want to hear?? I think he is spoiled. He was spoiled by his parents. He was spoiled by the media. He even spoiled by himself. Now he has to pay the price in a big way.

      I hope he can recover from all these spoils. I hope he can be normal again.

      • Bettyjane said

        Well from what little I know Chieko san, Tiger Woods’ late father Earl was married and divorced before marrying Tigers’ mother. He womanized during that marriage but they never legally split. I also heard that Tiger knew about this and was understandably upset but at the same time, viewed his father as his role model.

      • Jenny said

        Thnx, Bettyjane. Parents should be decent role models to their kids or sometimes the baggage sticks to vulnerable kids, with some going on to repeat negative patterns of their fathers/mothers and thinking it’s all okay to behave that way when it really isn’t. I realise I was very fortunate and truly thankful for my parents. They weren’t demonstrative, tactile, overly sentimental, but they were good honest hardworking, simple people and faithful to each other with strong values, they loved and protected us and we felt safe, secure and happy. Can’t ask for more.

      • chieko said

        Thanks to Bettyjane san and Jenny san.

        Now it is becoming clearer to me. I hope it is becoming clearer to Woods san. I hope he can change. Has to courage to change the family upbringing. Now he is all alone. It is very difficult indeed.

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