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Match for AFRICA. From RafaFan. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 27, 2010


Match for AFRICA

The funny full legth video of Federer and Nadal posted a couple of days ago was no joke! Rafa and Roger will actually do an exhibition match with other greats! The vid was top secret! My upload to youtube lasted only for 18 hours then it was blocked! lol. The money from the event goes to Fed’s foundation. Thank you Rafa for this friendly turn! It seems that the event takes place round the corner! If I had the money! Geeeezzz!

From Fed’s homepage:

“On 21 December Credit Suisse proudly presents a holiday gift of the ultimate kind: “The Match for Africa” for the benefit of the Roger Federer Foundation.

Zürich showcases the tennis show-down of the year, where the all time grand slam leader goes head-to-head with the current world number one Rafael Nadal.
With this event Roger would like to thank all his Swiss fans and he is looking forward to welcoming you in the Hallenstadion in Zurich. Thanks to the presenting sponsor Credit Suisse and the other partners Rolex, Nationale Suisse and Lindt & Sprüngli the evening is all in the name of charity as the proceeds will benefit the Roger Federer Foundation.
Join us for this one-off event to see Roger take on the current world number one Rafael Nadal, in the name of charity. An evening guaranteed to be full of suspense, showmanship and entertainment.
Limited number of tickets available – get yours from September 1st on!”

Visit also:

I am curious about comments from Fedal lovers and haters! No?

My comment: This is a LOVE STORY! The best ever! LOL


16 Responses to “Match for AFRICA. From RafaFan. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Thanks Rafafan. Good for them both 🙂 I’m sure it will be a great success for good causes.

  2. M said

    *tries very hard to think of more ways to placate family/friends in face of potential disappearance halfway round world four days before Christmas*

  3. Sol said

    Thank you RafaFan!

    I hope ticketcorner won’t be blocked due to the heavy demands they’ll get that day. But there’s no stopping me. And merry x-mas to me!

    See you there? 😉

    • RafaFan said

      If I can get tickets I’ll be there! 🙂 For this special event I’ll be wearing a red RF cap so you can recognize me, no? – Maybe it’s too much for my nerves! Seeing Roger, Rafa and Sol at the same time! I’m already collapsing! LOL. Maybe there are other freaking TP addicts who can make it? ClayBuster, Pommesdessuisse (where is she/he) or even Jenny et al from the UK. There are cheap flights from the UK to Zurich (Easy Jet 50 bucks or something?). I also think of Bjornino for an interesting conversation! LOL. Also Sperry from Madrid! Vale! 🙂 For a few thousand $$$ we could take a TP delegation foto with the two goats! 🙂 Wall of fame for sure!

  4. claire said

    The video of Nadal and Federer is on Federer’s website. It’s hard to watch without laughing knowing what really went on during the taping! 🙂

  5. ClayBuster said

    Fantastic, I’ll try all that is in my might to be able to be there!

  6. Sol said

    Hey, having some TP freaks all united in one spot can be a bit dangerous for the earth’s balance, no?

    RafaFan and Claybuster, hope to see you there! I think we’re going to have to fight to get tickets though, it sounds like everyone I know(even those who aren’t tennis fans) want to get tickets, it’s crazy!

    • RafaFan said

      Oh YEAH! Would be great to meet you and ClayBuster!!! 🙂 Even if it’s only an exhibition one of most exciting sports event is a FEDAL match! On the other hand I’m not sure if Federer and Nadal can fill up a stadium with 13’000 people, especially in Switzerland. Four days before x-mas!? So I think it should be no problem to get a ticket the first couple of days. I guess that the cheapest tickets will cost about $100???

      • Sol said

        RafaFan, did you manage to get some tickets???

        The tickets were put up for sale at 10 a.m. I was in court all morning and only checked ticketcorner around noon, meaning 2 hours after the tickets were put up for sale. And it was already sold out! A friend of mine tried to buy some at 10.30 a.m. They told her the same thing. Somehow I just knew this was going to happen. No Fed-Nadal exho for me 😦

        Hope you and Claybuster are among the luckier ones…

      • RafaFan said

        Dear Sol, the same bad luck for me! 😦 I guess that most of the tickets went to the CS bank! One more reason to hate big financial institutions! I’m p*ssed off! A couple of tickets are on ricardo for CHF 1500! Read crucero’s comment on rf site (german) 😉

      • Sol said

        i just read it, RafaFan. And I read many other angry fans’ reaction. Alot of unhappy people.

        What was this whole mascarade about anyway? Why make an add (and outtakes that were seen all over the world) for an event that noone can attend anyway? There are guys on from Argentiny and Costa Rica saying they stayed up till early morning hours just to make sure they manage to buy tickets as soon as they were put on sale. And still they failed to get one. And now what? Either you’re a CS hotshot or some kind of sponsor who isn’t even interested in tennis and who just wants to feature in Glanz&Gloria on sunday, or if you’re just a regular fan, then you have to spend your life savings to buy a ticket on ricardo from some a@@hole who wants to make some money over a charity event??

        Screw this. I won’t go even if they offered me a ticket.

      • RafaFan said

        Seconded! And the worst of it is that Roger isn’t going to comment the unfair pre-sale procedure! The sponsors you know! Money talks. Do you remember what Roger said at the end of his promotion vid? It’s a joke! I’ll boycott the arrogant CS company for the rest of my life! ‘The match for Africa’ could affect his fan base as well as his authenticity!

      • Jenny said

        I’m sorry guys, I support you and other disgruntled fans of both players all the way. This kind of thing would infuriate me too, it’s elitist, time-wasting, disappointing and unacceptable to regular fans, especially those of loyal longstanding. I must confess, I stay away from that kind of stuff. BTW, what is the seating capacity in the stadium?

      • RafaFan said

        @Jenny: 10’000 fans of Roger and Rafa would fit in the arena. It seems that only 2000 of them can attend the event. The rest of the seats went to the CREDIT SUISSE bank for their moneybags. It’s absolutely unacceptable! It stinks. So the event is not for the fans of tennis. Geeez!

      • Jenny said

        Just 2000, you’re kidding! Absolutely unacceptable, this does not make for any goodwill whatsoever. Whilst I support charitable events, I do think loyal fans deserve some more thought and consideration, they don’t ask for much. Grrgh!

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