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Dark horse who can win US Open.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 29, 2010


16 Responses to “Dark horse who can win US Open.”

  1. Ricke said

    Hey, What about Roddick? His mono is done.

  2. Jenny said

    I voted for Nalbandian purely on talent alone, but I’m not holding my breath!

  3. jennifur said

    ^ am anonymous poster above…. if u didnt guess …

    • Jenny said


    • BANTI said


      • Jenny said

        Hi Banti, Did you get to see anything live yet? Nalbs is playing today, I’m hoping for a stream.

      • BANTI said

        Hey Jenny. Haven’t been able to. I wasn’t able to go on Monday as I planned. Its so hot at the moment, and not sure I’ll be doing the ground pass thing this year. I may skip it. I’m planning on going to one of Roger’s evening session matches this week and if David makes the Quarters I’ll see him play instead of going to Roger’s quarterfinal match up! Thats the plan. So confused about scheduling though. I mean Wed. their saying are first round AND second round mens matches, but doesn’t tell you who’s playing and at what time. I have to wait till the evening here I think for this. Its like you have 7-12 hours to bye a ticket if you want to see your favorite players play.

      • Jenny said

        Hey, Banti, Just have a great time and good luck with your choices of watch. I hear it’s a scorcher there, lol rather you than me!

  4. Jenny said

    Mr Gulbis #24, a dark horse no longer. Beaten by Jeremy Chardy.

  5. D.S.G. said

    I would like it to be Gulbis but…I don’t think it will be. Nalbandian or Fish as IMO their spark won’t last lonf enough to get through all that it takes to win a grand slam…And Querry I don’t see as ever getting to the top.

    A fluke could be Cilic

    But of all those I think I would bet on Nalbandian. I have been blown away by some of his impressive ANGLES!!!!

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