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Between the legs shot already from Federer @ this USO? From Overcaffeinated. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 31, 2010


And Roger has done it again…

Not as sweet as the one against Nole (given Nole was covering the net and that it brought up match point in that particular match), but it is pretty darned close and just as sweet to view. The (blink and you’ll miss it) reaction from Dabul was wonderful to see as well :-)

35 Responses to “Between the legs shot already from Federer @ this USO? From Overcaffeinated. Thanks.”

  1. M said

    You can vote on “which was better, this one or last year’s ‘Fed Tweener’ at the semis” both on our main thread here, and 🙂

  2. Somebody Else said

    Well, this is pretty nice. Now all he has to do is learn that it’s a good idea to convert breakpoint opportunities.


    • M said

      LOL, SE. I’ll say to you much what I said to Rick yesterday – I believe the applicable cliché here is “Rome: Not built in a day.” 😛

      After all,
      1) he did issue a statement that PA is a permanent part of the team now.

      2) his BPC was higher in the match last night than it’s been in several matches in fairly recent history where he just “went away” mentally mid-match.

      Let’s have a little optimism, shall we? 🙂

      • Somebody Else said

        Okay, M. I know you’re right. 😉

        I’m also pretty sure he was feeling reasonably in control and was willing to take a few chances here and there, but he really should pick it up during moments like that, generally speaking. I’d especially like to see more down-the-line winners from him — He hit a scorcher (point after the ‘tweener) last night that instantly reminded me of a similar shot he hit against Agassi in the ’05 final, running forehand down the line then immediately puts on the breaks.

      • M said

        Well, you’re right as well. 😛

        I think as the tournament goes on we’ll see more of the “Roger, Magician of Precision” that we all know.

        After all, for PA, this is a chance to make his mark too, as a “guider of the godlike”.
        I don’t think it’s a chance he’s going to let pass by.

      • Somebody Else said

        Spelling goofs all over the place for me… brakes, not breaks. b-r-a-k-e-s 😉

      • M said

        LOL. You are filled with emotion on the topic at hand. We understand. 😀

    • Rick said

      I stand chastised as well, M, I was thinking during Rafa’s match with Gabashvili last night, well, I’m not exactly screaming at the screen about every one of these lost break point ops, am I? 🙂 So it happens.

      That said, he did have *19* of them against Dabul, and should have won the second set 6-2.

      (*exits thread quickly*)

      • M said

        LOL, Rick.

        I found myself pressing my lips together in annoyance more than once when Rafa was having trouble converting last evening, and I had to stop! Because I thought “Now what kind of hypocrite would that make you, M?” LOL! 😀

        That said, I know Roger’s BP conversion percentage has been a point of concern to us fans for some time now.

        I also noticed Uncle Toni looked none too pleased at a couple of those non-conversion places, so those of us concerned about Rafa’s BPCs as we are about Roger’s are at least in elite company. LOL.

        But I have no doubt it’s one of the things Roger is working on with PA.

  3. chieko said

    He is simply adorable. 😀

    The blink ( I did not miss it) means You.. must be kidding me ..Geeezzzzzz!! 😆

  4. jett09 said

    Genius….pure Genius!! 😉

    • Manal Ismail said

      Jett09, that could not be any more true! Love Roger…always has been….

    • Manal Ismail said

      And he’s throwing his hand up with showing number one index finger pointing up indicating he’s THE number one…damn he is so casually full of himself and i admire him for that!

      • BANTI said

        Its just a gesture an emotion, that he chose. In no way is he indicating anything. That’s his toned down reaction every time something special happens on a tennis court.

        I find it a much better reaction than jumping 4 feet in the air and fist pumping to an opponents unforced error as some other top player(s).

      • Sol said

        I don’t think it means anything either. If you watch old vids of Fed before being no.1 and during the time he was no. 1, he was doing the same thing. I remember in 2008 when Fed just lost the no. 1 spot to Nadal and did a great shot in Monte Carlo, someone went crazy about what an arrogant guy he is, that he wouldn’t admit to not being no.1 anymore. It’s crazy how people interpret things.

  5. Somebody Else said

    vs. Bracciali at Dubai ’07

    Then, of course, last year vs. Djoko, and this year again.
    Not aware of any other outright winners he’s hit this way.

    • M said

      Thank you, SE! As Roger says, we should not try this at home. He is a professional. 😉

    • Sol said

      Wow, I forgot about that one. It’s right up there along with the other 2 tweeners. How come we don’t remember this one? Is it cause it was not in a major? Santoro managed some great ones in his career too. I’m sure we can find some unbelievable tweeners from other less popular players.

      • Jenny said

        Gonzo was no slouch in that department either.

      • M said

      • M said

      • M said

      • banti said

        M thanks for these. That first Gonzalez shot was pretty sweet. Would have liked to see Roger’s reaction on the Santoro shot:)

      • Somebody Else said

        Does it count if the net cord kept the shot from landing out? 😉
        Gonzo could be quite the magician himself from time to time.

      • Jenny said

        Thank you M! Wonderful players and showmen 🙂

      • M said

        You’re welcome, Banti!

        “Would have liked to see Roger’s reaction on the Santoro shot”

        Me too — the clip didn’t go long enough! At least not that one. Have to try to find that full match somewhere. 🙂


        “Does it count if the net cord kept the shot from landing out?”

        Always. 😉

      • M said

        You’re welcome, Jenny!

        We aim to please — and I always think it’s cool to see those magicians at work again. 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Banti, that was a great Fabrice/Roger night match at the Open. It was played in great spirit. They are good friends anyway. Roger smiled, Fabrice smiled – it was lovely, the crowd loved it. I miss Fabrice Santoro.

      • Sol said

        Hey, thanks M. Those are great! I knew Santoro managed a few tweeners. I didn’t know there was one against Fed. And Gonzo, also a genius.

      • Jenny said

        I’m really feeling for Fena right now, he may drop down to the 40’s. Can those knees recover enough to show us more his magic?

  6. M said

  7. Jenny said

    🙂 Roger!

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