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Who has screwed up whose career/life and who is most bitter about it?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 30, 2010

You have to understand that tennis players at the top-level are ultra ultra ultra competitive by nature to the point where it comes very close to being diagnosed as a personality disorder. Not winning ANYWHERE is completely unacceptable to these maniacs BUT to be relegated as a sidekick is beyond being humiliated – for the rest of their lives.

It’s like Jordan or Ali playing second fiddle to some clown not just during their playing time but way past their retirement and being lambasted and remind of it for the rest of their lives. How can I make this real so you toddlers can understand? Imagine an older sibling of yours as a brain surgeon while you drudge through your menial job. It’s not like a friend who you can break ties with and that’s the end of it. No. Here you are stuck for life. And the comparisons will haunt you till you die.

Now imagine all that with the ‘competitive’ personality disorder. Can you see how massively it’s magnified then to agonize the individual without end?

So here are some tennis players living with this endless torment:

Sampras-Agassi. Duh!!!!!!! For rock people, Agassi was being trained by his father for a tennis career when he was in the crib with hanging toys to master his eye-hand coordination. When that devoted a passion is relegated to second best by ANYONE, its devastating. But to have that done to you by a guy who did NOT start that early or with such crazy obsession is like pouring truck load of salt on an open raw wound – every freaking morning.

McEnroe-Borg. It’s debatable as to who screwed whom definitively. But the pangs are unmistakable on either side. By walking away from the game prematurely, Borg pulled the rug from under McEnroe denying him the near-certain double-digit Slam numbers and a shot at the GOAT throne.

McEnroe by beating up on Borg repeatedly ‘broke’ Borg and forced him to retire ahead of schedule. Borg has clearly resented that and has made numerous failed attempts to return to glory days. It can be argued that the bump early, affected his life and lead him to attempt suicide. He secretly still blames McEnroe for ruining a great thing for him.

Federer-Nadal. When you reach proportions of ANYTHING Federer has managed in his career, even the slightest hit takes on a whole new dimension. It’s like that director in Godfather said “And man in my position cannot be made to look ridiculous”. But when that hit is relentless and is stemming from as determined a bull as Nadal, your manhood takes a huge hit – as a competitor.

And the one who is MOST bitter about it is………………………………..Agassi? Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “Who has screwed up whose career/life and who is most bitter about it?”

  1. Vr said

    Come on TP! Don’t try motivating Fed now at this USO. Wait till 2014 and see where these two guys stand. It is not a day to day or even a H2H thing. It is overall accomplishments.

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