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Have you ever thought of this?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 26, 2010

That despite placing all the right pieces in place that have historically produced a certain result, there’s no freaking guarantee that you will get what you are after. Have you ever wondered why that is? No, you haven’t!!!!!!

It’s just a way to remind you that you are NOT in control. Someone else is.


5 Responses to “Have you ever thought of this?”

  1. sperry said

    When I asked my father, who was a carpenter, how it was that he had never been injured with power tools for 40 plus years, he said, “I’ve been lucky.” Took me 25 years to see the wisdom of that answer.

  2. chieko said

    Thanks you so much TP sama.

  3. clifford said

    Thanks, TP-
    I love the way you get all spiritual and still manage to sound cranky!

    • D.S.G. said

      yeah…all spiritual then go and ruin it by gossiping about people’s weight, etc, in a most unpleasant way. You know what I’m talking about!


  4. Bento said

    Very true.

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