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How long will Federer-Anaconda relationship last?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 29, 2010

For rock people, Federer has officially selected Anaconda to be his coach after the trial period which produced a final and a title after decades. While there was no other way to go for Federer after this showing, it was more than a foregone conclusion as it is rumored that Cahill was locked up for the entire period with a kangaroo in a zoo. For curious minds, it was a male.

But if tennis coach’s job security is directly related to how many titles his pupil wins in the long run, this one could be all that and more with the addition of ‘short run’ at the end. So what was Anaconda thinking? And how was that any different from what Cahill thought when he was in that chair before bailing out?

Anaconda has nothing to lose? Duh!!!!! Cahill had the assignment of ‘making’ Federer win at the FO among other things. Anaconda is landing on the pad already heavily softened by the impact of fading results pointing to a certain slowdown thereby blunting any serious expectations. So even if Federer fails to win another title for the rest of the season, it’s not going to overly raise eyebrows while scoring massive points if he does. It’s like a bad person doing a good deed and surprising everyone pleasantly.

All this while he pads his resume with another luminary at his feet. While there’s no question that his personality appears to mesh seamlessly into Federer’s current set up without ruffling too many feathers allowing his message to seep in far deeper with Federer, the notion that he can at this stage produce any miracles like winning the US Open title for the sixth time seems like a little stretch if not outright unrealistic. It will for sure help Federer move far deeper than he has at other Slams this year but to outfox the big cats specially Murray or even Nadal may be far beyond Anaconda’s realm. That stratosphere is Federer’s to resolve – on his own. What Anaconda is fighting for is upto the semis.

Clearly this addition is mainly to add to No. 16 with the rest as just morale-boosting stepping-stones. So if Federer continues to reach finals at everything else and manages to add to that number – even slowly – mission may be called ‘accomplished’. But if these Toronto-Cincy results turn out to be just the new ‘change’ effect weltering with every step forward Federer may find himself in that uncomfortable spot he was in before firing Tony Roach.

Bottom line: Federer has to either win one of the next two Slams OR reach finals at both OR win two Masters by year end for Anaconda to swim above water. If not the rift will be in place to only get wider with time.


4 Responses to “How long will Federer-Anaconda relationship last?”

  1. Jenny said

    I reckon it will last for as long as Fed needs it too or unless Annacone decides to leave. LOL TP, I think Fed’s a little more than a pupil, he’s no 18yr old rookie!

    Good Luck to both of them, it seems like a good set-up 🙂

  2. O said

    Now that he want to concentrate on adding slams, it can work very well. Number 20 can be done as early as next year. Don’t how long one can coach Federer, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to be a Fed coach at some point.

  3. xeres said

    TP I just want to thank you for the umpteen number of times I have come here after a long hard day feeling really down and you made me laugh with your Fiona and Shrek and Ben n Too and Almond Grower expressions !
    Anaconda is a great addition to the set 🙂

    • Jenny said

      I love TP’s clever play on some of the players surnames too, what with the almond growers, Shrek characters, granola bars, ben n toos, M&M’s, malaise, sometimes I have to think. I’m waiting for some more! 😈 LOL One wouldn’t want to be worse for wear or unfamiliar with some players when reading TP’s lists! I believe another of our friends came up with Histomine, that’s a good one! At least TP has never called Rafa ‘Na-Dull’ which is horrible and not really very clever or amusing.

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