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For US toddlers still wandering about for live streaming….

Posted by tennisplanet on September 2, 2010

……click freaking here and then ‘click to play’. Geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6 Responses to “For US toddlers still wandering about for live streaming….”

  1. Jenny said

    Sorry TP – for me, ‘not available in your area’
    I’m watching Ferrero on Fromsport which is fine. Sky are showing Sharapova.

  2. Stella said

    TP — get with it. We ” non Americans” get it as far as streaming is concerned. We just don’t “get it” provided by people like US Open live since, as Jenny says, we get a message ” not available in your area ” and have to go to Fromsport.
    Now if you could tell me how to make it seem that my computer is in the US I’d be grateful since i would get it !!!

  3. Kitty said

    TP, you Genius, its not that I don’t know where to go. But when I click on play its keeps doing like it is loading but never does and I am pretty sure I have a good cable speed. Only the picture in picture works. weird, I did’nt have this issue last year

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