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Nadal’s interview. From Wuiches. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 1, 2010


This is a Nadal’s interview by the ABC posted on his website

It’s interesting what he says about Fedex.


17 Responses to “Nadal’s interview. From Wuiches. Thanks.”

  1. BANTI said

    You really have to post this now? I can’t have mixed feelings here, need to focus on Fed and his quest for 17!

    Brought a smile to my face, so thanks.

  2. Somebody Else said

    “NAY-dal” 🙄

  3. Somebody Else said

    probably my favorite Rafa promo:

    • M said

      That is so hilarious.

    • claire said

      The one’s they did with other players were also really good! Wish they would have done something similar this year.
      Has anyone seen the commercials – Nadal giving out recipe,Federer showing how to do the between the legs shot,etc.
      I really like Nadal’s! 🙂

  4. Rick said


  5. M said

    And practically from the beginning of his career to 2008 they said he’d never be a ‘truly international brand’, or an American superstar.
    I hope they’re choking on it.


    And thank you so much, Wuiches!

  6. Sarah said

    Refreshing! Great interview. Thanks for posting.

  7. Sol said

    So sweet. Great interview. Captures the essence of Nadal really well. A humble and simple guy.

    “you like me or what?”. lol.

    And yeah, “Rafee-el Naydal”… come on.

    • jett09 said

      “you like me or what?”.

      Very funny Sol 😆 😆 so typical of Rafa!

      “Do you still think Federer is better than you?” “I am not still tinking, I am sure, da result says dat…” how adorable 😉

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