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US Open draw: First major test for the top four with a very real possibility of elimination.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 26, 2010

Nadal: Nalbandian? – Quarters.

Federer: Kabul Soderling – Quarters.

Djokovic: Fish – 4th round.

Murray: Berdych – Quarters.


8 Responses to “US Open draw: First major test for the top four with a very real possibility of elimination.”

  1. wuiches said

    Nalbandian has to face maybe Verdasco, Gulbis, Dolgopolov or Ferrer before Nadal, I’m not 100% sure he is gonna make it!!

    • Jenny said

      If Nalby plays to form and ability, holds serve, he should be able to handle Verdasco if they meet, especially at the net. Dolgo is still a loose cannon, a work in progress. I can’t see him lasting to five against Ferrer if it gets that far, he beat him in 3 in Cincy. Gulbis, anyone’s guess.

  2. BANTI said

    Verdasco is toast Jenny:) Your right, he needs to hold serve in that match thats basically it. Those looping topspin forehands are Nalby’s specialty:) I think the Ferrer/Gulbis winner vs Nalby will be more interesting.

    • Jenny said

      Nalby and Ver have only met once, 2006 Wimby – Verdasco won.

      • Jenny said

        I always thought boredom [injuries aside] was a factor with Nalbandian, too much natural talent. He seems to shine against the very best and fall to tomato cans.

      • wuiches said

        Talent has never been Nalbandian’s problem Jenny, to me Federer, Murray and Him(in that order, Djoko seems to me more talented than he really is because of his athletic conditions)are the most natural talented players on tour.

        Nalb’s problem is his mind, how many “best of 5” matches being focused can he handle right now???

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