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Federer on how to be modest.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 29, 2010


17 Responses to “Federer on how to be modest.”

  1. arbit said


  2. claire said

    At least Federer laughed when he mentioned how talented he is! I read an article where Federer said Murray, Djokovic and Nadal’s are big favorite by he (Federer) is the “biggest” favorite!! I think he should let his racket do the talking!!

    • Manal Ismail said

      The racket eh Claire? ouch hahah

      • claire said

        haha! 🙂 I’m just afraid when he talks like that, he may go out the first round – that would be a double whammy – racket didn’t do the talking and then he has to eat his words! 🙂 🙂

  3. Manal Ismail said

    Well when he already won 16 GS, to be a little bit “honest” might not hurt that much…Could also be a “pyschological threat” to the wannabes and his usual big rivals these days from the seeded players, and it could also be a “motivation” for the younger/less known/unseeded players to make him eat his words back or so. But we all love Roger, dont we all?

  4. Kitty said

    I got a laugh at the comments on youtube on this. If anybody had said this I would have expected some negative comments, but I just browsed a couple pages and not one negative comment.

    • Somebody Else said

      That can’t possibly be!!! Really??? Not a single one? Judging by how all the Rafanatics vicariously yearn so badly to be top dog, you’d think they were clamoring to be the first to rip him a new one, so to speak. 😉

    • BANTI said

      WOW yeah this says it all. Very few people can pull something like that off in tennis.

  5. Jenny said

    Personally I don’t mind Fed’s straight talk, he’s being honest and true to himself, has proved it with his accomplishments.

    • sperry said

      Jenny: absolutely. I detest false modesty. He has said plenty of things that have bugged me, (I’m still a huge fan, though.) but this ain’t one. What should he have said? HUH? I guess he could sluff it off with something like “lots of hard work,” but COME ON. What percentage of the population would have done what he has done even WITH tons of hard work? I really think, had I been in his shoes, I’d have said, “dumb luck, I guess. I don’t really have any ground strokes, my shot selection is insane, mostly, and I know second graders that can run faster than me. I have watched “how to serve” videos til my eyeballs bleed, but I just can’t get the hang of that damn shot. Oh, and have you seen my DRAWS lately? Butter.” And on and on. Stupid question, really.

      • Bonnie said

        Agree Jenny & Sperry. I think he’s just being honest and that’s a valuable trait. But it doesn’t matter what he says at times. If he said the opposite, he’d be criticized for being too modest. Can’t win sometimes. But I like that he’s straight forward. He is who he is, no pretense IMO.

    • M said

      Well said, all.

      “If he said the opposite, he’d be criticized for being too modest.”
      Agreed, emphatically, Bonnie. Rafa gets that criticism all the time, AMOF.


      “Personally I don’t mind Fed’s straight talk, he’s being honest and true to himself, has proved it with his accomplishments.”

  6. wuiches said

    I’m Rafanatic to the core but I must admit that the guy is a freaking tennis magician!!!!!

    As long as he keeps winning(and just won at cincy) he can say that he is the Messiah if he wants to!!!!

  7. xeres said

    Oh this is his usual self no ? playing mind games during the Slam period 😀 Remember his words on court at AO this year
    when he said something about how long has it been since a Brit won ..I can’t quite recollect…did he say a 1000/100 years ? The crowd gasped no..there was this silence and then he smiles and it all went away.

  8. Sol said

    Ha ha! I remember this vid, it made me smile.

    I don’t know what being “modest” means, but I know it doesn’t mean downplaying your achievements or your hard work. So as long as he doesn’t diss other players and keeps treating them with respect and fair-play, those statements will always just make me smile.

    • D.S.G. said

      Well said, Sol. And Manal, it’s perhaps not a psychological threat as it happens to be true, no?

      And I LOVED when he said it had been 1000 years since a Brit won. I love his sly humor.

      • Sol said

        Actually, he said 150’000 years, DSG 😉
        and I still don’t get why some people took offense to that. Some people need to buy a sense of humour.

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