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Something’s fishy here. Hope Mirka is not watching.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 28, 2010

Roger Federer

Roger Federer


29 Responses to “Something’s fishy here. Hope Mirka is not watching.”

  1. chieko said

    😕 No I don’t thinks so!?

  2. jett09 said

    awwwwwwww how sweet!

    TP you’re 😈

  3. Dee said

    I anyone to be worried,I think it should be Kim’s husband

  4. Manal said

    Kim prolly asking Roger to bring his twins to the USO. There. Doting parents talking….

  5. Kitty said

    Why is he always into fat women 😉

    • Jenny said

      LOL Kitty, I don’t think Kim’s fat – she’s rounded, imo. Most of the guys I’ve known over the years of all ages and nationalities, including my husband and son, prefer a rounded woman with a bubbly personality.

    • Bonnie said

      Fat!!!??? Come on! Kim’s not fat, neither is Mirka. Have you SEEN fat? Just because someone’s not a size 6 that doesn’t mean their fat! Give them a break for goodness sake. How boring this world would be if everyone was a clone of everyone else. Variety is the key and Kim is her own person: talented, intelligent, loving, respectful, sweet, well liked…and so on, and so on. Her weight is only superficial. I much prefer the heart of a person than the look of them.

      • Jenny said

        Working in a hospital, I’ve seen real obese, so much so, a regular hospital bed or wheelchair is too small for comfort, and some have difficulty with some body scanners. Some of these folks can barely walk, let alone play competitive sport, I kid you not! There’s no-one on the Tour, male or female, that can be called obese in real terms. I doubt a woman a size 6 would survive on a pro tennis court at a top level against these big strong power women, she would be blown away. Fine for a gymnast. Being well covered or rounded doesn’t always mean unhealthy.

      • Bonnie said

        I know exactly what you’re saying Jenny, first hand. I’ve had gastric bypass surgery, so I guess this “fat” issue hits a sore spot with me. I’ve lost 90 lbs., am a size 12, down from 24, and I feel great. I can imagine that Kim is about a 10 or so, and she looks wonderful to me. My heart really goes out to those people who are truly obese (like I was) because it is so difficult to lose once you’ve let yourself get that big. And if you’ve never had such a weight problem, you will never understand the person who does. The only thing truly obese people want from the rest of the world is just to be judged for who they are, not by how they look. You are right, BTW, today’s players have to have muscle on the, which weighs more than fat, to compete on the tour, so a tiny size (other than Jusine, HA!) will never make it.

      • Jenny said

        Hi, Bonnie, Well done to you 🙂 Believe me, some of the ladies who come into the hospital wouldn’t even fit into a size 24! I don’t have a weight problem, but neither am I reed thin and I do have sporty leg muscle because of heavy swimming in the past, and we don’t have a lift in our work building so I have to use the stairs. Sadly, though, some patients have brought it upon themselves by just packing the junk food and fizzy drinks away in vast quantities daily for a number of years without any form of exercise whatsover, so it’s not surprising they get to the size they are. They would carry on regardless if they didn’t have health issues because of their weight. Others binge on the wrong food because of depression due to the quality of their life, I truly feel for them. Whatever the reason, it then becomes a vicious circle and they need expert help and not judgement.

      • Bonnie said

        Sometimes, people who are so overweight need someone to understand the state they’re in, and help encourage them. What happens is, they have no hope, and even the slightest bit of encouragement can help them start to move their bodies to burn up what they’re eating and then some. But the worse thing is, most of the grossly overweight people can’t even get to the stores to buy their food, or make it themselves, so they have someone else doing it. Why would someone continue to feed and encourage bad eating habits in a person so large they can barely move? This type of obesity is never done alone, and the person feeding the overweight person usually has good intentions (love), but it is never productive. This becomes a family affair, and all who live in the house have to participate in order for the obese person to begin to have hope of getting their life back. Believe me, even losing the 90 lbs. I’ve lost, my whole life has turned around for the better. Just being in my own skin is more comfortable. If I hadn’t gotten professional help, the quality of my life would have been extremely jeopardized. I encourage anyone who is that unhappy in their body to get professional help. It’s worth it.

      • Jenny said

        Hi Bonnie, I absolutely agree with you. However, there are folks who simply enjoy food and eating, don’t have personal problems or lack of esteem, are not unhappy with themselves until it all gets out of hand and it’s starting to affect their health and they get a stark warning by their doctor or need surgery, eg hip/knee replacement. This build-up to morbidly obese doesn’t happen overnight. I also agree, some family members are complicit, but some are not and do encourage, but sometimes the person will often find other ways to get their fix of unhealthy eating, like a drug user or an alcoholic, they lie about their actual food intake of the wrong kind. Also many folk live alone with no family and few friends for support. With food and clothes shopping available online it’s become so much easier, all they need is plastic, so one doesn’t even need to leave the house!

        LOL I have a fiend who can eat literally anything, doesn’t really exercise, he eats good food, bad food, sweets, chocolate. He eats more than me and never puts on weight, healthy, is 6’2″ and is as slim as Gilles Simon! He clearly has a high metabolic rate. Sickening, and I’ve always been jealous! 😈

      • jett09 said

        Thumbs up to you Bonnie and Jenny 😉

        I like Kim’s body. I exercise everyday, use weights and try to eat healthy food and I’m still sickly (lol bad genes)….but happy 😉

      • Bonnie said

        Don’t you hate that friend of yours! I know people like that too, eat way more than I ever did before my surgery, and are as thin as a rail. Just goes to show God made us all different and that’s okay.

        Hi Jett09, I used to be sick all the time when I was heavy, but my health has improved tremendously now that I’m a more acceptable weight. I’m sorry you’re sickly, but truly glad you’re happy. Frame of mind works wonders, and yours seems to be in the right place.

      • jett09 said

        Hi Bonnie, I’m really happy for you. I’ve been through a lot that’s why the littlest things bring a smile to my face 😉 Take care 😉

      • Jenny said

        Agreed on all counts, Bonnie. LOL I don’t hate my friend who’s like a brother, but I do hate what he can get away with food-wise and still look a fantastic clothes horse! 😈

        Stay happy, Jett. As Bonnie says, it works wonders. 🙂

  6. rogerfanusa said

    3 of my favorite tennis players! Love it!!!

  7. sperry said

    Kim’s thighs look more well developed than Rogers… And it ain’t fat…

    • Bonnie said


      • Jenny said

        Plus, TV always ‘adds’ around 6lbs, so what one sees isn’t true to life. I dread to think what Stakhovsky, Davydenko or Simon look like in person! Nole needs a few extra pounds, imo. There have also been times when I’ve thought Roger has been too skinny.

      • M said

        “Plus, TV always ‘adds’ around 6lbs”
        At least. People who don’t regularly see TV and film folks IRL would be flabbergasted at how tiny most of them are.

        I’m with you, Jenny. At his “thickest” Rafa has always been much slimmer than he appears in pictures, and Roger is very, *very* slim. (I’m sure if his shoulders weren’t so broad it would be more obvious how slim he is.)

  8. Mausi said

    Sweet photos. Rafa stands like a kid. Thanks TP

  9. Bonnie said

    Love the easy, comfortable relationship between Roger and Rafa.

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