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Posted by tennisplanet on September 1, 2010

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 01: Melanie Oudin

Chucky won’t give up.

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 01: Gael Monfils serves

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 01: Gael Monfils

Dustin Brown

Wasn’t hugged when he was a kid? Need freaking attention? Geeeeeezzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

Azarenka collapse shocks US Open

Azarenka collapses, wheeled off court

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 01: Daniela Hantuchova

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 01: Ryan Harrison reacts

Wawrinka without acne? Better watch your ‘back’.

Venus Williams of US

Number six seeded Francesca Schiavone

I’m actually a man.

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 01: Daniela Hantuchova

Sweat pours off face of Elena Dementieva


15 Responses to “Photos.”

  1. Jenny said

    Love Dustin Brown. I would imagine Murray will beat him, but it could be a fun match to watch, Dustin is a real character with flair.

  2. Jenny said

    Apparently Azarenka fell just prior to her match. She was taken to hospital after her collapse and was found to be suffering from mild concussion, she had only been on court for half hour, so it wasn’t heat exhaustion.

    • chieko said

      Hi Jenny san, I hope she recovers fast. Scary scene.

      • Jenny said

        Hi Cheiko san, I think she’s fine now, just needs to take it easy. Actually that collapse was probably a blessing in disguise.

      • chieko said

        Thanks Jenny san, A blessing in disguise? Does it mean it is good she stops the play or else more damage to her body if she did not stop??

        I think it is not good to play under the sun when it is over 40 C . I think it is dangerous for everyone.

      • Jenny said

        It wasn’t heat Cheiko san, but playing with a suspected head injury could be dangerous in itself, she would probably have collapsed anyway. Pro tennis players train to play in these conditions which the average person doesn’t do. I agree, the heat is btutal, espoecially if it’s accompanied by humidity, it affects some more than others, but I haven’t seen anyone being ill and having to retire because of it, infact many are veterans. As you know, Roger used to spend hours training in the heat of Dubai because of these type of conditions which he wouldn’t find in Switzerland.

    • M said

      I heard she was actually also suffering with some injuries.

  3. jennifur said

    captions hilarious t.p …. chuckie …. lolzzzz.

  4. someone said

    getting tired of your homophobia. it’s little comments like ‘watch your back’ etc, that can make gay teenagers hate themselves, and, for instance, develop a drinking problem as a result, or whatever. been there myself. is that what you want? think about it.
    and i don’t know if tp is a man himself, but i think so, and it seems a bit odd that a straight guy makes comments about hair styles, women clothing, etc. so if i may be honest: looks like some insecurity on your part…
    please stop the anti-gay crap.

  5. Sol said

    Monfils’ muscles seem to get bigger and bigger.

    And Venus’ outift is, once again, a complete fail.

  6. Jenny said

    Love watching Schiavone play, she’s all about variety, like Maria Jose Martinez, very talented players and not just a baseline ball bashers. Good Luck, Frannie.

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