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What does Roddick’s bratty behavior reflect the need for MOST?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 2, 2010

What I don’t understand is this: When there’s NO freaking history of calls being overturned when Hawk Eye is not involved (specially foot fault) why even bother freaking discussing it with the player? Umpire’s response should be “The call stands and we are not discussing it. Clock is ticking for your ‘over the time’ violation for warning followed by point penalty followed by forfeiture. I am not answering any of your questions. Period.”

Roddick by now has more than explicitly made known to the world how much disdain he carries for the umpires. What you really feel comes out when you have the least control on your faculties. I have never bought that ‘I didn’t mean it’ crap. Even though here he did not or couldn’t go after the umpire his behavior was just as distasteful if not more.

Granted the ‘right’ leg remark was begging for an onslaught and Roddick would have been considered retarded for not going after it, it was still unbecoming of a player from the host country to not just go on a rant but for so long that it may have contributed in whatever small way in his elimination.

Besides, if the replay was available right away why not put it up on the Jumbo screen right then and kill the debate instantly?

Bottom line: With a long history of controversial and high-profile foot faults already in the books, the only way to snip it in the bud now is to allow Hawk Eye to monitor it too. Whose freaking idea was to not include it anyway? Or let the camera control it and make the replay available within seconds. How freaking genius is that in putting an end to this gaping hole available for players to use as scapegoat for their poor freaking performance?


56 Responses to “What does Roddick’s bratty behavior reflect the need for MOST?”

  1. Kitty said

    Very well said TP, agree with every bit of your writeup. Even more disgusting was that she was replaced. The umpire was a complete waste.

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      Indeed. Good thoughts. I’d like to believe the call girl ( I mean, the girl who called the foot fault) was replaced for two reasons. She was too overwhelmed to continue and secondly it would be an embarrassment for roddick who I’m sure, realized it later on.

    • Jenny said

      Seconded to TP and Kitty! The umpire should not have entered into discussion with Andy, other that what TP has suggested.. “The call stands and we are not discussing it. Clock is ticking for your ‘over the time’ violation for warning followed by point penalty followed by forfeiture. I am not answering any of your questions. Period.”

      It showed weakness and Andy jumped on it.

      • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

        What a classic bully! I hope he won’t whale on his kids that way. If he does, I hope they lock him up in a correction center!

    • Rick said

      The comms on my stream last night said that she was due to be routinely rotated out after that point anyway — was that in error?

  2. defroger said

    Totally agree.
    So fed up with wimpy umpires afraid to stand up to the players and actually implement the rules. As it stands at present,many of the men would not look out of place on a football field, they show such loutish behaviour.Next thing they will be spitting and jumping on their coaches,linesmen,ballboys…( only at the USO though for adult ballboys.!!!!)
    Mark Petchy, when commentating for Sky sport last week ,came up with the idea of having a large clock attached to the front of the umpires chair which would be activated by him/her at the start of each service, and simply point to the clock when it buzzed when the players exceeded the time limit.He would not have to engage at all if he was particularily cowardly.
    Rules are being usurped and player power rules.
    Start a petition/campaign TP, and see how many of your loyal fans will back it. Give the players a run for their money afterall, EVERYONE is aware of your noteriety.

    • Jenny said

      LOL I remember that comment from Petch! What gets me more than anything, some players get away with stuff while others [usually the lower ranked guys] do not. I’m no fan of Berdych, but he was warned for a time delay some weeks ago, I personally thought it was unfair at the time, and if memory serves correct, I’m pretty sure our comms felt the same, he doesn’t have a reputation for time wasting.

  3. Stella said

    same umpire Molina is in the chair for James Blake’s match now and blake has just let him have it with a long tirade about him being incompetent. Again molina did nothing while Blake ranted. home event I guess. Any ” foreign ” player would have been warned

    • Rick said

      See the example and precedent this sets?
      BLAKE? Complaining about anything other than his own tennis???

      • Vr said

        Why hasn’t Blake retired?

      • Bonnie said

        Vr, Blake’s been injured, trying to fight his way back pain free. No need for Blake to go on a rant toward the ump, I agree, but no need for you to insuate he should retire when he’s been battling major pain, which he’s battled most of his life.

  4. Rick said

    Thank you and amen, TP.
    Jon Wertheim also has a pretty good piece on this on the SI tennis page.

  5. sperry said

    Ok… let’s see. Yes, yes, yup, I agree, for sure, etc. I have sworn never to root for Roddick countless times, but his wit and charm have always won me back. This is it. Bully, and I don’t like bullies. I have known ten year olds with FAR more emotional stability and maturity. If I were his wife…. never mind. He’s not worth it.

    • BANTI said

      His gesture towards Tipsy at the end of the match was a nice one. This is what I’ll remember from the match. Although he was a bit vulgar it was pretty a heart felt as well. He’s the super nice time bomb.

    • chieko said

      I think the officials needs more much more respect than what has happened. Why did not someone like the umpire helped her. Why did not someone stopped the humiliation and put down. I am so disppointed at Roddick san. I think he should apologise publicly to that nice lady who just sat there and absorbed everything, She was the star.

      That said I think they should be allowed to challenge the foot fault call.

      I think Roddick san has lost confidence in himself and the outbreak was just a cover up of his own insecurity I think , it was shameful and I had been wanting him to win. Too bad. 😦

  6. Rick said

    Well, OK, this mitigates it just a LITTLE bit for me — it sounds from this discussion at the presser like he wanted to make her correct herself and admit that it was his left foot rather than his right, which was a physical impossibility, and she refused to do so when given the opportunity. At least at the beginning of the discussion it sounds this way; towards the end it starts to sound more like bullying again.

    But I dunno, given his belligerent behavior and reputation for it, I might have just refused to engage him and stuck to my original slip as well.

    As somebody pointed out on the SI website, how was she to know that if she relented and admitted that she had meant his front (left) foot, he wouldn’t have just gone even more ballistic? They’re not supposed to engage the players precisely for this reason.

    And in the end WTH did it matter? He apparently knew (maybe with 20/20 hindsight and a video replay) that he had a foot fault.
    It seems like he just wanted to get back at her for calling it in the first place.
    And even if he just has an inordinate need to be right on a sheer technicality, get a shrink, man, you can afford it, and leave the lady alone.
    Is it really going to make you feel better to prove that you’re better at figuring out your left from your right than she is (at figuring out your left from your right)?
    Or do you just want to make her look stupid because you’re pissed off?

    Q. You were very upset with the foot fault call.

    ANDY RODDICK: Let’s be fair. I wasn’t upset with the call. I got called for two others which I wasn’t that upset about. I just expect my umpires to know the left foot from the right foot. If I ask, you know, what I’m doing, and she says, Right foot, and I point to my right foot and she says, Yes, that one. So then I let it marinate, and say you had time that’s impossible. So if I’m questioning it and then you’re telling me this and you’re pretty adamant about it, that’s impossible. I’ve never once find me any tape where my right foot has ever landed in front of my left foot on the serve. And just the stubbornness of I let mine get in the way of them not being able to say, Okay, just change your mind. You know what, it was your it never would have stopped. I got called for two others after that, and I had was no issue with it. You know, in the moment, I was just stupefied.

    Q. How much did you let it get in the way?

    ANDY RODDICK: It wasn’t in the way. I was down 5 2 in the third already. If anything, it kind of shifted the energy a little bit. You know, after that, I played okay actually. But, uhm, I don’t think it had zero impact on the match. It wasn’t like I was up, and after it happened it was a different result. I’m sure a lot is going to get written about it. But the actual impact on the match was probably close to zero.

    Q. It seemed like you did get a lot of energy from it, though, a certain edge that was missing early. Did you feel that way or not?

    ANDY RODDICK: Well, at that point any change in energy was a good change in energy for me. You know, he was in a groove. He was seeing the ball big and he was taking risky cuts at the ball. They seemed to be dropping, the majority of ’em. So, yeah, I don’t know. It wasn’t all bad.

    Q. When you went for the short change after that set, was that more to get out of there for a moment and have time to yourself or was that a necessary…

    ANDY RODDICK: No, it was because my shorts were wet.

    Q. The replay showed your left foot did touch the line.

    ANDY RODDICK: That’s fine.

    Q. If she had just said left foot would it…

    ANDY RODDICK: There would have been no discussion. There would have been zero discussion. There was two after that. It was the fact that I couldn’t get her to admit that it wasn’t the right foot just infuriated me beyond… The lack of common sense involved in that was unbelievable to me. I just have trouble when they stick to an argument that obviously isn’t right. It’s her job to call it. Like I said, there were two after that that they said front, and there’s no argument there. There’s zero argument there. I mean, we got to be able to maybe have a test, like point to your right foot, point to your left foot; okay, now call lines. I think that would be maybe standard.

    Q. Did she have an opportunity to correct herself, though?

    ANDY RODDICK: Well, she was talking. She was talking.

    Q. She answered the one thing, right?

    ANDY RODDICK: Yeah. Then I pointed again. She said, No. Then I said again, Have we thought about this? Do we realize that it’s a physical impossibility? She says, No. I think she was definitely responding, you know, when I was asking questions. None of the responses was, It was your left foot.

    Q. In hindsight, did you let it go too far?

    ANDY RODDICK: In hindsight did I let it go too far? Yeah, probably. Probably. I think it was a very correctable mistake, and I probably let it get to me more than it should have. Yeah, sure.

  7. Kitty said

    It appears more of an attempt to shake himself up since we was playing badly and disrupt his opponent’s rhythm who was in his groove

  8. Dee said

    I saw him throwing his rackets away at the end of the match. Does that mean he had enough of Tennis?

  9. jennifur said

    rod just goes on 4 tooooooooooooo long… thats all that bugs me….. after complaint is made ….

    let. it. go.

    …. fur surrrre.

  10. Sol said

    He lost his temper because he was losing, at the USO, in front of a home crowd, in what looked like it was going to be in straights, to an unseeded player… It’s tough.
    And then, at the presser, he tried to justify it by saying it was a matter of principle (the right/left foot excuse is exactly that, an excuse). And he should know better.
    But as TP says, the umpires have a role in this. He actually goes to the umpire and asks him if he ever saw him put the right foot in front while serving and the umpire answers “no, not in my matches”. WTH? Why are you encouraging this? Tell him to shut up, defend your line judge, and it would all be over.

  11. Amina said

    I hardly ever post here, which is due mostly to the bias I see. Unless it concerns Federer or nadal, then the other players are considered to be wrong, and then there is this overwhelming need by many to take their bias further. Did anyone see the 2009 USO where Federer completely lost it and continued to berate the umpire for at least two changeovers? And, what about the 2008 wimbledon with hawkeye, where he used expletives? It appears that many here suffer from short term memory. What’s right for federer is right for roddick. If the players were different, then there wouldn’t be this article. I didn’t see the same amount of press for the USO incident, so why can’t roddick receive the same amount of forgiveness.

    • Kitty said

      “so why can’t roddick receive the same amount of forgiveness.”
      he did, he never got punished or warned for this repeated over-the-line behaviour whereas the others were. welcome and please post more!

    • Jenny said

      “which is due mostly to the bias I see. Unless it concerns Federer or nadal, then the other players are considered to be wrong”

      With all due respect, Amina, I think you will find both Fed and Nadal are often criticised here. Many of us do defend other players if we consider them to be treated unfairly whether we like them or not. Most of us remember very well what happened at the Open last year. Infact it received more media attention than it deserved. Federer did not, imo, completely lose it, okay he got angry, but he didn’t continue to berate the umpire over a prolonged period, infact he did not berate the umpire at all that I heard. He merely asked if there was a rule about late challenges, okay he threw in the F word, but it wasn’t personal. Fed quite rightly challenged an unfair decision, the only reason the conversation was heard publicly was because the mic was still turned on which was apparently another oversight by an incompetent umpire. He was not shouting out for all the arena and TV audiences to hear. As you know, Andy has behaved in this way on more than one occasion in the past, infact I think worse and I’ve sat here and cringed, [I don’t shock easily] or are you choosing to forget that? Seriously, how many times are fans expected to forgive? Fed was fined in 2009, Andy wasn’t even warned, I don’t think he’s ever received a warning for his personal verbal and humiliating attacks on court officials who are soft targets. I like Andy as a rule and stand by it, but I don’t feel sorry for him or like him very much when he goes off on one in that way. I will always give any player the benefit of the doubt for the odd tantrum, many use expletives in frustration English and otherwise, but they are never directed at a person and in most cases they get warned, I don’t have a problem with that either, they know the score and have to deal it, and they usually do in a civilised manner.

  12. Sol said

    You know, Amina, people like you tend to get on my nerves. You come here and accuse us of all being biased and whatnot. And then what do you do? You go and say something completely biased yourself.
    I have been on alot of other blogs and tennis forums, and here on TP, people are the most respectful I’ve ever seen. Which doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to voice our opinions and criticize players.
    As you can see from my post above, I personally don’t think what Roddick did was a big deal, mostly because let’s be honest, it has happened numerous times before and we’re used to it. But whatever people think, you need to respect that and not make it personal.
    The incident at the AO and Wimby involving Fed was overly criticized and there was alot of Fed-bashing here and elsewhere when it happened. So I think you’re the one with the short memory. People were talking about it for days and still do whenever they want to argue that he’s arrogant and can’t accept defeat. No one here is more scrutinized than Fed. So please, keep posting and maybe you’ll realize that what you’re saying is wrong.

  13. diane said

    Sol, I agree with your take on Amina.

  14. Chicago fan said

    The Andy Roddick episode provides more fuel for the ugly American boor stereotype.

    I wasn’t a huge Roddick fan before this episode, although I did enjoy his sense of humor and applaud his charitable work. However, he completely lost me after his latest tirade.

    That lineswoman was simply doing her job. Andy’s real issue was that he was completely outplayed by Janko, and he showed his true colors.

    For those that said the press conference mitigated things somewhat. If Andy were a more self aware person, he would apologize to that lineswoman and the umpire–publicly.

    Too bad the umpire wasn’t doing his job either, which exacerbated an already poor situation.

    As with Serena, money cannot buy you class. Andy’s latest outburst demonstrated that he’s just a bully in designer clothes.

    First, Serena. Now, Andy. We’re the host nation, people. This is no way to behave.

    • Jenny said

      Apparently he has apologised according to our comms.,

    • Sophy said

      Serena wasn’t first, it was Johnny Mac. Then Jimmy Connors.

      And what does how much money they make have to do with how they behave? I’ve seen people misbehave from all kinds of socioeconomic backgrounds.

    • Rick said

      CF, I was just trying to emulate Jenny, my posting hero 🙂 , and give Roddick the benefit of the doubt and as fair a shake as possible under the circumstances. Because if you root around, you’ll see I lambasted him pretty mercilessly in multiple locations on the website about this incident, which was, for me like for you, absolutely the last straw. He’ll have to earn my respect back now. And I agree 100% that he should apologize, and kudos to him if he in fact did — though there’s nothing on his website about it and the most recent Google entries for “Roddick apologizes” are from this year’s AO in January — which was sad to say pretty much the same story, as always, in case anyone forgot about that episode.

      I only meant to say that he talked about it intelligently and (relatively) honestly in the presser, and did admit when pressed that he had let it get to him more than he should have. But I also agree 100% with Sol that the “matter of principle” argument he used at the presser was just an excuse, and with Jenny that the whole “Which foot?” gambit was just nit-picking. Or as I myself said in the same post (addressed to Roddick) “Or do you just want to make her look stupid because you’re pissed off?”

      However, if you REALLY want to hear a thoughtful, intelligent, straight-shooting, no BS, and unfiltered-by-a-publicist presser, listen to Tipsarevic’s master class that same night on how to give a classy press conference, posted on the US Open website.

  15. Carolee said

    Roddick’s bratty behavior indicates the need for… a VICTORY!
    and, has anyone noticed that when these players go off on umpires, they usually lose. They are too distracted to forcus on the tennis. Fed at the USO was on the was to beating Del Po, then lost it with the umpire, and proceeded to lose the final.

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