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Which No. is MOST desperate @ US Open?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 27, 2010


9 Responses to “Which No. is MOST desperate @ US Open?”

  1. clifford said

    Poor roddick has 0%. Doesn’t anyone think he’s desperate?

    • Rick said

      I voted for him!

    • Jill said

      I thought it meant Nole too.

    • clifford said

      I guess Novak’s too far off my radar! Unless he brings his smelling salts to Flushing Meadows, I think of Andy as the one with a better shot at #2.

    • MHM said

      I think there is a misinterpretation of “No.” here. IMHO Jennifur and Jill are right and TP means number of grand slam titles Rafa/Roger/Nole/Andy M. will have in case of winning USO.

      • MHM said

        oops, sorry Clifford and Rick. I thought you got 9 as Roddick’s ranking. In fact this occurred in the other thread of comments.
        But i still think 2 means Nole because the options are probably sorted based on rankings, i mean what else could be the reason for Roger coming after Rafa?

  2. evie said

    Since #100-something (Blake) is off the table, it’s pobre #9 for sure. If Roger can’t win, I want #9 to get his second!

    • TheHumbleOne said

      Let’s not throw Blake off the table! I’d venture to say he is one of the most desperate men playing at the U.S. Open: Being a 2-time Quarterfinalist at the U.S. Open, former #4 ranked player in the world, now to find himself at age 30 with niggling injuries, plummeting ranking out of the top 100, facing the prospects of having to play Challengers and Futures events for a long time to try to get his ranking back up if he fails to do well here as a wild card… I’d call him the most desperate by far!

      Then again, that may be a rather Americo-centric opinion; Perhaps Fernando Gonzalez or Xavier Malisse might be just as desperate 30 year-old former highly ranked players, battling through injuries, wondering just how much longer they can continue to remain relevant in the top-100…

      Then again, many of the doubles specialists in their upper 30’s (Paes, Aspelin, Bhupathi, Damm, Knowles, etc.) might also be racing the clock here…
      Though they seem to be holding up alot better than their Singles’ counterparts…! 🙂

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